• Oooh that looks like delicious fun!!

  • love it!!
    i would love you to join in with {kiddy art..} with this one..

  • That looks delicious … so much fun letting them create. Happy Wednesday Cathie x

  • Oh that is one colourful work of art, I bet it tastes delicious too!

  • My goodness he is a mini you.
    Divine! I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday Cathie. X

  • Your little man is just gorgeous!!!!
    Looks like he was having fun 🙂

  • that's pretty adorable and I would love that cookie. It's a little masterpiece! I would like to be a fly on the wall in your place sometimes – too cute.

  • With eyes like those, he could do whatever the hell he likes at my house. I'd forgive him anything. Looks like he enjoyed his creation.

  • Oh look at those gorgeous gorgeous eyes. Loving the creation too. I bet they were climbing the walls after all that sugar! So much fun though. x

  • Gorgeous!

  • TK

    why oh why can't we just relax more, go with the flow & not be so wrapped up in the perfect finish!!! This is just delightful!!!!

  • I'm all about children creating & anything a long bath can fix. I have 2 in the bath right now, but they did have to wash their feet first, oh dear, filthy!! Love Posie

  • Awesome photos 🙂
    What a colourful creation…YUM!

  • I can't wait to start cooking and decorating with my little one!

  • hahaha can I say ew!?
    Very gorgeous boy though 🙂

  • I wish I was a kid again so I could justify eating such a creation!
    It's such a treat to visit your blog – your photo's are always stunning 🙂

  • He looks like he is enjoying every minute of that!! thanks Cathie for joining in WW 🙂

  • Yummo… wormy cookies!

  • I like all those bright colorful colors he used. Looks like a wonderful creation and I'm sure he enjoyed it, judging from the second photo.

  • That's fantastic!
    I hope he didn't end up with a little bellyache hee hee.

  • Vic

    How much fun! Vic xx

  • how do you do that cathie !
    green jumper, green goop
    red goop, red wall
    purple goop, patch of purple at the back – you are so snap savy !
    and the bambini's eyes are just luminescent.
    delightful as ever 🙂

  • Oh yummy. It looks like lots your little boy had lots of fun decorating. The more icing the better! Happy Wednesday to you:) xo

  • I couldn't love that second photo more! Actually, it also reminds me an awful lot of my husband when he decorates his own cookies! xo

  • Gorgeous. The icing always is the best bit! Well, maybe not with your yummy goodies – the whole thing is delish. Kids do seem to love the icing though.

  • oh the cuteness!!!

  • So sweet, and love your blog, I'm a first time visitor and will be back.

  • I agree with everyone!! 🙂

  • I once did this at a Christmas party with my students. They were GIANT sugar cookies and there were TONS of sprinkles. The kids had a blast! Thanks for bringing back a great memory.

  • creativity for little people rocks. being able to eat their creation is priceless! beautiful x