Cushion fun

Thanks for the loving, I really needed it, you made me cry and you made me smile, you girls are amazing!
It also gave me the motivation to start and complete my cushion cover last night

I had so much fun with this.  After a lot of procrastination about how I should do the back, I finally settled on an envelope style with some vintage floral fabric

I used some of the floral for the flowers and machine stitched the stem and leaf detail on denim(my favourite) 

It’s not perfect, maybe a bit wonky and very minimal but it’s my first ever cushion cover and I really enjoyed making it.  

Fingers crossed my swappee likes it.
Thanks, Vic, this was soooo much fun.
Are you crafting today? I bet it’s wonderful!

BIG thank you for the votes…you guys are awesome!!!  
You can still vote if you like

Today is the White Shirt Campaign for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation please support it if you can.

  • Amy

    Cute cushion cover. I am sure your swappee will love it.

  • Your cushion is gorgeous! I love your flowers. I wish I was in the cushion swap now. Maybe next time!

  • Gorgeous cushion Cathie! Glad yours isn't perfect either 😉
    One of my girls is looking over my shoulder and exclaimed "oh, what a beautiful red couch!"

  • Oh yes, lucky cushion swappee. Still putting in votes for your my love, good luck, love Posie

  • Love Love Love those flowers! So pretty!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  • What a gorgeous cushion ! (You did well to whip that up in one evening) Lucky partner indeed! x

  • Cathie this cushion is truely stunning!!

  • I had a dream about the cushion swap last night, maybe I should do it? I haven't registered…. mmmm…. xoxox have a great day xoxo

  • Sooo Sweet! I love this cushion, well done 🙂

  • I love those green leaves on the blue of the denim! Gorgeous Cathie!!xx

  • What joy that red sofa brings ……and your cushion…lovely. Hugs my friend.

  • Lou

    Looks brilliant! Well done. You would never know it was your first.

  • lovely lavender lady ! xo

  • Tas

    What a sweet cushion. And that couch is gorgeous too!

  • Vic

    Punk has a blue chair like that. 🙂

    Super sweet cushion Cathie, your swapee is going to be tres happy, thanks again for joining in & I hope yours arrives soon too!


  • Your first ever? You are amazing Cathie!!!! x

  • Love your first cushion cover! Go on, make another!!!

  • Love your cushion

  • I'm not sure what I love more, the cushion or that CHAIR!!!

    PS…glad your feeling better, my reader just gave my your post today, so I'm a bit late in offering words of wisdom that far outreach my vocabulary! 😉

  • wow i can't believe thats your first cushion cover – its awesome!!! love the little flowers and it's just perfect with the envelope back! just read your previous post too! hugs for you darling! you're in my thoughts. hope to catch up soon! i've lost track of NBC dates, was it this week or next? xx

  • The trouble with posts like this is they make me want to buy a sewing machine and I really don't the space/cash to do that 🙁

    This is lovely though. My favourite colours 🙂

  • Excellent idea and a lovely cushion as a result!

  • It is beautiful and made with so much love; your swappee will adore it, I'm sure of it!

  • That is really adorable. Well done.

  • That is beautiful. Someone out there in cushion swapping land is going to have a sweet surprise in the mail. You are a clever cookie.

  • Beautiful Cathie. I love the flowers x

  • It's so lovely…it's amazing what some vintage floral can do. Good luck with the votes.

  • Oh, it's fantastic! How clever you are and I am super impressed as it is your first!
    Such a happy cushion, well done.

  • I like all your designs with the jeans, Cathie. A jeans cushion is just beautiful!
    Have a happy Friday, weekend is around the corner .. o xx o

  • aawww Cathie that's fantastic and so pretty ;-)) you did so well she will love it. And i love that red sofa to very retro ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  • Cute pillow. I love the colours and pretty flower detail. Clever you:)

  • I agree Cathie, denim is the best. This looks lovely, with the soft flower fabric against the stronger denim. Enjoy.
    Hoping you have a fabulous weekend.

  • It looks FAB Cathie! Love the embroidery on the denim! I found my first ever cushion cover sooo satisfying, I'm sure you do too. x Alisa

  • What a sweet (in many ways) blog. I see you clearly! It's all about joy and the simple, but beautiful treasures we share in life.

    Beautiful cover! You have some skills for it to be your first.

    Thank you for my delicious cards! I smiled, then stopped, then smiled bigger at the sheer thought of sweetness and love all the way from Australia. You made my day! Thank you!

  • you've done a great job Cathie! very cute couch too!

  • Who wouldn't love that little denim number. Just gorgeous. Well done!

  • Its so delightful

  • Beautiful cushion cover. It was a delight to receive! Thanks so much.