Beautiful day today in Melbourne!

It’s been a bit cold lately….well, I guess it is still winter, but today it’s a beautiful day and we are just enjoying a quiet day in the garden as we have a busy baking day tomorrow for a Saturday Market.
So we are just doing a bit of this,
and a little more of this,
and enjoying a bit of this,
Hope you are having a good day.

  • Oww that looks like fun!!!
    I hope the weather stays nice for you all!

  • Digger trucks are the best!

  • It must be the day for yummy bread!!! Its raining here now, so its coming your way! Enjoy the sun while its shining!!

  • I hope it warms up for Saturday!!!

  • Oh darling I saw the purple muffin and just had to click on your site and am I glad I did!! You have a lovely blog here. I love sweets and especially Chocolate Éclairs , my favorites. I will certainly try this recipe, I read it twice and I think I can manage this, thanks for sharing. I joined your followers and placed a link to your site on my beau-TEA-ful friends blog. If you have time, stop by my cottage, I will love to have you visit and join my followers.

    Duchess xxx