• Cathie, your pictures always make me smile….

  • Lovely, makes me want a cup of tea now 🙂
    Thanks for your sweet words on todays post. I'll give her a squish from you.

  • Afternoon delight is right..there's nothing like a cuppa..in a pretty cup 🙂

  • That teacup is stunning!
    MAGICAL in fact 🙂
    P.S. I now have that song stuck in my head…'Afternoon DELIGHT" hehehe

  • Oh sweetheart…giggle,giggle:)

  • Lots of lovely hearts on your blog at the moment 🙂

  • I've decided you are just one of those gorgeous people who see the world in rainbows. Love Posie

  • Your photos are delightful! My mother has a collection of cups very similar. Just beautiful.

  • Love this picture, makes me want go and make a cup of tea!

  • gorgeous afternoon light in your piccie Cathy – those Crinoline Tea cups with the gold lining are so delicate.

  • goodness, I didnt even get time for a cup of tea today 🙁 — not enough hours in the day!!

  • How could your afternoon not be delightful with such a cup! Beautiful things make me smile! I agree with Posie…you radiate rainbows 🙂 x

  • How fun would it be to drink a little cup of LOVE everyday!

  • how precious is that set! gorgeous!

  • Love love my cuppa tea and this one is so cute!

  • Oh yes ~ no words needed to enjoy that wonderful cup of mid-afternoon tea! mmm…..

    xo Catherine

  • This pretty much sums up my love of a cup of tea. Great fun photo.

  • Pure delight!!! I am loving that wee little heart tea bag..those would make my day. Have a great day and remember to do something FUN!!! Hugs.xoxox

  • beautiful cathie 🙂 xxxx

  • Love your blog and photos – just so inspiring! l have the exact same tea cup – l got a set of 6 from the op shop for $5! They are just lovely. x

  • What a wonderful pick me uo for an afternoon!!!
    just beautiful,

  • love the little blue heart!

  • gorgeous!! thanks Cathie XO

  • So cute and charming and makes me want to hurry to the kitchen to prepare a delicious cup of vanilla tea!!!!!!!
    Kisses, Cathie!! Bela.

  • Just catching up on your blog…I've had no internet for DAYS!!!! Love the cupcakes and the photo was SWISH!! cc

  • Oh…shit I meant xx not cc….gee I am a little out of touch!!

  • haha, love the cuppa, have a great weekend yourself ! xx and cc and eieio ! 🙂

  • Oh good evening sweet sweet Cathie, I love this post and your newest post!! So cute. I do not use any of these, wish I knew how to. On the other hand, I like the idea of publishing my pictures the way they were taken. I can add little text on my Apple. That will do.
    Sending lots of happy hugs your way for a lovely evening and sweet Sunday. How are you doing, dearest? Sending some extra hugs xoxoxo

  • What a completely gorgeous tea cup!

  • this photo is divine and so is the teacup I would love that in my collection it's gorgeous

  • super sweet!

  • this is love!