boys and cars

This week has been all about cakes, first, there was hoot

and then there was a request for cars, or aeroplanes or flying bikes or blueberries or pilots or pirates

so we settled for cars and a sparkly name on the cake

 chocolate with chocolate buttercream

and finished off with a white chocolate buttercream icing

and now I have another little boy who is looking forward to his birthday cake soon but he has given me an even bigger list of puppies or dogs or cars or trucks….(just leave it up to mummy Aidan..)
What about you, how’s your creativity going this week?

Happy day to you and happy birthday to a gorgeous friend

  • Both cakes are beautiful. My youngest two are particularly impressed with Hoot

  • Such sweet cakes! Love those cars!! xx

  • Seriously brilliant cakes Cathie!!
    (and am loving A's hat – so cool!)XX

  • my god your amazing, these cakes are just works of art ! xo

  • Super fabulous, as always. What about a giant puppy car?? At least you have the skills. They all sound delicious too. Love Posie

  • You are so, so clever! Rach xx

  • Kat

    hoot is cute! Love the car cake too. I am baking a 30th birthday cake this week. It won't be anywhere near as cute as yours but hopefully the birthday boy likes it.

  • Fay

    Great cakes! My boy is mad about cars.

  • You have a real talent for cakes…they both look great!
    Not much crafting going on here unfortunately.


  • awwww you are so clever Cathie, they are both beautiful. I have to say that Hoot pulls at my heart strings soooo cute ;-)) Thanks for your lovely comment and the blog link i hadn't heard of her but i am so pleased to have found her via yourself. have a lovely day, dee x

  • i have a lot of respect for people like you who can do this kind of decoration on a cake. you are very talented. x

  • Rie

    OMG, it's making me hungry just looking at the cake! My bubba turns 1 in December… is it wrong for me to be thinking about his cake already!!!

  • Lou

    Ah ha, I was just asking your mr about this today and he said it looked great. I was hoping to see a photo of it here. I did a bit of knitting last night – luckily my personal tutor was there again – she is amazing and so helpful!

  • Fabulous! Love Hoot! I crown you the Cake Queen.

  • You are truly talented..those cakes are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us .

  • oh what glorious goodness!!! Those cakes are divine and little aiden is just the cutest, sweetest, and scrumptious little boy that ever was (equal to my son of course!) Thankyou so much for your lovely birthday message this morning, and for the much surprise mention in your post! I am positively smiling from ear to ear with humbled gratitude for such lovely birthday sentiments…..may the rest of your week be blissful Cathie xx

  • oh I love your car cake – clever you!

  • Hoot is divine! You should feel very happy with this week's work.

  • Oh Cathie, I am loving those works of art! Especially Hoot! That is spectacular! I love owls, so this one really hit a chord with me :o) Gorgeous pics xo

  • Cathie, those cars are super cute. Be very careful, you may be kidnapped by Matchbox. : )

  • You always amaze me with your creativity my friend. No boys in this home but I sure do want that cake anyways….adorabale! Hugs to you for a great day. xoxox

  • Those cakes are amazing! How super lucky any child is to have one like that! And my, I was just scrolling down and saw the food colouring pens! What a great idea!

  • The Hoot cake is fantastic – you did such a good job on Hoot he looks perfect!

    And the car cake is super cute – you sure are a very talented woman 🙂

  • OMG…what is that stuff you are playing with? its it a type of icing…It looks like plasticine?

  • Anonymous

    Such gorgeous cakes. I have to make lots of cupcakes for DS's birthday this weekend, but luckily Melissa Goodsell's blog pointed me in the right direction for ides. Lots of chocolatey echidnas coming up.

  • OMG Cathy, how do you get these cakes to look so perfect? Love the one with the cars, too pretty to slice it! Hasve a lovely weekend!

  • oh crap. Now I'm really beginning to feel nervous. Little Monkey's birthday is around the corner and the only cake idea I have is chocolate with a strawberry plonked on top…. he can never see you blog!

  • Hi Cathie, these are gorgeous, where did you get the car idea from? my little one would love this cake xxx you are too clever x have a great weekend i hope its not too rainy over there like it is here x

  • You are a sensation Cathie! I wish you lived near me… you'd have my business twice a year!

  • How cute is hoot and your little man holding the car – I bet he is looking forward to his birthday. I have a little man here who's birthday is not until Jan and he has already put in his request for an Octonauts cake

  • you are one talented lady! I just want to dive into that cake it looks scrumptiously gorgeous and oh so cute. The photo of your son is so cute to boot too!

  • Hoot is wonderful! What an amazing cake…