All about kites

Today was all about kites as we headed to a gorgeous little boy’s 3rd birthday.

It was perfect kite weather in Melbourne just wishing the wind wasn’t so icy, though.


 made some kite cupcakes for the little man

and his present also included some gingerbread kite cookies and a gorgeous bunting card from a lovely friend


I also got a sweet thank you gift which I’ll show you next time

kite making was a huge hit


I’m sure you’ll see more on the party over at Emma’s soon…she is like a paparazzi at parties!

We are up to our second week of holidays and we have had a great week so far.

sneaky pose all his own, gorgeous beanie made by the wonderful Amanda


I will tell you all about it soon, my blogging mojo has deserted me for now so until it returns, have a great week lovely friends ♥

  • Gorgeous – love the kites!

  • Your cupcakes and cookies look so delicious … as always!

  • What a lovely idea for a party!
    The cupcakes look beautiful and V yummy!!XX

  • Very cute! We had a great first week of school hols too, pretty sure the 2nd week will be good too, we are ALL loving the break from the school routine, esp our preppy!

  • They turned out soooo adorable. At least it was good kite flying weather?

  • wow Cathie you are amazing!! Those cupcakes look almost too good to eat! I love a themed party and I'm sure your are right about Emma – she can sniff out a good kids party a mile away!! Loving all your pics as usual and your little boy looks so cute in that last one!! Happy holidays to you all xx

  • TK

    I love this theme for a party…..and the cupcakes are just so sweet, Emma & her parties… THAT mojo never leaves her does it!!! Hugs on their way for you this week, my M and our little B (she is with us this weekend) are off to a Kids Club tomorrow so planning on getting lots of study done, TK xx

  • Oh yum, seriously want to taste some of your baking :)….And so excited to see him enjoying the beanie, made my day!!!

  • Looks like a lovely party and those cookies are so cute – what a great party theme 🙂

  • The cupcakes are amazing! I am in the midst of planning Baby H's first birthday and of course it has a theme!

    Hope you are well Lovely Lady.

  • Just put the post up of the kite party Cathie! Such a fun theme for a party and those cupcakes – so delicious! I dream of having a better camera and taking even more photos!!

  • seen the pics on emma's blog and the cupcakes area adorable.


  • these photos are amazing!

    xo em

  • I just found your blog today – it is so lovely and those kite cupcakes look gorgeous – what a cool idea! x

  • Kat

    what a sweet party theme! I love the kite making idea. I will have to remember that when I have kids. Happy Birthday to the little man!

  • I remember flying kites when I was a kid 🙂
    What a great party theme…your cupcakes and cookies look amazing.


  • Love the kite-theme for a birthday Party – and your cupcakes are adorable!

  • Dear Cathie, your little man looks great!! His party was amazing, I am sure of that!!
    Kites, what a great theme!!
    Aila´s birthday is coming soon!! August! I am preparing her a Liitle Red Riding Hood party, it is a pity I cannot cook like you…
    Much love to you all!! Bela

  • Hi Cathie,
    Love the cookies and it's a really great idea for a party (kite making), just was reading the posts I have missed, (I was busy these weeks) love the cupcakes with the tiny rosebuds too.
    Hope you enjoy the holiday, see you soon hon,
    Maureen x

  • hi Cathie – I must say YOU inspired me to go up to the snow and I even went back at your pics from last year to work out where you went!!! I wanted to do Lake Mountain, but didn't want to attempt chains…so thanks for the wonderful experience for a Qld little boy!! xxxxxx

  • Oh I love me a good kite! ANd yours are spectacular!! I'm all inspired to make a kite with the wee poppet. Thanks for your inspiration and always and have a lovely little bloggy rest 🙂 x

  • Those cupcakes look so good. Love the decoration. Cool photography!

  • I love everything about this 🙂

  • Bravo for the kite cupcakes. They look amazing Cathie. Wishing your mojo makes a swift return. xs

  • so colourful and cute!

    sam took the kids to fly kites recently. the report back was 'daddy's kite can fly along the ground'

  • Oh Cathie what a perfectly WONDERful surprise to find your sweet words. And your post is completely CHARMING as usual
    Life is so busy I just don't wander around blogland anymore, but think of my dear friends often…Wishing you a H*A*P*P*Y Wednesday dear girl.
    xoxoxo Rosie

  • What sweet cupcakes Cathie! Hope you're doing well!

  • What a wonderful theme Cathie. I think my comments might be back! Have asuper weekend.
    Carmel x

  • How entirely COOL is a kite party! It's the Mr's birthday in a couple of weeks – ok if I borrow?!

  • such fabulous cupcakes and cookies, you are sooo clever

  • I'm trying to get ideas for the little fellas birthday coming up so any party related posts are much appreciated!
    Love the kite gingerbreads.