It’s been so long I think I forgot how to blog! 
Blogger even asked me to sign in, forgot who I was, as a matter of fact I forgot who I was for a while.
I became surrounded by things I had to do, things I wanted to do, being a mum, being a partner, being a daughter, being a sister, being a friend.
I neglected those close to me because I knew they would understand, I promised my mum we would bake together yet things just got in the way.  I missed girlie get togethers because I had so much to do. I was late for deadlines which upset me.
I baked for what seemed like weeks on end and even the flour bucket was empty…empty, my flour bucket is never empty.


Things seem to be back to normal, I want to feel like I am back to normal!


I have enjoyed some family days with my beautiful loved ones and it has made me look at things through different eyes, eyes that need me, that want me to be there, that love hanging out with me, that love seeing me smile and be happy.



I am not a list maker or a resolution kind of girl, I like to do things that make me smile, so this year, I am just going to do more things that I love, avoid the fuzzy head by being less stressed, take some time out for me, enjoy this year, enjoy those around me and appreciate all the little things that make me smile.



What about you, do you make resolutions, do you stick to them?

Is it like being accountable for something?
Do you feel pressured to do things?
Now I have been really bad with the memes lately..see too much pressure gets to me, but I have joined in with a photo a day in January round at Chantelle’s, pop over and check it out, it’s a good motivator* to get clicking.


So as I smile to you and wish you a fabulous 2012, I hope it finds you happy, healthy, smiling and surrounded by love….psssst, don’t forget to enjoy some hugs as well

 * despite wanting to post pics here every day, you know I probably won’t so pop round to twitter or FB, they’ll definitely be there