• I don't know how you do it! At least the cool chnage has come through! Nic xx

  • You need to pal up with my hubby!
    Check my blog and you will know what I mean! 🙂

  • Ouch – do you at least have "Broken Hill Air-Conditioning"? {That'd be wet towels, flung over a clothes hoist, with a fan behind them – directing cool air in your direction – baby nurse told me that one when I had a summer baby!}

    At least you'll be creating something gorgeous as usual!

  • Pam

    Mmmm! It's a worry Cathie!! :-)) Hopefully you've stood under a cold shower by this time!

  • If it taste good that is all that matters : o )

  • No Way Cathie!!! I have nice cool house but the thought of baking the last couple days…just not on! Hope the cool change has got to you and it has been a great day!
    Chele x

  • haha…having a bite off tat cake will make the heat all worthwhile dear!

    o n im having a birthday giveaway, so pop over to my blog soon! =D

  • lordy! Hope you are enjoying the cool this evening 🙂

  • You just need to sit right next to the fan to sew, cooking, that's an entirlely different story, no thanks! You're amazing for doing it in this heat.

  • You are one crazy Lady!!! I hope the cakes worked a treat!!!

  • Cooking in my UK kitchen is a different matter at the moment. It's completely frigid in there and even the Nutella is pretty much frozen solid! Hope you're coping in the heat x

  • OMG… I'm melting just thinking about it, although I would really love a piece of homemade cake right now!

  • You know, I think it makes no difference. We've all just to keep going – and baking can be meditative.

  • Ok, I am crazy too.

    I was baking today at the hottest point at 34C! And the biscuits are yummy so it was worth it. 🙂

  • Ugh – I'm glad to see that the heat is not oppressing everyone! Cake looks yummo.

  • Gee what a hot day it was down there for you today. Baking in the heat is hard with butter melting all over the place which was happening here but it wasn't as hot just 30c. The cakes look yummy! I hope tomorrow is cooler for you.:)

  • Are you baking in a bikini?? Ever tried making short crust pastry on a day like this?? That is impossible. Your images are to die for, prettiest blog in the world. Love Posie

  • Oh my goodness – you crazy woman – were your eye balls sweating?

  • Hi Cathie! Thank you for your kind visit to my blog!I must take a tour in your blog, it looks yummy! Eva 😉

  • The weather seems to be crazy all over the globe; get out of the kitchen!
    Bet that cake was enjoyed.

  • hehehehe, I'm always baking in the summer too! Although now that there is a foot of snow on the ground I'm happy to comply to my cravings 🙂

  • I wouldn't want to cook at all , in hot weather!I'm sure the cake was well enjoyed!

  • My neighbour thinks I'm nuts…cuz I do the same thing. Even when it's a scorcher ..I can be found baking. Of course, right now…it is perfect wintery baking weather here…

  • I am SOOOO jealous! We are having a serious freeze here in Southeast USA and I am miserable! (I did bake today, though!)

  • Hi Cathie
    your blog is so cute! I'm loving all the pics 🙂

  • heat!! wow!! .. its beautiful in Kuwait these days.. 20c.. cool and breezy 🙂 but I bake anyway even in the summer when it hits 50c LOL

  • Oh yes Cathie, but the smell of baking cakes is enough to persuade me to bake under any conditions!

  • a fren of mine called me yesterday wif shocking news! she said melb's summer temp mite reach a skyhigh of 50degC?! tats horrid… drink more water dear!

  • Ahhh yes, the one benefit of working in an office on a day like that is the wonderfully cool air conditioning… may I say that I love, love, love your photographs. How do you make cracked egg shells look devine? Can you please give me some pointers? 🙂 Also, I've tagged you in a fun little game of showing your fave photo if you are interested. Take care xx

  • – you just can't help your self.
    addicted to baking.
    I bet it tasted good!!

  • Looks fab!

  • Mmmmm, just been checking out your blog via my sister's (just this side of chaos) and I'm loving your pics! Hope it cools down for you.

  • You have made broken egg shells look romantic…

  • Well…it is raining big time here in CA today, so I'm baking 🙂 Love your pics!