do you have a favourite?

I popped round here this morning and I could definitely relate as I have also had a few favourite teacups that have succumb to little accidents.
It truly is distressing at the time…until the new favourite of course comes around.

Do you have a favourite cup that you MUST use all the time?
…..or is it just me.. (between you & I, I also have a favourite spoon aswell..obsessive, not I)

I think it’s time for a cup of tea actually, enjoy ♥

  • I'm a mug girl myself and have a collection of favourites. I'm trying to teach myself to be a tea drinker though just because I want to buy sweet teacups.

  • I'm with Tinniegirl…I have a mug, one with a picture of Maddie on it when she was about 8 months old. My Mum got it made for my husband last year but somehow…I have claimed it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    And there is nothing better then Cathie's homemade "special tea" made with that nice healthy spoon of honey, for extra goodness.

    Great to hear your voice today Cath.

    Big kiss,
    Michelle xxx

  • I am a mug girl too tho I do have a collection of special teacups that come out at tea parties. My Mother-in-law bought me some for my birthday last year that I can't stand and I'm not sure what to do with them now.

  • oh I definitely LOVE a BIG mug, I have a huge teacup from T2 which I absolutely love, but I do love those dainty lil teacups.

  • The one I use daily is a free Dilmah cup. It's just the right thickness for tea.

    I do have an eclectic collection of old/antique cups and saucers for girly special occasions though.

  • And have you seen those upside down teacup and saucer lights you can buy at the moment? They are soooo pretty.

  • My cup of tea never tastes as good unless it is in my special cup!!

  • Kat

    I am a mug girl and I most definately have a favourite. It is pink and looks like it is knitted. I got it from Spotlight. I also use the same bowl every morning for breakfast.

  • I use a mug which is the perfect size and makes me laugh – it says 'John So is my bro' across the front.
    It's my husband's but I haven't made it available to him for years!!
    As you can probably guess, there is nothing elegant or attractive about it – but I love it.

  • I'm with you on the spoon to….are we a bit odd? 😉 xx

  • I love tea cups. I have a favourite my friend bought me for my 30th birthday,it's printed on it so I will always remember when she gave it to me, it's pretty and just the right size.:)

  • i collect vintage (and some new) tea cups, saucers and plates and have a few favourites so I spread them through the day: a breakfast fave, a day-time fave and a before bed fave. our kids have their favourite tea cups too. x

  • Your cups are a delight they remind me of my Italian grandma cups…she had so many little pretty things in her glass cabinets…Yes I have my special cup too not as pretty as your thought;)

  • I have to admit, I made my husband a jumbo mug a few years back, for his coffee. But I too have claimed it as my own, and love that I can fit about three cups of tea or cocoa in it!

  • I have a favourite spoon too 😉

    p.s. thanks for your compliments about our invite!

  • Anonymous

    I'm currently eating breakfast infront of your blog.

    Muesli and soy milk in a mug…….. a massive mag you gave me to me years ago. I love this mug 🙂