It’s August already and our winter is nearly over.
We have a few things happenning this month, some good, some not and a cupcake workshop thrown in.

Thank you for leaving me sweet words about what you are thankful for. Have drawn some names using random org and I will send a card to

Little Ted Canvas, Leonie and Valerie.


I’ll contact you for your details ladies.

Thanks again to you all for visiting and making me smile.

Happy August to you ✗

  • Happy August to you beautiful girl! I hope you enjoy the last month of winter, that your celebrations outway the difficult times and that you have lots of excuses for cupcakes. Thinking of you and your gorgeous family. XX

  • I'm so glad winter is almost over! I can already hear the sound of spring in the morning, with all the birds twittering quite early…

  • What an emotional time for you, I hope you are all surrounded by love and hugs over the coming months.xx2u.

  • I can't believe it's been a year already. It just doesn't seem that long ago. Sending you cyber hugs!

  • Cathie, big hugs hon. Your dad will be proud of all you are and will be, of your beautiful family and of your love for him.
    I'll see you in a few days xx f

  • Pam

    I'm hoping for a lovely month for you Cathie. Hoping that your little one's day is easier and happier for you than you were thinking. Hoping you get the big warm hug I'm sending you now. Keep strong. xoxo

  • hello there – haven't you been up to some beautiful and lovely things. Just popping by for a catchup!
    Have a happy week ahead.
    xx Amy

  • My computer just had a freak out and lost my comment.

    A big month for you – bithday's, memories and all topped off with your yummy icing and a cupcake or two.

    Thinking of you and your family – the 12 month mark is a huge milestone to make. The first's have come to an end. Take time for yourself in the madness of the moth and know that you are surrounded by friend and bloggy buddies all of the world if ever you need a shoulder (or 1000) A little something that I have learn over the last few months is there are some out there that think that at this point that the greiving stops – I will tell you that it is still ok – please take care.

  • This bunting is adorable…my daughter wants to make her friend some and I will have to show her your sweet image…Happy day sweet one. xoxoxo

  • Wishing you a nice month ahead with more and more happiness and great time to share…hug to you lovely lady xx

  • Did you make that bunting Cathie? I am thinking of doing something very similar with gingham on a birthday cake in 2 weeks time.

    We must catch up soon.

  • Happy August! Loving your pics of the buntng strung between glass bottles 🙂

  • what lucky winners!! LOVE your photos…they are so dreamy XO thinking of you during this month of significant dates XO

  • Its been a year….lordy be it just seams like yesterday! I'll light a candle for you and yours tomorrow……..xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo

  • happy august to you, cathie. hugs.

    ps. i am loving the tiny bunting in the bottles.

  • Sending you warm and happy thoughts from Vancouver. your happy little bunting pics have made my morning.
    Have a lovely day!

  • This garland is so sweet – looks like spring already!

  • Cute cute fabric, Cathie. Hope Spring is arriving at your doorstep soon, sweet friend. xxx

  • i wish i could be there, for the cupcake class. : )