A busy week

A lot has been going on here lately, the tears have finally stopped, the uncertainty about me leaving is still there but finally school is a happy place to be
The little man started his first day at kinder without hesitation and only a couple of tears whilst there.  
It’s only 4 hours over a couple of days a week but it’s a new thing for him as well as for me and even though it sounds strange, I think I am really going to miss him


Miss Amelie turned 5 and celebrated in the garden with friends and family with yummy vegetarian pizzas, rose and red velvet cupcakes and chocolate cake


and whilst there is still some sunshine about,  we enjoyed the sun and the water fountain at the Royal Botanic Gardens with lovely friends

I am a little bit baked out at the moment, but I promise to share the cake recipe because I have been told it was pretty yummy.
For now, I am off to enjoy the nice weather outside and hope the dishes don’t mind.

Hope your week is a happy one ♥

  • No stripey bathers in the background this time!! Happy Birthday to your little one, that cake looks amazing!!!!!

  • J'adore ! I love your blog !!!!!!!!!

  • So glad they are both settling in. Boy I love your baking and photos – divine!!

  • Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I completely understand you missing your little man even if it is only 4 hours a week, my heart is so full of pride, joy & sadness every time I drop my little guy off…

  • That is such a great idea for a cake!! Beautiful snaps as well! So glad the tears have stopped so awful!!

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful x

  • TK

    I think I have found a new favourite cake…..the same as the one Amelie had for her birthday – totally gorgeous!!!!!! Silly question I know but is she named after the movie?? TK xx

  • Oh that cake is divine! And your little man looks so lovely conentrating hard at Kinder. What a new adventure your embarking on. May it bring all new kinds of joy and special memories. 🙂 x x

  • Oh Cathie, I'm sooo glad the tears have stopped and school is becoming a happy place.
    And I don't think it's strange at all that you think you're going to miss Aidan, it's a big change for him and you, and he's been around for well quite a while now.
    THat cake is just amazing ( you are just beyond belief) and HAPPY HAPPY lake birthday to your gorgeous little petal. Big hugs xoxo

  • How beautiful are those photos?
    I love the family photo where you and Sam are looking one way, while Amelie and Aidan have cheeky grins and are looking at the camera – so sweet!

  • That cake is beautiful! Well done and happy birthday to your sweet girl.

  • WOW what great cake!!!!!

    Good to hear school drop off etc are much better. Heart strings are so strong.

    What a lovely time at the Gardens – I know why they dont have a water feature here – it will be to cold!!!!!! But my children would not notice (lol)

  • Wow, that cake is AMAZING! Everything looks so lovely, and your kiddos are so supercute i want to go shrink my boys back to that age! My little one is turning 18 tomorrow – and i'm thinking about what to bake …

  • You've done an amazing job Cathie, that cake is a beautiful peace of artwork. I'm glad to hear things are going well at school:) xo

  • Wau – this is nothing less than amazing! what a sweet story and lovely birthday party – How can you pull it off! You seam so great and caring – and the same time creative and fun – thank you for sharing !

  • Jen

    you are so lucky with all that sun!! that cake looks amazing! how cute!

  • Stunning birthday & family, just love seeing you all together!! What a cake, fantastic work. Look at your little fella with his giant back pack. My son went off to 8 hours of preschool over 2 days when he was 2.5 years old, i started to get a taste of my life now – 4 of them spread from year 2 to 7, i will always miss them, i love 3p.m. my favourite time of day (&3.30p.m. for high school). Love Posie

  • What a beautiful birthday!!
    So pleased to hear that Miss A is happy at school! Its such a huge thing.

    We're just in the middle of changing Eva's year, as they put her one year ahead! So she starts another new class tomorrow! aaargh!!!

  • It's so hard to let go isn't it? we get so used to them being in our lives and giving and taking so much, that when they have to start to grow up, we all don't know quite what to do. Tears all round, but hey… at least we all can relate to each other and give each other cyber hugs 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to your lovely girl. The cakes look AMAZING as do the photos, as always! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to drop your little lady off at school and it must feel so strange for both of you. Things will most definitely get better and I'm sure it will not take her long to settle in. I have a few years yet before I have to face this but already am dreading it!!!
    Love what you have done with the buttons by the way, the little heart and singlet are gorgeous. x

  • that cake! oh my word! amazing!
    hope amelie had a fantastic day! happy birthday to her!

  • Gorgeous cakes, and glad to hear things are settling down at your place. Enjoy your own time too!

  • gorgeous photos! Looks like you all had a really happy time 🙂

  • that looks like a pretty fun party. And I don't think it's odd you will miss the boy.

  • Wow, wow and WOW, the teapot, your sweet peas, the banners and lanterns, it all looks sooooooo happy and festive!! You take awesome pictures, Cathie. Your family is beautiful.
    Huge hugs for another busy week, we like this kind of weeks, don't we?

  • Ahhhh! That cake! & all the bunting & lanterns! Sweetest party ever! 🙂 & for such a sweetie! I hear you on the missing him part 🙂 ANnie has been in school all year…& I still miss her when she goes 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

  • Such Joy my friend…happy birthday to your sweetpea…my goodness what a mom you are!!! That party looked amazing..and that teapot cake…happy dance.

    Love and hugs as always…your children really are adorable.xo

  • Yes, Koralee said exactly what I thought…" what a mom you are"!!!!!! Cathie, your family is wonderful! Your kids are cute!! I am happy with your post!
    Much love to you!!

  • cathie! your babies so sweet 🙂 your family always be happy 🙂

  • lucky Amelie – such an amazing cake!
    So glad to hear that school and kinder is going better – and no wonder that you miss your gorgeous girl and boy…

  • Great family shot Cathy, Loving the sunflowers in the back. Good to hear the tears are not falling anymore…phew!! xx

  • What a wonderful post for the eyes!!! Did you make the cake and all the decorations (bunting,garlands?) It looked wonderful. You have such adorable children. I hope the settling in period continues to go well for both you and children xx Thanks for stopping by my 365 🙂

  • What a beautiful cake – absolutely inspired! Looks like Amelie had a gorgeous birthday. I just saw the octopus cushion/bag on one of your links. I think I'd like one just like it!

    And somedays I would just love to stand under a fountain until my clothes were SOAKING wet! How liberating and refreshing would that be!

    And look at your little boy with his big back pack on. Treasure!

  • Can I just say your photos are to die for. Seriously capture the feeling and movement of the moment. You're very clever. So glad to hear Amelie is settling into school. It's full on isn't it. My 7 year old really only settled into things at the end of Kindy. He's in Year 2 now and has no problems. They get there in the end. You also don't realise how academic that first year is. Must be such a huge shock for the gorgeous little things. That cake is heaven sent. My favourite shots are #3 and #5. What a cute back pack. Pruxxx

  • so glad to here they are settling in well! I had a teary one and it was so hard, even though you knew they had a great day!

  • What a lovely end to a teary week for you. I am pleased to hear that all are settling in. I miss my two too – if we lived closer we could have a cuppa and a chat 🙂

    I also just realised that you hae an Amelie and I have Amelia and you have Aiden and I have Baden – how about that and they are almost the same ages as well:)

  • wow look at all this wonderful at your place – so glad to hear Amelie is getting used to School and so special that Aiden loves his time at Kinder too – of course you will miss him, it's only natural, but it makes the together time so special!!! Love all your pic's as usual – wishing you a wonderful, blissful rest of your week and weekend xx

  • A gorgeous, gorgeous post Cathie, I love the family photo!! Your photo's show such a bright and colourful world, I'm so glad every one is settling in. It takes time doesn't it? And yes, I know what you mean about missing your little one, it's pretty quiet around my house without all my babies. Take care beautiful, you a such a lovely mum x

  • Wow, you did an amazing job, looks like a very happy day. LOVE LOVE LOVE the teapot cake… I made a pink one for my daughters first birthday a couple of years ago. Yours is much more professional and not a bit wonky like mine was! Glad your brave girl is settling in to her new routine. xxx Kim

  • Happy birthday Amelie! What a gorgeous cake – I love, love, love it!

    I'm so glad that the tears have all stopped now – it must be so strange to have one at a school and one at kindergarten. They are growing up!

  • wow Cathie your cake is AMAZING!!!!! and what a lovely day you had such gorgeous photos! Cam's skirt is beautiful……my youngest baby has just gone back to school this week (we have 8 weeks off in Tassie) and I am REALLY missing her already and she is nearly 12!!!!!

  • Teapot cake is fantastic!! I particularly like the daisy cupcakes! And the decorations… and…all of it….I do love birthdays… I also love the sunflowers in your back yard!
    Great morning at the botanical gardens – you did manage to get a natural shot or two after all and very gorgeous ones too 🙂

  • What a wonderful birthday celebration. I adore that skirt Cam made – it is stunning!

  • What a beautiful family, what a beautiful post!
    The skirt of your girl is so lovely! Will check it out.

  • Is that Cam's stitch work I spy in one of those photos? Such a gorgeous skirt!
    And as for that cake! Wow, that is serious cake work.
    Happy birthday to your lovely girl. X

  • Such a gorgeous family…And so so glad things are getting easier with school….

    The party looked amazing especially that cake, lucky kiddos to have such a fantastic baking momma

  • OK WOW!!!! at your baking pics!
    Everything gorgeous

  • Oh that cake! And what beautiful pictures. Goodness don't they grow so fast? Happiest of Birthdays to you both!

  • happy birthday to the little one.
    five is a BIG one.

    ps. i love love love that straw photo.

  • Happy belated birthday to your little sweetie girl!(Only nice girls are born in Ferbruary hehhe)
    I am glad everything is starting to settle.
    Enjoy everymoments and thanks for the gorgeous pics! xx

  • Cathie – the most amazing birthday cake I have EVER seen – truly XO I always miss my little ones when they are away from me…..Miss 5 is at school & Mondays I miss her the most….Miss 3 has kinder friday mornings….& I have no little hands to hold. XO

  • Your blog is such a sweet indulgence! I'm loving all your beautiful photos of your kids, your cakes, and you! Thank you for sharing this special day with us. Gosh, it feels like we were there too. xx

  • What a delight to see a 5 year old's birthday party that's not a full blown, OTT production number choreographed by a gaggle of party planners & stylists! Cathie you are a legend, & Miss 5 looks like she's having just the best time.
    Millie x

  • Wow, what a beautiful cake! Did you make that?

  • thanks Mama Pea Pod!
    yes I made the cake ♥