Backpacks & Cushions

The backpack is complete thanks to a wonderful and very, very easy tutorial over at Nikki’s
It’s for library day at kinder but we are using it everywhere.  
It makes me smile.  I love kid’s drawings, they make me happy.
He drew it and I made it, what great teamwork.  

I love it and so does he.


Something we also love is the cushion swap loving we received in the mail….AMAZING!!
Thank you Michelle and thank you Vic, you are just awesome.

I love it, especially those teeny tiny ants marching along!

How’s your creative day going, why don’t you let us have a peek.

Hugs ♥

  • Love the backpack! A perfect mother-child collaboration. It is such an amazing thing to make with and for our kids.

    What a wonderful cushion too! I love the colors and the ants. Hooray!

  • How super cute!! You are one clever mumma!!

    And that cushion is gorgeous.

  • Hi Cathie,
    I'm glad that you've been smiling. Kids pictures make me smile too, I'm lucky to have a three year old who adores drawing so my walls are covered in his art work.
    I've been making brooches/necklaces, I'm new to crafting but having so much fun, learning as I go. You can see them on my blog .. I'm gearing up for my first market, a bit anxious, but mostly excited.

  • How cool did that backpack turn's fabulous!!

    Yes the cushion is stunning also…I was very drawn by the ants when I saw it as it's my hubby's nickname short for Anthony 🙂


  • Sweet Cathie

    I have aspiration so creating things but have had no time of late. I have been looking at projects and thinking about materials.

    This back pack looks like something I should try.

    xx jill

  • TK

    I want me a back pack like Aidan's!!!! and cushions for mt back room – as always thankyou for your sweet inspirations Cathie, TK xx

  • I love your teamwork too.
    And, very cute cushion. Mine hasn't arrived yet, postie has been today, hopefully tomorrow- I feel like I am waiting for santa!

  • That backpack looks very useful – I love the way you've included the artwork on it. And what a gorgeous cushion to have received! Enjoy your day x

  • Cute cushion and I love the backpack! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial I will definitely be trying one with my kids. 🙂

  • OH I love this! I love your kid's drawings cum Cathie's embroidery.
    Kids drawings make me happy too xo

  • Wow – i so love the children's drawings as embroidery! Really really lovely – and what a smile!

    Wasn't the cushion swap fun?! I've just found out that mine has arrived safely – took ages!!XX

  • Such a gorgeous little bag!! I really love kids drawing and it is so excellent that you incorporated it into the bag.. makes me smile too 😀 I can't wait until my 2yr old can draw things though I do totally love his scribbles now… ha ha ha

  • Love the backpack. And you scored yourself a very nice cushion too.

  • I LOVE the backpack! The embroidered drawing is just gorgeous!

  • Tas

    Love that backpack! And the cushion too. Yummy things!

  • This is so cute. I'm waiting for Sam to draw pictures like this so I can do this. x

  • I'm glad to see you smiling again! Both the backpack and the cushion look wonderful and useful, especially the backpack. The kids' drawings make me always smile, I love them! Have a great sunny day!

  • awww such a sweet bag you both did well ;-)) lovely cushion to. have a lovely day, dee x

  • Super teamwork and super cute too! (Are they little piglets in the print?)
    What a pretty cushion, lucky duck. : )

  • Hey team!!Can I have a cushion or a backpack with Aidan's drawing?I will smile for sure!!!And you could always send him over instead…xexexexexe…!Love u ♥

  • Such a great little backpack Cathie!I love how you include the children art in them gorgeous!xx

  • These pics are priceless!! What a fab collaboration! Love that pillow and knapsack is gorrrrgeous!!! WOWOWO!
    xoAdvice From A Caterpillar Store

  • your blog is divine! I cant believe i haven't found it sooner! I also have a background in vis. arts and like to share ;)! Thanks for visiting me, count me as your 641st follower (gasp, how did you do that?).

    So looking forward to being updated on this beautiful space!

    xo em

  • oh lovely! you have received a lovely cushion cover! It was nice to receive mine this week too!

  • That backpack is so cute!

  • So glad you like it!!! And it was lovely to meet you on Friday. Hope to catch up again soon!

  • The best backpack in the world.
    The cushion cover you received is the second best in the whole world (sorry the one I got is the best!) 🙂

  • How cute is that backpack!!! I love it – great job and I might have to steal this idea for when Zoe goes to kindy.