Baby tooth

Amelie lost her first baby tooth, I nearly cried, we were at a little friend’s party, I felt so emotional, it’s just a tooth, but it feels like she is different, she’s only 5…

I didn’t know how to feel, so I baked, I baked her some cupcakes. 
Vanilla cupcakes, with a secret, I folded  a chopped up chocolate bar to the batter and a chopped chocolate bar in the butter cream, you should try it, easy.


She woke up to a book this morning and a five dollar note.  She doesn’t know whether to believe in the tooth fairy, she wants to ask her friends at school whether the tooth fairy is real…because they have lost teeth and they know!

Did you have a good weekend, anything exciting happen?
Is the tooth fairy real?

  • I too would cry. There are so many moments our little people have that remind us how big they are getting. Yes, the tooth fairy is real. The tooth fairy creates childhood memories!


    ps. my muffins look nothing like your cupcake!

  • These photos of Miss A are just devine!
    She is looking so grown up and beautiful Cathie.
    Yes, Miss TF is real.
    Such a special time – Miss E lost her first one right on Xmas day! During the pavlova of course.

    much loveXXXJ.

  • Sorry lovely, couldn't deal with the typo.

    She visits my girls and leaves them the same sort of poems, in the same scrawly writing and signs them the same way as when we were little girls.
    Big love and congrats on the milestone. Stunning pics.
    We're just home from a wedding. The girls sand karaoke all afternoon long. Such fun. x

  • It's hard being a parent watching them growing up and having these milestones, they are very special. Gorgeous photos Cathie of your little girl, the colours are beautiful.
    I went to the textile show today and met Sandrine which was a lot of fu and tomorrow I think we'll stay home and keep dry, it's been a wet weekend here. Enjoy your Monday holiday. xo

  • Oh, we are yet to have the tooth fairy visit. My son turned 6 today and keeps asking "When will my tooth get wobbly?" I think he is starting to question whether the tooth fairy is real already, since I think the tooth fairy doesn't visit some of his classmates….. makes it difficult for him to know what is going on.

  • That is so sweet about the tooth! Love the idea of the secret in the cupcake – making me hungry for some baked goods! Kellie xx

  • Sounds like a pretty big moment! Hope youre enjoying your weekend.

  • The tooth fairy is most definitely real!
    Where did you find a chokito? I thought they went the way of the poor old polly waffle.

  • 'Course the Tooth Fairy is REAL! But around here, she's a whole lot less generous and, er, occasionally a little forgetful. (ahem).

  • What a loving mum you are! Love the photos.

  • Just gorgeous, Cathie. I wonder what your little one found out from her school friends? Either way, she'll have a warm, sweet memory of her first lost tooth…

  • Lis

    I was so sad at the first two teeth too, today he announced the third one is wiggly. It's still upsetting! Very definitely real xx

  • When you said that your daughter was 5 my heart sank, mine is about to turn 4 .. Baking is your Solice, I love that!

  • Anonymous

    Oh i so hope her little school friends are still believers. My guys believe until quite old, although . . . one swallowed a tooth last month & mentioned a few times that the tooth fairy didn't come (slack) & that the general consensus at school was that if you swallow your tooth it's a no tooth, no pay situation (equally slack tooth fairy helpers out there). This is year 4 & 10 year olds, so hold on to the belief, it's adorable. Considering my high schooler has only lost 10 teeth, it's a slow investment to pay in gold coins. My 4th baby is 7 & he hasn't lost a tooth yet, only boy in year 2 to still have a full set of 20 baby teeth. We got them slowly & clearly lose them very slowly. Love Posie
    (not anonymous, Blogger won't let me sign in)

  • My 6 1/2 year little guy is desperate for his first tooth to be loose…so tooth fairy alive and well in our house.

  • oh what a sweet little fairy girl you have. why doesn't she believe in the tooth fairy? a little skeptic already? une petite sophisticate no doubt. i think i might cry too when ezra loses his first tooth and isn't sure if fairies are real or not. big hugs to you mama – you'll keep the magic alive – if anything through your cupcakes.

  • Delightful pictures and story…Thank you for sharing.! Of course the Tooth Fairy is real….in our hearts and imaginations….we keep the excitement alive!

  • I cried when my Master J (my youngest of 3 and aged six) lost his first baby tooth a few months ago. I was devastated. Don't quite know why – probably my last baby growing up! xx Rach

  • Jake (aged 7): "Of course fairies are real Ella. What about the tooth fairy?"
    I told them that if you don't believe, she won't come!!

  • $5!!!! Gee the tooth fairy it tight around here!! $1.00 for a major (front) 50c for minor!!

    Mumma, your babe is-a-growing up!! xx

  • Milestone Cathie – she is growing up! Goose always leaves a special note and lots of fairy sprinkles and choc bits out for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy can be a little forgetful and ditzy around here…and obviously a little cheap as well. I thought she was generous with gold coins as we only got silver when we were kids, but I have heard that notes are quite common amongst Goose's school friends. I say let the magic of the tooth fairy live for as long as you can – it is part of the joy of childhood.

  • Four kids, not one has lost any teeth yet. I am totally going with the tooth fairy (such fun!) but I haven't sorted out the going rate as yet (my eldest is six so best I get on with it!). $5 seems like a high price for a tooth?? A whole new era of toothy grins awaits you! x

  • Of course the tooth fairy is real! Who ever could get the little gifts underneath my pillow without waking me at night)
    gorgeous pics and what a big moment for you and your Big little girl.
    big love

  • I think I will get teary when Zoe loses her first tooth – but I'm looking forward to doing the whole tooth fairy thing 🙂

  • so much sweetness. have you noticed that she's been emotional since losing her tooth. some people say that it's like teething again…i wonder.

    of course i believe in the fairy!

  • Isn't life bittersweet at times? The tooth fairy is still alive in our household and much excitement and squealing can be heard afer a visit from her 🙂


  • You are such a gorgeous mumma, Cathie and the emotion is so understandable. I believe cupcakes fix everything, especially when cooked by you. And yes, I've decided to 'believe' in all those imaginary things from childhood again for as long as they bring magic to Lily.

  • What a lovely way to celebrate a milestone.
    We struggle with the tooth fairy, we have heard about what she is but explaining that it's all about teeth falling out is freaking out my 4.5 year old!

  • Tas

    I've been through this with my first and my second is just about to start. I haven't found it too traumatic as I have been too busy reminding the tooth fairy to do her job.
    I am more stressed about the fact that somewhere in this house are 6 tissues with a tooth inside each one stashed by an absent minded tooth fairy. It's all a bit weird now 😛

  • Ohhhh Congrats to your little Miss on loosing her first tooth! i only just told my Mr 5 that soon he will loose his baby teeth! I love the fact that you were a bit emotioanal – i think i will be too! it's just all these milestones hey! gorgeous photos and gorgeous daughter, gorgeous cupcake and great idea with the chocie bar! much love xx

  • First tooth, now that is exciting! Tooth Fairy is most definitely real. As is the sleep fairy who sprinkles fairy dust on sleeping children to make sure they have beautiful dreams, (and if they don't believe then they will never get the chance of 'maybe' seeing a little fairy now will they.)
    My Monkey Boy has two out and two getting a wobble on, will look very fang like.

  • I'd want to cry too.
    It's hard…all this change.
    We keep saying how big our 'little' Amelie seems now.
    And she is.
    It's lovely but heartbreaking at the same time.

  • So gorgeous – we are yet to have a visit from the tooth fairy!
    I adore that book – it's such a sweet story.

  • Gosh, i LOOOOOVE these pictures, pure sweetness and joy! Just a tooth and so much feeling goes with it – changes are not easy to accept sometimes, yet your girl is propably very proud! Hugs to you!

  • HI Cathie!

    I always love the love in your posts. 🙂 I always feel like I can totally relate to you & the emotions that come along with raising our little babes 🙂

    She looks so sweet with her little cupcake. Good thing we are taking all these pictures & recording their childhood here in this way 🙂 It just goes too fast.


  • Oh my goodness, Cathie ~ I think this is one of the most adorable photos and posts I've ever seen!
    Soooo sweet and so sincere ~ What a wonderful mother you must be ~ my heart is full just thinking about those days ~ how they are past and yet, there's so much ahead!
    God bless you always,
    ps. this made my day ~ so sweet!

  • I can't even comment on the tooth because I'm mesmerised by Amelie's glorious hair. Quite the little Rapunzel!

  • Those pictures are so gorgeous and I want the same skirt right ? Euhhhh your Fairy is really sweet! In France we have a little mouse and she is quite poor :)she uses the teeth to build her house :)lol
    But lately she also forgot…I much prefer yours 🙂
    Sandrine xx

  • Oh Cathie, I so know just what you mean about getting all choked up. At Laurens 5th bday party one of her friends lost her first tooth and I totally welled up, I had to get super busy so nobody saw.

    Thank you for your gorgeous comment on my fox post. : )
    You are such a sweetie!

    ps. These shots are so beautiful. Loving the ruffles on that skirt.