Colourful treasures


Hope you’ve had a good weekend, ours has definitely been very colourful.

We did some button sorting, some found at the op-shop, others bought new and placed in my lovely Fowler’s preserving jars which I bought a while ago.

Suitcase is yet another addition to our family storage and houses the little ones newly started dress up box.

I wonder what other treasures have been found.


Hope your week is a happy and colourful one friends

  • Beautiful shots, just love that you can use something you've learned properly, education like, in your daily life & new career. I guess as a former pharmacologist i don't overdose the children on panadol, but that's about as useful as my science degrees come in. Why didn't i do something crafty at Uni, why why why?? Have a gorgeous week Cathie, love Posie

  • The colourful jars look gorgeous! I bet the littlies loved separating them. I hope you have a happy and colourful week too. X

  • Love love your button jars. Cathie. You photographed them beautifully! You definitely got the eye ~ the photograph eye.
    What is it with buttons? I have a lovely jar in my cupboard filled with all kind of colored buttons. The children love the stick their hands in it to feel the buttons….
    Have a great, colorful, happy and sunny week too! xoxoxoxox

  • What a gorgeous suitcase for a dress up box! Can only imagine the treasures you and they will stuff it with. All those yummy buttons too…what fun! Hope you have a wonderful rainbow coloured week 🙂

  • Gorgeous photographs Cathie. You have inspired me to get our preserving jars out tomorrow and put my kids to work sorting out my buttons!

  • what a pretty display they make xx

  • Gorgeous photos, I love buttons too!

  • Honestly, is there anything better than playing with buttons? Your photos are just fabulous!

    Liesl x

  • Those gorgeous colours remind me of cupcake decorations! Very beautiful – even more so with your photography! I love the suitcase, i am needing another one for display at the mo – they are very handy things those! xx

  • oh dear- I just read your old post, we just sent many boxes of fowlers jars to our tip recycling shop…are you still after more, Cathie? and if yes, what size?

  • Great idea to keep the little ones occupied – I'll have to try that. Love the colours. Love the suitcases – everyone's getting great suitcase bargains these days – must keep an eye out.

  • Love the buttons as well cathie.Im a beginner collector.I love them in glass,mine are just in a little tin for now.Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful Sunday!~~

  • your photography is stunning …

    My Flea Market Find

  • cathie, your photographs are simply lovely.. can I ask you to share any tricks with us?… are you using Picnik or do you just have brilliant skills and a decent camera? do tell!

  • ♥ the colours…I just have put a whole lot of glass beads in a jar. Looks great on the window sill with the light glistening on the beads. I ♥ colour!

  • Oh sen-sat-ional! Love those Fowlers jars they're fabulous. Gorgeous pics too 😉

  • Love those photos….Sounds like a great weekend 🙂

  • Pam

    Those bottles really are a lovely colourful splash Cathie. I've been thinking of sorting all of my buttons into colours into bottles, just over the last few days! Must be in the air!? lol. Saw a lovely pic of some in a mag last week and thought how beautiful that would look instead of them hidden away in little drawers. Just have to find somewhere to place all the bottles now!!!
    Your suitcase is divine, esp with the stamped initials.
    Ciao for now! x

  • sue

    Fowlers jars are great aren't they? I love how the buttons look sorted into colourways – lovely photos too!

  • Vic

    Oh your buttons are just scrumptious, even if they are sorted much, MUCH better than mine…

  • I feel like a weight's been lifted. I'm not the only person who sorts their buttons by colour. Phew. 🙂

  • What treasures Cathie!!The pictures are sooooo beautiful! have a lovely Monday!x

  • What fun photos! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  • Oh…those buttons are well worth preserving!! he he xx

  • what a perfect combination, buttons, fowlers and old suitcases, so lovely

  • I love your buttons! It may just be the inspiration that I need to sort mine out (something that I've been planning to do since the start of the year!!).

  • Oh, what could be prettier than lots of colourful buttons?
    I love how you process your photos. It might be top secret, but just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing if you process them in Photoshop?

  • Oh the buttons are gorgeous and look beautiful too. xo

  • how lovely! i love collecting buttons.

  • I would love to come over have some of your cupcakes and sort through your buttons. Sigh.

  • So, So pretty…I love your buttons…and to have them displayed in such a delightful way…perfect! Have a great week…love Rosie

  • what a lovely bunch of buttons! and so sorry to hear you're having a rough time right now, sending some good thoughts your way, take care.

  • Oh, there is nothing like a dress up box. I always wanted one as a child, but never had one. So, my daughter has had her own since she was about 2. It is still crammed full and she's 8 1/2 now. Surprisingly, it still gets pretty regular use. I love that you are using a vintage suitcase for your daughter's.