Clever chickies

Don’t you love it when star quality runs in the family!

this one was a pressie for me from the wee girl…I had a market hangover you see, very thoughtful indeed, thank you

the sweet smelling lavender bags hanging on the kids beds… hopefully soothing them to sleep



I may have to use my sweet smelling eye pillow soon as I have been to the dentist and the anaesthetic is wearing off.

On a different topic, The biggest morning tea is approaching and I’m in the middle of arranging an afternoon tea on the 12th of June*.


More details soon, I’d love it if you could come, a wonderful lady is opening up her studio for us to meet, chat, sip tea, eat and raise some money.

Let me know if you are interested.


I better go help prep dinner, lentil dahl tonight…yum! 

Happy day to you lovely friends, I hope you’ve had a day full of wonderful ♥

*12th of June is the Queens birthday long weekend so it will be changed to the 19th of June

  • Fabric markers + creative kids = totally scrumptious little goodies. I might just send this post in the direction of my husband. I wonder if he could organise our littlies to design some lovely fabric for me to sew with? Wouldn't that be nice? I really love the chook, and those beautiful eyes.

  • Love the eye pillow and your idea of lavendar bags hanging off beds… will have to make one for Grace's room.

  • They are uber cute. Well done kiddos.

  • Absolutely gorgeous photos, Cathie!!! My wee girl will be THRILLED when she sees them!!

    Looking forward to the afternoon tea. Shall chat soon…. xx

  • oooh loving those eyes!!
    Hope you're starting to feel better after the dentist visit!XXX

  • Such pretty little things – you are a creative family indeed!

  • lovely lovely loveliness x

  • TK

    very clever chickies indeed!!! I would so love to attend your morning/afternoon tea but I know I won't be in Melbourne any time soon, thats such a pity, TK xx

  • What sweet goodies! I was lucky enough to get a little handmade wee girl pressie for my birthday.
    Just waiting to be home in daylight to take photos!
    Hope the market was lovely…

  • gorgeous photos!

  • I *love* the idea of hanging lavender bags up next to their bed – even if it doesn't really work…I bet they'd believe it!! 🙂

  • Your Aidan is just GORGEOUS! What lovely, thoughtful gifts too.

  • Love, love, love these! Super cute 🙂

  • Such Joy over here with your sweet little ones..hope you are feeling better…dentist and I just do not get along!

    Hugs for a bright and wonderful day my sweet friend. xoxoxoxox

  • Yummy wish i could come to yours for tea tonight please ;-)) Those are so sweet love the little black cat design so cute. Love it when children make their own art, dee x

  • Kat

    What sweet & thoughtful presents! Love the morning tea idea that Nicole is doing. If I lived there I would totally come. There is one being held at Thea & Sami's workshop in Brisbane but its on a day that I work so unfortunately I can't go. Bummed Out!!!

  • hi Cathie! what a lovely post, and I love those market goodie pressies from the wee girl… and I would love to come to your afternoon tea xx

  • Afternoon tea sounds lovely. Hubby works on Sundays though, so I may have to bring the kids.Are kids invited. xx

  • Now those are presents! I love the relaxing eye mask 😉 I could use one of those!
    I hope all is well….it looks like it is!

  • Lou

    Certainly runs in the family. Such a cute stall.

    I would love to come to your afternoon tea and afternoon will be great because hopefully I'll be finished work in time!

  • How adorable are those lavender bags!! Hope you're not in too much pain from the dentist 🙁

  • mmmm… we had lentil dal here for dinner too! that boy of yours is so cute. i love the warmth in all of your shots cathie. i love your style.

  • such a beautiful creative family! I would love afternoon tea… just need to jump on a jet plane… xx

  • oh my gosh – i ADORE these Cathie…

    how gorgeous- the lavender bags are lovely…
    the eye mask is FANTASTIC…
    i want my kiddos home with a pile of fabric markers to create…

    this is an idea for the weekend…thanks…. 🙂
    hope your dentist visit hasn't scared you too much…that eye mask has to make you smile!

    almost the weekend…melissa xx

  • lavender bags. brilliant idea. i'm prepared to give anything and everything a go, if it means the chance of a good nights sleep. xo

  • So utterly brilliant are the creations of young artists! Such lovely gifts! I'd love to come over for afternoon tea but alas it is a bit too far methinks! Boo! x

  • Looks like you picked up a lot of cute pieces!
    Thanks for your messages, regarding the gourmet traveller mags I haven't ever read one! My magazine budget is usually whatever I can pick up at the library but I love to read craft, cooking, gardening and country lifestyle mags. Are they good? If they have good recipes I'm definitely interested 🙂

  • I just got out the fabric markers for the fisrt time – we made teatowels to send to the grand parents in Christchurch. Family portraits by Busy. Funny!!! I am wanting to get some lavender for her to make these lavender bags!
    it goes without saying that I love the chook. Love it.

  • Oh such cute designs & sewing skills there. Hope your toothies are all ok, last time i needed a needle, i stuck my tongue in the way & spoke like i'd had a stroke at the dentist!! Ooppss, love Posie

  • i love the idea of those sweet smelling lavender bags hanging on the bed … good luck with the tooth x

  • What treasures. Perfect.

  • Oh no!! I can't believe I missed the market!! : ( How did that happen?!
    Hope it went wonderfully well Cathie.
    Working with little chicken drawings is such a great idea. Super sweet!

  • There's nothing like the freedom of a child's drawing…

    Ps: I have a super sweet giveaway that I think you'll love. If you have a moment, stop by: