Another Birthday

As each year passes I collect bagfuls of memories and pile them in my heart, so when I am sad or in need of a smile, I think about the little things that happen throughout the year and I smile and am grateful that I got to live it and enjoy it.

We create these standout memories and live these moments because that is what makes us smile, that is what we live for.

Sure they aren’t always great or perfect or enjoyable or even wanted, but without all these moments and experiences throughout the year, we wouldn’t be who we are.

Some of these moments are splashed with colour whilst others are just colourless and no fun at all.

As long as there is love in each of those moments then it hopefully makes it even the tiniest bit brighter. 

So as I ponder yet another year, I look around me and ignore the toys, the folding, the mud pies, the messy bits and enjoy the smiles, the giggles and those squishy, squishy cuddles…..ahhhhh that’s what a birthday is all about.

Enjoy some cake* my friends and keep on creating those special moments, I know I sure will ♥ 



*white chocolate mud baked by me and lovingly decorated by my two gorgeous beings with the most amazing natural food colours