It’s been so long I think I forgot how to blog! 
Blogger even asked me to sign in, forgot who I was, as a matter of fact I forgot who I was for a while.
I became surrounded by things I had to do, things I wanted to do, being a mum, being a partner, being a daughter, being a sister, being a friend.
I neglected those close to me because I knew they would understand, I promised my mum we would bake together yet things just got in the way.  I missed girlie get togethers because I had so much to do. I was late for deadlines which upset me.
I baked for what seemed like weeks on end and even the flour bucket was empty…empty, my flour bucket is never empty.


Things seem to be back to normal, I want to feel like I am back to normal!


I have enjoyed some family days with my beautiful loved ones and it has made me look at things through different eyes, eyes that need me, that want me to be there, that love hanging out with me, that love seeing me smile and be happy.



I am not a list maker or a resolution kind of girl, I like to do things that make me smile, so this year, I am just going to do more things that I love, avoid the fuzzy head by being less stressed, take some time out for me, enjoy this year, enjoy those around me and appreciate all the little things that make me smile.



What about you, do you make resolutions, do you stick to them?

Is it like being accountable for something?
Do you feel pressured to do things?
Now I have been really bad with the memes lately..see too much pressure gets to me, but I have joined in with a photo a day in January round at Chantelle’s, pop over and check it out, it’s a good motivator* to get clicking.


So as I smile to you and wish you a fabulous 2012, I hope it finds you happy, healthy, smiling and surrounded by love….psssst, don’t forget to enjoy some hugs as well

 * despite wanting to post pics here every day, you know I probably won’t so pop round to twitter or FB, they’ll definitely be there

  • In the past I have made resolutions, but this year I am going to take things one month at a time. Focus on the smaller picture rather than the whole year. And yes, I am list maker, I have to be!

  • I don't have twitter nore FB(my, when would I ever have time for those????) but I'm enjoying the gorgeous pictures of your kids you shared today.
    Happy and healthy Newyear Cathie and lots of litlle treasured moments with the ones you love.

  • What a gorgeous photo of you Cathie, you beautiful gal! Look forward to following you through this photo challenge.
    All that you've said here sounds pretty good to me, I'm not a list maker either, nor a resolutions gal, so to be honest, much like last year and the years before that, I'm just going to be thankful for each day, because really, I am almighty grateful for the life I've had to now. Love the pics of your cherubs, they are adorable :o)
    Happy New Year! Here's to taking it slow xo

  • Gosh I have missed you here!
    I've been loving your lightbox photos tho! Heres to a wonderful year ahead dear friend – by the way, you are GORGEOUS!!XXXJ

  • Wishing you and your gorgeous family the happiest and sweetest and smiliest 2012 Miss Cathie. Your plan for the year sounds mighty fine. xx

  • Oh Sweetheart. It's so lovely to see you here with your dear ones. You look sensational! Wishing you only the best for 2012 – may it be sparkling for you in every way, Lovely. J x

  • It's so good to see you back. May the year ahead be a great one for you with lots of good times to be had, lots of love and cuddles and much happiness for you. xx

  • I reckon I'll be taking a leaf out of your book. It's reading 'just right' from where I'm sitting. Happy everythings, lovely lady!

  • That sounds like a lovely resolution. My resolution is to bake more. Lets see how we go…

  • Yay your back and looking gorgeous as always!

  • Happy new year! I agree about the resolutions. I think I'll follow your theory. Sounds good. Lovely to see you and your gorgeous family xxx

  • wishing you a beautiful 2012!

  • Wishing you happy thoughts and joyful days xOxO

  • Your posts with that gorgeous family & all your lovey words akways make me smile so big & fall in love with your family. Family. That's the word…even as I type my kids are playing around me & I am brushing Rocco's hair with one hand…just spending time with them and enjoying every minute is my res…I do do it already but keep on keeping on 🙂

  • Dee

    Oh I've missed you here sweet Cathie.
    I think that is a great plan for the year, one we all should aim for. Gorgeous photos too. Dee x

  • Oooh a flour bucket…..Im wishing I had a flour bucket…..oh but then I would actually have to bake something.

    Happy New Year to you.

    Amanda xoxox

  • Kat

    Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is a fantastic year for you and your family. I am going to be doing that photo challenge too. I'm on hols but and forgot my camera cord so can't load any photos till we get home. We drive back today. It's a bit of a bummer but we all have to go back to work eventually.

  • I'm with you on the resolutions, less stress please!

    Happy New Year lady. Enjoy your people and let them enjoy you.

    xo em

  • Oh Cathie, my heart skipped a little happy beat when I saw that you had posted 🙂
    I've missed seeing your lovely posts & gorgeous photos 🙂 But so glad you have enjoyed some much-needed family time & really soaked in the good things in life.
    I love your plan for 2012….i'm also doing the same…..simply focusing on the things in life that make ME happy! I hope you have a fab year Cathie & look forward to sharing the journey with you! xx

  • I was distracted for quite some time over what I thought was a pic of Amalie with Johnny Depp… now I have re read the post it sounds all great to me. I don't do resolutions either as it just stresses me out.

    Every day I try to be happy and not snappy some days I do this some days I don't.
    I hope 2012 brings you love happiness and time for yourself.

  • Oh happy, happy new year to you and yours! Thank you for all the smiles you gave in 2011.

    May 2012 bring lots of joy!

  • happy new year gorgeous lady!

  • Happy, happy new year Cathie xx

    ps; your hubby totally looks like a young Johnny Depp and had me doing a double-take!

  • Lovely to see your beautiful smiley eyes again. Wishing you a peaceful and healthy 2012.

  • All the best to you and your family for 2012 Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Yay gorgeous girl, look at that beautiful young lady you have created, how she's growing up. You should be so proud of those children, they are a delight.
    Hunky husband – geesh, you're like the pages of a cool magazine.
    I totally hear you on the dividing-yourself-up-so-small-you-skip-spending-time-with-those-you-love & everything else slides, it's wrong, thus my resolution to say no, not overcommit & literally take a year off (as you do raising 4 children with a husband overseas, 2 more years to go living apart). Phew, so i've literally run away from my life for 5 weeks, with the children & the puppy, to live basically, swim, run, eat healthily & just be together, even if Daddy is only joining us via Skype. Love Posie

  • Cat

    Happy 2012 Cathie and to your darlings too. I hope you're ok and love that you're making a promise to yourself to find time for you. Your blog always makes me smile and I think of you very often. Much love, Cat xxx

  • Being too busy and too loved-up to remember to blog is a very good state indeed! Happy, bubbling, gurgling new year, Cathie!! x

  • Happy New Year Cathie, good to see you back on your blog. xx

  • I love love all your pictures in this post, Cathie. Your cuties are ADORABLE!
    Have a happy HappY new year, may 2012 be full of joy and laughter, sweet friend.
    Love xxx

  • Sam

    Happy New Year Cathie! No New Year Resolution here either, just to be happy and keep focussed on the things that really matter, as you mentioned and captured beautifully in your post x Sam

  • You're one mega sweetheart Cathie. I've been head down, bum up since Nov 13 when Stash & Treasure was hatched. I'm completely obsessed, not sleeping, on overload and loving it. You've been in my heart, in my thoughts. Your Darlings epitomise cute! I see that runs in your family 😉 Happy, Happy 2012 Darling. Sending you Huge Hugs xoxoxoxo.

  • I missed you lovely lady x

    No resolutions in the One Craftee Mumma household I have way too much on my plate as it is! I do still have a million lists though something that I don't think will ever change with me. Love making them but ticking things off seems to take a back seat sometimes.

    Looking forward to keeping up with you in 2012.

    Love T x

  • Happy New Year!!! No resolutions here just good food and nice tea!! xx

  • happy new year, and welcome back lovely! Family time is special, and it is nice you grabbed that moment and went with it. Your little people are beautiful, and you will rock this year! xx

  • Tas

    All the best to you and yours for 2012, Cathie.

  • Such a sweet family you have dear one….may your year be just as sweet and adorable as you. xoxoxox

  • Happy New Year to you beautiful lady. May the year bring you lots of happy smily days with your beautiful family, may you always be filled with much sunshine and love. Enjoy this year Cathie may it be a wonderful one for you. Take care sweet. Hugs Catherine. xx

  • Best of luck for 2012 Cathy!

  • So lovely to see you here my beautiful friend I sure have missed you. It has been a special year for me getting to know you and your wonderful family I so enjoy my visits. Sending you the Happiest New Year Wishes Ever dearest one. I look forward to many more precious visits with you in 2012 xo
    Always Wendy

  • Wishing you a year full of happy days Cathie xx

  • Cathie, happy new(ish) year! I loved those photos – particularly the first one, and the last one of lovely you. You're a treasure and I hope you have found your normal again, now that the craziness of December has passed and January days are sauntering along. oh, blogger forgets who I am with some regularity these days… I just can't prioritise blogging at the moment. Little people (and big ones) need me to be 'here'. love to you xx