Captured moments

Since my new phone came to live with us, my most favourite thing about it is taking pics.

I absolutely LOVE the anywhere any time pics, I absolutely love the freedom of it.

I now sometimes even forget I have an DSLR and all my pics seems to come from the phone.
Here are some of our moments from the last month.
What about you, how do you take your pics, do you edit them? do you love them?
What’s your favourite way to capture your moments?
If you want to make a photo mosaic, pop by here

Hope your January is filled with captured moments ♥

  • Gorgeous Cathie!
    Is it an iphone? are you on instagram?
    I am also finding myself taking almost all of my pics and editing them on my phone these days. xx

  • Yes I love taking pics on my new phone too!! I have an android and use Pixlr-o-matic. Fun!

  • ah yes, welcome to the dark side!! (yes, totally guilty of using the phone All The Time!).

  • Great post as always Cathie…I still use my DSLR…am I the only one? I don't edit very often, I would like to but don't know where to start 🙂

  • I love having an iPhone, its great for having "just in case". I put my pics through Instagram, makes them look a little bit more special. I do still use my big camera for "proper" photos though.

  • Gorgeous Cathie!!
    I also want to know if you are on instagram. I think you would love it if you aren't/
    And yes ever since I've gotten my phone I've been taking more photos than normal. i think it's because i dunno i carry my phone around all the time so if i need or want to take a photo I can.
    big love to you xoxo

  • I have an android phone and use lightbox, must check out pixl o matic though! Highly addictive phone pics!

  • Great pics Cathie!
    I'm the same as you with the phone – its handy having it on you all the time to capture the moments!XX

  • I'm nuts for Instagram, Cathie. You just can't beat the way it lets you capture 'moments'. I take far more random shots with my phone than with my camera. x

  • Camera? What camera? I cant remember the last time I used it actually. I am an iphone girl all teh way. It's so easy and piccies can be instantly sent to anywhere. Mind you, every now and then I think, my that's a lovely shot – wish it was better quality though!!!

  • I don't have an iphone so dslr for me. Hubby does though and I have used it, it's lovely for pics! He keeps it on his person at all times though, darn it lol

  • oh i still love my camera…but yes, the oh so portable phone is rather handy. happy to see you back here Cathie…you and your gorgeous family! x

  • Ooh, beautiful pics! I have an Android and will have to check out those apps!
    Still taking pics with my big camera and editing them on picnik. Have been taking a few with the ipad, but would be great to use my phone.

    I love the moments you have captured, so great!

  • You capture such wonderful memories – great collage!

  • Great pics Cathie! Looks like you've been having fun. I take my ipod everywhere. There are great photo effects xx

  • my 5 year old digital camera is playing up, we downloaded instagram on the ipad (don't have an iphone)… the kids were taking pics and didn't realise they go online, so we have a pic of Master S picking his nose on cyberspace! hehe…. I love using for photo editing! I like that mosaic look. Love to you xxxx

  • Looks like some fun happenings in your world Cathie 🙂
    I recently got an iPhone and am loving Instagram!!
    It's so much easier to snap with a phone when you are out and about.

  • Happy New Year Cathie! My not so old camera broke down this week & everyone laughs at my ancient but very practical phone, so I'm thinking it's time to upgrade & merge the two! Mostly for the reasons you have displayed here so beautifully..x

  • lovely pictures, Cathie, Happy New Year!

  • I agree, I never use my camera anymore- everything is on my phone. i love instagram so much. I like that I can easily edit photos. LOVE it!

  • I just got an iPhone and am looking forward to taking pics easily again, I don't take my big camera in my bag so sometimes I miss a special moment…. I can't wait to have a play with the great picture apps! Thanks for the mosaic link too! X

  • I still use my dSLR a lot at home – but for spur of the moments captures or when we are out and about I love using my phone to capture those little moments (and share them on instagram!).

  • I am the same Cathie, my hubby is often reminding me to use the real {DSLR} camera, when I am constantly using my phone! xx

  • I hardly ever take pics using my phone. Not sure why, I guess I just can't keep up with the technology and I still just think of it as a phone. Your sweet pictures have inspired me though and I am going to set myself a little challenge of a photo a day on phone.

  • Happy new year Cathie, gorgeous photo's looks like you have been having a lovely time. I love the way you have put them all together i will have to have a go. Only trouble is im not very good with technology. Enjoy your week, dee xx

  • I take so many images it is ridiculous. I find blogging is my way of sharing those moments. I look at what I have written and hope that one day my little people will look back on it, and see the life they had. It is like a book in its own little way. I also have books printed, but I am so behind in that…. 4 years behind. Huge job!

    Beautiful images!


  • Look at all that fun you've been having Cathie! I've had a little play with instagram. I'll need to take a closer look i think. these are gorgeous as usual!

  • beautiful images Cathie! I love using my phone to take pics… easy to snap away all day! xx

  • Fantastic pictures! Keep them coming 🙂

  • Ahhh at this point my favourite way is Tim Coulson! We've just had him out and it was A.MAZ.ING! But usually Instagram. And your family is so sweet! xxx

  • What a delicious spread of images Cathie. I have a clunky ancient nokia phone, so it's DSLR all the way for me. Then a bit of a tweak in iPhoto.

    rachel xo

  • Love all of these photos my friend no matter what you seem to use your photos always look amazing. Hope you have a wonderful day sending special hugs ox

    Always Wendy