A cold Market day in Northcote

Yes it was another one of those fantastic Melbourne days when you wish you were somewhere else having a nice hot cup of tea instead of standing outside in the wind and the potential for rain.

Despite the cold and lack of clientele, I had a great day with the other girls, Miss Pepperberry, Curlypops, Finki, Polly Pratt as well as a few visitors.
I managed to forget to take a single photo of my stall, just got a pic of the leftovers at home, but have some of the great stalls of the other ladies.
I was very happy to meet the lovely Nikki and also Jen aka Jasperboy and to see Nikki & her gorgeous wee one again.

Pepperberry & Co.

  • I'm appalled I missed a visit – most particularly because Nikki at My Black Cardigan keeps going on about all your delicious wares – especially LEMON TARTS.

  • What a fantastic set of photos – so vibrant!!! Gorgeous!

  • And there is good reason I keep going on about Cathie's treats… they are sooo good. But my favourite is the lemon tart, no the gingerbread man, no the olive bread, oh, oh, no the lemon tart… aggghhhh!! You see why I needed to have them all!!

  • Having you there supplying the yummiest treats makes it worth bearing the cold….

  • So lovely to meet you the other day despite the cold it was lots of fun with great company, and the bread is just devine, i will be stocking up the freezer at the Sonny and Cocco.

  • I read about your goodies everywhere on blogland after this market…so now I wish I could try them;)!!!

  • I need to try out the lemon tart next time for sure. The gingerbread men were a huge hit with the kiddies on my home.
    My olive bread was perfect with spaghetti sauce for Sunday lunch and then with Pumpkin Soup for Sunday dinner.

  • Hi Cathie,

    Thanks for the shout-out! I don't know what you call them but your best treat is the sesame/peanut bar. I loved them from Thornbury, so of course had to make sure that they were as good as I'd remembered!!

    Jen in Melbourne
    aka JasperBoy Jen, aka Blogless Jen

    PS – Confession. Yes all three bars were just for me…..

  • You're a better woman than I – I'm considering hibernation this winter…ugh.

    BTW, have tagged you in a meme if you want to play! http://domesticgoddessonlplates.blogspot.com/2009/06/mem-ories.html

  • Gosh, what a lovely place to hang out! Never seen a market like that!!