I was all ready to bake you some cookies, the flour was in the bowl, the spices were added, the butter and sugar all melted and then there was a scream outside.

Aidan fell and cut his forehead and I panicked, I saw blood and I was not the calm mum I normally am, I cried, he cried…Amelie cried and then we went to the hospital.

After a lot of crying, he got some gas (I could have used some), calmed down and three stitches later and a cuddle and sleep, we were playing with trucks in the hospital room.

Maybe I’ll get to those cookies tomorrow…right now I am still a little shaken…

  • Oh no! Jeez boys keep you on your toes don't they?!

    You need a drink – for medicinal purposes obviously!

    Hope he mends soon 🙂

    Helen x

  • take care, what about a strong cup of tea?
    I agree, children and blood- not a combination for calm! I love the resilience of kids!
    Tan x

  • J.H

    how cute 🙂
    and yes, boys always be boys, even when they grew into a man.

  • Oh goodness! Glad to hear he's ok (and you too)!!!

  • Cathie…oh no, you poor thing. Blood on little ones is so unnerving even if its just a scratch. I'm still getting used to how much more boys get themselves into trouble then girls do….they really do bounce of walls sometimes.

  • Aww. I am so glad he's ok!!!

  • Hugs to all – I would have done the same thing – Oh and add fainted in there too – I am so not good with blood – how I have two children just amazes me:)

    Hope that you are all ok in the morning and you get to those cookies:)

  • Poor little guy and mom…I can't even count how many times I have been in the ER for similar issues..Boys will be boys!

  • oh dear…poor little one…and poor mom!!! I am not very good with blood as well…especially if it comes from one of my children. Sending you some extra love today. xoxo

  • I know what you mean; With 4 boys I had many of those distractions!

  • Oh no poor you!! Think I would have reacted exactly the same. Glad all ok now after your wee drama! x

  • Hmm – think my last comment got eaten by the blogland gobbledok. Oh well, all that to say : all's well that ends well. Poor Mummy and poor possum. And adventure to be recounted many a time over muffins no doubt 😉

  • Oh no…. poor little guy I’m so glad he’s ok. That beautiful little face, lucky he is young enough it probably won’t leave a mark. I am not looking forward to our first “incident” I have been known to faint when a loved one is hurt. I don’t have that luxury now – I’m the Mumma!
    Poor Cathy it must have been so scary and traumatic, I hope you have had many nice cups of chai tea to calm your jangled nerves.

  • Poor Aidan and poor Cathy…hope the headache isn't too bad and that Mum found something other than the gas to settle her nerves! Lisa x

  • Oh Cathie, you must have gotten a terrible fright! So glad he's OK! xo

  • Accidents are so scary, you poor thing, I would have been crying too! My Bill had a bad fall when he was a baby and I am still recovering! Hope your sweetie is better soon and mama too xo

  • 🙁 Glad he is ok!

  • Oh no! Poor little thing! Oh, and poor Aidan too!!

    Makes me glad sometimes I only have one girl to worry about, seems to be much easier on your heart than boys! Give him an extra squeesy cuddle from me!


  • Oh Cathie, you poor thing! So pleased its all ok. I hope you have a really calm and relaxing day today. XX

  • Cathie, hope all is well now with you all. A bottle of Rescue Remedy would have been drunk by all if it happened here! Maybe make some peanut butter play dough….. thanks for dropping by. x

  • Vic

    Oh God Cathie – I know what you mean! Miss Punk hit her head on a rock a while back while outside with her Daddy – I FREAKED OUT, little head wounds bleed so much! I cried… a bunch, Punk cried.. but not as much as me!

    ((hugs)) to you & your brave boy. xo

  • Oi, what a shock. Hope the baking resumes as planned today and all wounds heal quickly.

  • Near death experience number…….199!!! I almost have a chair in the local hospital with my name on it!!! Hope your little fella is ok today and flashing his war wounds to the world!! xx

  • Ouch – hope he gets well soon. And hope your nerves recover too xx

  • Oh no!!! I am sure it was hard on ALL of you! I was raised with only sisters & my boys scare the heck out of me already! 🙂 (2 & 10 months) I know the hospital visits will start soon. I hope aiden is feeling better!! And I imagine it was a wonderful cuddle when you were through 🙂 Take care!

  • Those days are so exhausting, aren't they? I hope you found a moment to pamper yourself last night – if not, make sure you give yourself a very special treat tonight!!! The scar will become a great battle story for Aidan later in life, if it hasn't already! I hope it heals quickly and doesn't get too itchy…

  • My son split his forehead when he was little too. Sometimes I think it's almost scarier for us than it is for our boys! Hope your dear, sweet boy heals quickly! ;0)

  • oh no!
    we had out onw little hospital visit a couple of weeks ao, first of man i am sure!

  • Ouch, glad he's ok though! My boys have not yet had me in the emergency room due to an accident, maybe they're biding their time…

  • Oh, Cathie, poor love. If only you DID have two girls, like I thought you did… there would've only been a little 'tea party' incident, no stitches required! But these lads, they are just PRONE to disaster of the greatest proportions… 🙁

  • Oh no, how horrible, Cathie. We don't like blood. Or hospitals. Or frights. Hope he's heaps better now.

    Boys … I swear they take 10 years off your life!

  • ah been there , so can imagine what you've been through.So glad he's ok .sending get well soon wishes.take care.

  • I am hopeless when busy is sick or injured. Hopeless. I try not to panic but then I see Chef panicingand then I pull myslef together, then I panic and he pulls himself together and round and round it goes… Poor Aiden. Poor you!!! they bounce back so quick!

  • Oh gosh Cathie!!
    Glad to hear all is well… Jaz has a "boy band" scar just above his eyebrow.
    Awful fright for all 🙁

    Sending hugs ♥

  • I am glad he is OK! I have two younger brothers, and this scenario was quite common in my house when I was growing up, it does give you a fright.

  • oh how scary. Glad all is ok now. Hugs X

  • Hope all is ok now.. I agree with you though, boys will be boys that is just so true! My 2 seem to be constantly covered in bruises, scrapes and cuts!