Are you ok?

It’s been a little hectic here, I haven’t been around much, feels like I am swimming in a sea of swirls and although it looks pretty and sparkly it doesn’t feel like it.  
In reality, it’s feeling more like this

and it’s on days like today that we all need someone to just ask, “are you ok?”

I am ok, just a little down, headachey, over tired and not enough sleep but without love and support around I might not be.

Please show some loving, to a friend a family member or even if it’s just a hello to a stranger on your way to the shops.

You never know how much just that little bit can do to lift someone’s day.
Are you OK?

Hugs ♥

* cupcakes were for loveliness over here

  • such a lovely post Cathie 🙂

    Your gorgeous creations always bring a smile to my face….I hope that everything looks a little better and fresher in the morning and that your weekend is filled with thoughtful people 🙂

    Helen x

  • I so don't feel ok today. I feel like all the events of the past 2 weeks have got the better of me. But I do feel like I'll get through it thanks to some amazingly supportive friends and family and some gorgeous messages on my blog. Phew, I hope we both have great and happy weekends. X

  • chin up Cathie, thinking of you xx

  • Cathie I hope you will be able to focus on what makes you happy and do it!I am slowly learning than when I am not ok it is OK…and it is time to concentrate on feel happy things whatever it is or it takes:)Bonne nuit lovely "hug"xx

  • Thinking of you. xo

    And love your new bloggy layout too.

  • I promise I say hello to random strangers any old day. And I'd happily make you a mean cup of tea with a something sans sparkles today (or any old day). Hope you are so, so ok, quick sticks.

  • What a lovely post and yes I'm OK. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. Your lovely cupcakes made my day.
    Take good care,

  • I strongly believe that the change of the seasons has a lot to do with how everyone is feeling. I know that I too, have been having lots of "moments" and feelings and that is what I chalk it up to. We can just keep going, keep busy, keep positive and all will be fine.

  • A wonderful post about thoughtfulness, sweet friend. One thing for sure is that YOU are very thoughtful you dearest soul you. Sending bunches of positive energy and J*O*Y down under. xoxoxoxo

  • ahhhhh…I love this post …thanks for the reminder…I will ask some friends today! Your thoughtfulness warms my heart today.

    Sending you oooooodles of love and one huge hug to brighten your day. xooxx

  • Sweet Cathie thank you for such a beautiful post even though your are not feeling that great, I send a big hug to you and if I could a beautiful arrangement of flowers…. I hope you will feel better tomorrow and that the sun will shine inside your heart. xxxx

  • My friend did this very thing for me this morning. Her husband is out of town so she is doing their routine alone. She has two boys. I have two boys. I do it everyday alone because I'm divorced. Her phone call was simple and sweet. "I don't know how you do this all the time. And, do it gracefully." I don't know if my boys would agree that I do it gracefully but I'll take it. 🙂 It was gift.

  • Oh, Cathie…I hope things are on the upswing for you, and that you're feeling less like a half munched cupcake soon! Thanks for this lovely post!

  • What a beautifully written and illustrated post…I lost an
    aunt to suicide and it really means a lot to see the compassion and attitudes towards emotional life changing over the years. I am thankfully okay, bit of a chest infection which is keeping me up tonight. I urge everyone to create for themselves and others a safety net of friends and community, family, to catch people before they fall.

  • You're the most thoughtful blog friend I know Cathie. Creating lovely posts like this to make us stop and think.
    Lack of sleep has a lot to answer for. I am often like this, as once I wake up – I don't go back to sleep. (even when the girls were newborn!!)
    I hope you get to catch up on some sleep and have a relaxing weekend. Much love to you, Jxx

  • Hi Cathie,

    Aww bless you, you make the sweetest looking cakes i know and they always make me smile and make me want to pinch one but alas i can't make them come alive via the internet 😉 just think you make so many people smile through your lovely blog love really does go around the world. Sending you a smile in return, and a huge hug. Dee x

  • I love your cupcakes, and your sweet words. Some days are not ok end of, but there is always something around the corner, an unexpectedly sunny day, a walk in the park, a cupcake, a sweet word…and then all is right again. Yesterday was worse than ok… was better than ok…..I suppose that's just how it is. I hope tomorrow you find your 'ok'. xxx

  • ((hugs)) I am very familiar with those days, especially when hubby is gone working. A little extra kind word does wonders. Beautiful post Cathie, hope you are all smiles again very soon.

  • So very true what you're saying there! The smallest bit of kindness really can lift ones day!
    Hope you are OK!
    Sending you lots of kind words and thoughts through blogland!

  • Oh Cathie, you're beautiful. Always thinking of other people.
    I really hope you are OK, sounds like you need a bit of love yourself.
    I'm not feeling that flash myself today.thank you for asking. xo

  • Thank you for making me feel OK with pretty pictures and the link to that lovely blog. I am going to go back there and stare at the sweet blue doiley whenever I don't feel so OK.

  • not really, but have been asked by 2 good friends allready today and that makes all the difference


  • TK

    you sent me a sweet message the other week that really made my day. It was in relation to a piece I had written – the last couple of months have not been great for me & your little 'hope you are okay' just struck such a chord – your weekend brings you out the otherside feeling at harmony with life, the world & the universe…sweet thoughts have been air blown to you!!

  • I hope you are feeling better very soon Cathie, those cuppies certainly make me smile, for such a great cause too

  • You have a beautiful warm heart Cathie that gives & gives. This is such a thoughtful post, & so like you. Make sure you spend the w/end resting with lots & lots of Cathie time.
    Millie ^_^

  • that was nice. And all the best for you too. Antje

  • Bec

    Hi Cathie, Its funny, I too have had your post up all day and have'nt had a chance to sit and read it properly! Such an important subject isnt it? Its amazing how much of a difference 3 little words can make to a persons day or life. I hope through little gestures such as these we can all feel a little more worthy. I hope you have a lovely weekend and that some of the beautiful things you have in your life make you feel a little bit happier xx

  • oh you. thank you. i am okay.

  • I've seen those cupcakes – you're the best. Love & support, nothing like it. Love Posie

  • Right on! Hope YOU are ok =)

  • What a darling post. Found your post through my daughter Kristi's blog, "Giggles Down Under". Every now and then I look into her fellow bloggers to see what they are up to and read their blogs. Your cupcakes look so delightfully yummy! Wishing you a bright, sunny weekend filled with relaxation and inner calm!

  • Thinking of you, Cathie! You are so right about spreading a little sunshine. So many folks I've been running into lately could use some cheer. It takes so little effort to give someone's day a lift.

    Love your beautiful cupcakes! Have a great weekend, honey! xo Gigi

  • Sending you some loving. And a great big squeeze. I'll also pass more along today. It's going to be great because I have a day alone to play with my Mom. YAY!