Another Birthday

As each year passes I collect bagfuls of memories and pile them in my heart, so when I am sad or in need of a smile, I think about the little things that happen throughout the year and I smile and am grateful that I got to live it and enjoy it.

We create these standout memories and live these moments because that is what makes us smile, that is what we live for.

Sure they aren’t always great or perfect or enjoyable or even wanted, but without all these moments and experiences throughout the year, we wouldn’t be who we are.

Some of these moments are splashed with colour whilst others are just colourless and no fun at all.

As long as there is love in each of those moments then it hopefully makes it even the tiniest bit brighter. 

So as I ponder yet another year, I look around me and ignore the toys, the folding, the mud pies, the messy bits and enjoy the smiles, the giggles and those squishy, squishy cuddles…..ahhhhh that’s what a birthday is all about.

Enjoy some cake* my friends and keep on creating those special moments, I know I sure will ♥ 



*white chocolate mud baked by me and lovingly decorated by my two gorgeous beings with the most amazing natural food colours

  • Oh, Happy Birthday! What a delightful cake, such a great idea 🙂

    Glad to hear you're soaking up the things that really matter.

  • LOVELY cake idea!!! you're such a clever clogs xx

  • Lots of hugs to you lovely!
    I LOVE the family shot of you guys – beautiful.XXXX

  • Looks like lots of love went into the very arty cake. And that's a beautiful family shot.

  • Happy Happy Birthday to you special Sweet Cathie.
    biggest lvoe and hugs to you xooxoxooooxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo
    PS i h

  • Happy Birthday Cathie! What a gorgeous post, and a lovely reminder to appreciate the little things, they really are our most precious memories..xx

  • Tas

    Happy birthday, love!

    That cake decorating is definately one memory to be savoured.

    (I saw those natural colours this morning for the first time…)

  • Happy birthday sweetest Cathie:) Beautiful memories have been made by you and your sweet family. I hope you had a very special day. xo

  • happy birthday cathie! what a beautiful cake (and post) and you're all so gorgeous! great shot of you and your family. enjoy another year of love and memories and many many more!

  • Happy Birthday! Such a lovely idea for the children to decorate the cake, I'll look forward to that recipe:)

  • Happy Birthday and what a beautiful post! I hope the new year treats you well.
    PS: your family is adorable.

  • What a gorgeously attractive family you are! All deep browned hair and eyes – stunning! Happy birthday too! Love that decorated cake!

  • Happy Birthday Lovely sure are one gorgeous family 🙂
    It's the moments like these in life that I hold onto too.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHIE xxx what a lovely post

  • Happy Birthday Miss Cathie! Gorgeous post and even more gorgeous photo of you guys! Have a wonderful day!


  • Completely and utterly adorable!

  • happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear cathie, happy birthday to you xxx

  • Beautiful post, cant wait for the recipe!

  • Happiest of birthdays Cath.
    A beautiful post.
    Please send any leftover cake my way.
    Andi x

    PS If there IS any leftover cake that is 😉

  • Happy Birthday lovely lady – mine will be in a few more days time too! Love the cake and love what birthdays are all about.

  • aahhh Cathie what a beautiful family photo you are all so gorgeous, another special moment captured right there. I so agree with the moments and memories we create and carry with us make us who we are. Happy birthday to your little one and i love his cake its beautiful just like your soul. Have a lovely day, dee x

  • Happy happy birthday!!! You are the most gorgeous family and the cake looks fantastic. Have a lovely day xxx

  • Such a great cake idea, Cathie. You all look absolutely gorgeous too. x

  • Vic

    Again; Happy Birthday.
    Again; Lovely cake.
    Again; You're all kinds of beautiful, Beautiful!

    So glad you had a gorgeous day.

  • Best cake idea in the world! (My cousin is a genious!Hehehehehe!)


  • gorgeous cake – full of love!!!
    happy birthday
    will hunt out those colours – haven't seen them here anywhere yet

  • What a beautiful post Cathie. Love the original hand painted cake. Also loving all your gorgeous photos. Such a delightful looking family.

  • What a great post you made Cathie; and a great cake with help of your two little ones of course. Happy Birthday! You're so right about cherishing those little moments… Beautiful picture of your beautiful family.
    Have a wonderful day,

  • Beautiful beautiful family shot. And lovely words. Glad you had a lovely day.

  • Love that freeform cake decorating! Hope you had a lovely birthday with your lovely family – sure looks like you did!

  • What a GORGEOUS family photo! The meal has been eaten.
    The kitchen is clean.
    The leftovers are stashed.
    The walk has been taken.
    Everyone is happy and fed and blessed.
    Now I have the time to stop by.
    On this Thanksgiving Day here in America, I wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you; for this blog; for inspiration and connection. Sending you much love, Relyn

  • Happy Birthday Cathie and what a gorgeous family you have!

  • Happy Birthday to you….here's to lots more memories and cake! x

  • Happy happy birthday to you Cathie. That cake is the most adorable cake that i think i've ever seen. Hope things are well with you and your adorable family.

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Cathie! Lots of love to you! 🙂

  • Sam

    Happy Birthday Cathie, and may you enjoy all the blessings of love, peace and happiness that the year has to bring xSam

  • Happy Birthday sweet friend I wish you another year full of precious memories that bring only laughter to your life and a heart full of love. A beautiful post I will read many times. Enjoy your day with many hugs and kisses.

    Always Wendy

  • Happy Happy Birthday Cathie! Gorgeous cake decorated by your gorgeous beings.

  • a belated happy birthday to you, that cake looks pretty special!

  • Happy, happy birthday sweet Cathie. I love that picture of you, surrounded by your beautiful family. You're such a soulful looking bunch! And the cake. Divine!

    Hope the coming year is full of those rich, colourful and wouldn't-miss-it-for-the-world moments. xx

  • Happy (belated) birthday to you, Possum. Wishing you a great big year of all the squishy, squishy good stuff. x

  • I adore your happy snaps & that cake is beautiful. Imagine doing a huge one like that for someone's adult party & guests can paint one word messages?? You're giving me ideas clever lady, love Posie

  • Sweet sweet post written with a wonderful mothers heart! the cake is so happy and looks delightful…just the way birthdays should be!!! so happy i stopped in tonight for a visit!

  • Belated but very dear birthday wishes to you sweet Cathie. What a treat to see such a gorgeous pic of your beautiful famboli. Hope you were the recipient of lots of precious treats, no one deserves it more.
    Millie xx

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous post. You and your family are also gorgeous.
    ps: I brought what looks like the same natural food colours, here in Hong Kong (paid a small fortune for them too). Not used them yet. Cat xox

  • What a gorgeous idea – I love it!

  • Such a gorgeous idea, I am very disorganised this year and haven't done anything which I feel a bit sad about – will file this away for next year perhaps 🙂

  • Happy belated birthday and gorgeous post. Your cake looks perfect, especially seeing as it was decorated by two little ones who would have put all their love into it. What a beautiful family photo too x

  • I hope you had a very special birthday! You absolulty deserve the very best! What a beautiful family you have!!

  • Christmas Day has flown past. Just now I have a quiet moment between bouts of after-Christmas sale shopping. I wanted to stop by and wish you all the joys of the season. As the quiet week approaches, may you find time to do all the things you most love. May you know, each day, how very blessed and loved you are. Happy Holidays, friend. ~ Relyn