• Oh yes, my children are down a grandparent due to cancer, we get a big bunch every year for the Nanny they never got to meet. 'twas thinking of you too today & our gorgeous Corrie at Retro Mummy who is dealing with this right now with her mumma. Love Posie

  • of course. Sending higs cathie. xx

  • I meant HUGS

  • warm thoughts to all – my tribe too have not met a Grandad – a timely reminder to us each season.

  • Definetly! Daffodils are my favourite flowers! I also added another pin to my collection!

  • Cat

    I did and I thought of you cos I know the next few days will be super tough. Much love to you beautiful Cathie and your family. xoxoxoxo

  • Daffodils are so special and so are you!

  • I love daffodils, they remind me of my childhood and Easter parties at my grandma's. Enjoy them!
    Have a great weekend!

  • I love daffodils.Here in the States we celebrate daffodil days as well.Way back in March.

    Have a great weekend Cathie!

  • ((hugs)) I hope that each one you come across this season will bring a happy thought your way.

  • No dafs here now – but it's good to see one on your blog 😉 Have a great weekend!

  • 🙂 We bought two:) Cna never have too much yellow love around the house:) I blogged about it too:)

  • yep bought up big and was a special day, didn't realise how much the day would affect me but it did!

    thank you for your sweet message too on my blogxx


  • Always do! sending you big hugs xo

  • Hi Cathie – so lovely to receive your comment so I have come for a visit and wow there is so much loveliness to see over here! Look forward to visiting often. Daffodils oh daffodils – I too lost my beautiful dad to cancer so I send you big hugs as I know of such sad loss. xx Leanne xx

  • I bought a metal daffodil pin that is now part of my badge collection on my canvas bag.
    It sits amongst many other daffodil pins from past daffodil days.
    I hope the cheery yellow is bringing you joyful thoughts.

  • Love to you gorgeous girl. XX

  • I bought pens – so they would last. kisses and sweet thoughts.