• Me to! The duck's are playing out side in what may be the last of the puddles!

  • Kat

    We could use some of that rain up here. It has been really dry. It tried to rain yesterday and lasted about 2 seconds.

  • They look tres delicious. May I ask, what is that font you are using on your watermark?

  • Oh, how delicious…
    You would be proud of me…I MADE A CARROT CAKE.


  • Yum, Yum…I want to grab it from the screen..LOL…Thanks for the birthday wishes

  • I'm beginning to think you guys live in a cupcake. Like the gingerbread house – only with nice people living in it eating scrummy (obviously) cupcakes.

  • A rainy day and some yummy cupcakes with a cup of tea, sounds perfect.:)

  • What a lovely pic. Makes me want to bake some lovely cupcakes and eat them too!!

  • These look just perfect! You have a really sweet blog. Thanks for paying mine a visit and for leaving such a nice comment! xo

  • Just found your lovely blog and I am in love. Your images are amazing. Your cupcakes are speaking to me…I have a great big sweet tooth. Off to follow!

  • Pam

    Rainy days are the best! It's raining here and I just lit a fire and made coffee….ahhhh.

  • Ah that looks so cosy! It actually isnt raining here for once in Wales!!! It is a crisp colder day but has been sunny. Those cakes look lovely!

  • Your blog is always a feast for the eyes x

  • can I swing by and pick up some cup cakes, they sound good!

  • They do look yummy! Such a gorgeous photo too!

  • Sounds like a wonderful day to me 🙂

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