Date and Walnut Cupcakes

Firstly I just wanted to say that you girls are fabulous, absolutely the best!
LOVE you guys, I wish you could all come round for some cupcakes!!
In the meantime, the recipe will definitely have to do.

BIG hugs to you all ♥

Libbie, you are awesome!!!
  • Oh, Cathie, you darling girl. You are one of the kindest bloggers around – bravo! J x

  • mmmm these sound delish – I have had my baking hat on the last couple of days, maybe I should give these a whirl!

  • These are the best – thankyou for the recipe last night:) They made the a great addition on the table to celebrate my birthday:)
    Oh and will have to make them again – with the walnuts – but they taste mighty fine with macadamias as well:)

  • Beautiful cupcakes! I've just popped over and voted for you my dear. How exciting! You always brighten my day for sure!

  • I would love one of these yummy cupcakes of yours to join my tea…
    Lots of love x oo x

  • Looks yummy…will have to give these a go this weekend. Thanks, Cathie!

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  • Vic

    Mmmmm, walnut & date are one of my favourite flavour combos… I wish I could come 'round for some cupcakes too!!! xx

  • Well I know what we'll be having for morning tea 🙂
    Thanks Cathie and good luck!!

  • Yummy looking cupcakes – I've got the picture of them up here at work and pretending I have a really yummy morning tea! I've voted for you too! Good luck

  • You my dear are the best…xoxo hugs

  • What a delish recipe – have been craving something sweet, warm and wholesome…i think this is the answer!

  • These look nice, I like walnuts, and dates. Thank you for sharing :-0


  • yumbo. we were planning on doing some baking in the morning!

  • You deserve it Cathie! You truly do! I LOVE all the love you have for your kiddos…it is beautiful! & all the special things you do for them makes me smile like crazy!!! 🙂

  • such cute ideas, my kids andgrandkids are all grown but I it think we can still make a few little bags together, cute cute ,

  • Oh Cathie you are SO deserving!
    Your beautiful world is most definitely "a HAPPY place" I LOVE to hear all about your cute little "cupcakes", and all that makes them giggle…you should be so proud…you have my vote…and a few HUGS for sure! XOXO Rosie

  • ohh they looks yummy, will bookmark this recipe!

  • You didn't have to give us this delicious looking recipe, but I'm happy you did! Merci beaucoup!
    How was your trip to Kyneton? I miss that town!

  • Mmm, methinks they would be nice eaten warm in this weather!
    The teapot is great, I could really start a collection of these. It's getting a pretty good workout lately too.

  • Yummy scrummy Cathie and I love that cake rack too 🙂

  • Hope all is ok in your neck of the woods – I bought some walnuts to try a second round:)