A day at the snow










We surprised the little ones today with a trip to the snow, their first one and as you can imagine, they absolutely LOVED it!
It ‘s amazing to see something that 18 months ago was ash is now slowly developing and regenerating.
For those who live in luscious snow countries, it is a different type of beautiful, one I absolutely love and wanted to share with you.
I had to use my weekly thrift store finds and addition to the family of ever growing bag/suitcases.


Hope you had a great day, happy week and check out some more treasures here.

  • Your pictures are always so wonderful Cathie. That new bag is quite a treasure! Hugs for a great new week. xxx

  • Cathie, as usual, your beautiful imagery says it all.

  • Oh beautiful post – and so cute that the mouse can sprinkle snow over the photos, hehe

  • Oh My Goodness! Looks like a magical day. A memory they will take through life with them.
    Have a great week.

  • Looks like a perfect winter's day Cathie! We're a long way from the snow here. . . just lots of rain these past few days. xo

  • snow! hard to imagine, i promise. love the bag though.

  • That tree pic took. my. breath. away. And by crikey, woman, you have had a BUSY weekend!

  • Oh ….wow it is beautiful..so much fun! I always forget it is your winter and our summer. I love the snow…makes everyting so peaceful and beautiful.
    Your images are lovely.
    Hugs for a great new week. xoxo

  • Beautiful photos! There is nothing better than playing in fresh snow, making snowmen and snow angels!

  • What a surprise that must have been for them!
    (Love the bag you found!)

    Brilliant shots of you guys in the snow, and the trees look so amazing. What a different 18 months makes.xx

  • were planning a trip to the snow this winter too. your photos are getting me all giddy inside.

  • Lovely photos! The starkness of the charred trunks against the fresh white snow is one of the most beautiful images.

  • I am so so so in love with the trees! just beautiful xx

  • My boys are so excited about going to the snow this year as well! Looks great. Lou.

  • me

    love the photos, thanks for sharing!

  • our girl's been saying "when I get bigger, we can go to the snow" for a while now – your photos have inspired me enormously! and I do like that thermos…

  • HOW magic Cathie. Love the snowman. xo

  • Gorgeous! Is that Lake Mountain?

  • Looks like you had a great time – I miss our snoa adventures:)

  • Winter lasts so long here in Saskatchewan Canada and I am always so tired of it by the time it goes away ~ and here you are ~ reminding me that snow is actually very beautiful!

    But even so ~ I am hoping our snow stays away until at least December! 🙂

    Have a Happy Week Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • We plan a visit to the snow this year, hasn't happened yet. Today at our house we seem to have the bone chill factor without the snow!
    Gorgeous photos for us as usual! And, what a bag and what a thermos! Happy week to you x Tan

  • Such beautiful photos!

  • You gave a special twist to my memories of snow! The pictures are beautiful!Happy Monday :)x

  • We are heading to the snow on Thursday for a few days. I'll be taking my crochet, quilting and camera while the rest of the family take their skis! I love your photos – the black and white works really well for snow pics.

  • Bec

    That looks like so much fun. I miss seeing snow.

  • TK

    We are too far away for a day at the snow…..but one day for my little main man…I remember going to Bright as a kid & loving it!!! Awesome photos – the trees in the backgrounds look really ethereal & in love with your bag – the thermos is a must have for a day at the snow too!!

  • Bliss, Heaven, Treasures, Priceless … makes my heart sing, you're a sweetheart Cathie 😉

  • Oh Cathie, what a beautiful collection of images…and children…just lovely…xoxo…Rosie

  • Lovely photos!!! May i know which part of Australia has snow? I must go visit too!

  • Goodness you had a busy weekend then. Where was the snow to be found?! I saw so many glorious suitcases at Mills… was tempted to make purchases but exercised restraint. See you tomorrow 🙂

  • wow – what an adventure and memories created not only for your children as their first experience, but also for you to see how much they loved it! Those pictures (as always) are amazing!!!

  • Gorgeous! I still remember the first time I ever saw snow – a special day for little people 🙂

  • These pix are magical somehow! – Snow, so far from us now, here in the summerheat. It's s o great to be connected all around the globe! Enjoy winter with the summer in your heart!

  • Racking my brains thinking how I can get my babies to the snow. It looks magical and your photos are beautiful. Just noticed that the comment above saw the magic, too! Lovely thermos and what a perfect outing. Lisa x

  • Beautiful photographs Cathie and lovely bag! Every time I see thermos' at the oppies I think of you!

  • What a great time you had! LOVE the images 🙂 we took a thermos of coffee to the city & sat by the Yarra River taking in the views 🙂

  • I still haven't seen snow – I must take the kids when they are old enough – it will be fun for all of us 😀

  • Wow! That looks amazing. We just moved to the south and we won't be having snow here. I lived in Iowa (US) and we had snow on the ground 5 months out of the year. It is so hot here right now.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  • I keep having to remind myself that it's winter in other parts of the world. Wishing you a warm and happy day. Full of love and kindness.

    Great pics here. Love the snowman. 😉

  • so lovely – we're in the middle of a mad heatwave right now, and your pics looks very soothing

  • Ooohhh I WISH we lived closer to the snow so we could go for a day trip. We would all love it. your pics are fabulous! xx

  • Oh Cathie, I'm so enjoying the back yard sun that I smile when I see your snow. I do love the snow too… just happy it won't be back for a few months. What a gorgeous outing for you though. Takes me back to when I was a tiny tot in NZ. I remember vividly my first visit to the snow and the flash of our red and blue jumpers against the white. What lovely memories …

  • hello my dear Cathie,
    Oh, my goodness, sure could have used your talents yesterday…pop in at my post, and tell me "It's OK"…
    love your sweet snowman…smile on Rosie

  • OH MY GOODNESS Miss Cathy ……DIVINE and yep I am shouting about the total gorgeousness of your photos!!
    Miss E has been asking to go to the snow too…. we are soooooo going now *calls out to Anthony to come and look at Cathy's beautiful imgs♥

  • gaaa that would be Miss Cathie not Miss Cathy!!

  • ah heaven, i love snow:)

  • now this made me smile.
    and i adore that bag!