Clever chickies

Don’t you love it when star quality runs in the family!

this one was a pressie for me from the wee girl…I had a market hangover you see, very thoughtful indeed, thank you

the sweet smelling lavender bags hanging on the kids beds… hopefully soothing them to sleep



I may have to use my sweet smelling eye pillow soon as I have been to the dentist and the anaesthetic is wearing off.

On a different topic, The biggest morning tea is approaching and I’m in the middle of arranging an afternoon tea on the 12th of June*.


More details soon, I’d love it if you could come, a wonderful lady is opening up her studio for us to meet, chat, sip tea, eat and raise some money.

Let me know if you are interested.


I better go help prep dinner, lentil dahl tonight…yum! 

Happy day to you lovely friends, I hope you’ve had a day full of wonderful ♥

*12th of June is the Queens birthday long weekend so it will be changed to the 19th of June