do you ever…

…have so many things to do but you don’t know where to begin!

yep, seems like there are a few lists going on around lately and lots of deadlines to meet…but all I want to do is sit down and have a cup of tea
in the garden,
is that a bad thing?

lovely teapot surprise, by the ever so lovely Ms Jay..thank you beautiful lady ♥

  • Cathie,
    I have been having so many days like that, myself! Hang in there! We'll get organized soon…. 🙂

  • Love the little teapot!!

    Sit back and enjoy your cup of tea while you can, you know things are only going to get crazier from here on in!!

    Selina xx

  • No not at all, sometimes being still can make us see clearer I think. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  • oh a cup of tea would be lovely! My husband has just made me a coffee, I think I will just sit and drink. Your tea cup is so beautiful

  • I think it's a good thing, and a real thing. Those little breaks are so essential! If I were nearby I'd brew you a cup! xo

  • Cat

    I think it's a good thing to take a few deep breaths and centre yourself when you're having that kind of day – we all do! Hope it gets better soon. And, the tea cup is gorgeous!

  • I can so relate to what you're saying … more time to think and contemplate would be much nicer! Hope you get your way!

  • Love the teapot! Drink your tea in the garden and forget it all for a while. I think I got sick because I didn't. XX

  • Do I ever…??? Yep, yep yep! I hope you listened to your soul and had that cuppa or 2 in the garden. The good thing about lists… while deadlines might be missed, the lists will wait patiently!

    You and me and a cuppa or 2 together…. soon. xxx

  • How gorgeous little tea cup Madame!I think it is the best thing to do when you feel like that…I just drink a lot of tea at the moment too!:)

  • No…never a bad time to have a cup-pa!!! Just add a little something to dunk in it…!!

  • Oh no that is a good thing ! When you get a sec please pop over to my blog to find out about your win , yay !

  • What a sweetie!

  • I think we all need to stop and take in a little deep breath which always goes best with tea I think

  • I hear what you are saying Cathie. I hope you got the chance to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and organize your thoughts, everything will get done in the end.:)

  • Have I ever told you I love it so much here, I want to get my pillow and stay a while??
    And yes, I know that feeling. I will try and sneak a cup of tea now, can you spare a cupcake? ; )

  • I hear you! I am lying on the couch while I read this and feel guilty about it. But honestly, I have been working 14 hours a day so let's all take a break and enjoy it!! Your post has convinced me to stay at home for the rest of the day too.

  • your welcome for the tea pot pendant, I'm so glad you like it. I bought it in Brissie at the beautiful handmade heaven, you'll have to visit Liesa up there if you head up that way. so many beautiful things…. ( :
    re lists…..I think i have been buried under them lately….just starting to see the light!