does this ever happen to you?

Those with children in their lives will definitely understand the “photo dilemma”. you know when you just want ONE good photo of you and your kids to look at and say “awww….that’s a nice photo”.
Well today was one of those rare days when you happen to have someone else around as your photographer and you think this is THE chance to get a photo, well, not today!
Oh well, maybe next time!

On another thing, I lost my heart today somewhere in the city with all this crazy Melbourne wind 🙁
…..very upset about that, I really hope someone else is looking after it.
By the way, my next post will be my 100th, so come back for a visit, there maybe a treat for you ♥

  • Oh no! The photos made me laugh.
    Email me your snail mail and I'll pop another heart off to your place.

  • Awww Cathie, I can empathize completely! We recently tried to get my Mum to take a family shot for us. I think she took about a dozen and not one of them was any good! Wiggly babies, eyes closed, funny faces, everyone looking all over the place, but at the camera… I don't know how the professionals manage it.

    Your shots are very cute though! 🙂

  • I love all the photos! They show so much more personality!!

  • Those photos are just perfect Cathie. You holding your angels who are being themselves. They certainly made me go "awww….that's a nice photo".

  • hehehe I think the first photo is the winner!! I think candid kid shots are much more fun then posed ones 🙂 But I do understand the want of one, my whole family is photo crazed. I think my little nephew has had more photos taken of him than some paparazzi followed stars 😀 Happy 99th post!

  • I think the 'imperfect' photos are the best! I hope whoever finds your heart looks after it!

  • This has made me laugh, an all too familiar sight in my household!!! But I also love these candid, not so 'perfect' photos…I think they will make us laugh in years to come!

  • yep!!!I have the SAME problem try to get them not to pull a funny face while you are trying to get a nice pose!!!But they are fun photos!Oh so sad about your little brooch heart but but it seems like Madame curly pop is on a mission!;)

  • Anonymous

    too cute!
    Boy the little man looks like Sam!


  • I think It went well really, no nose picking, hair pulling, tears….They do look like spirited kids!!!! and isn't that what we want?

  • Thanks so much for your kind comment on my bracelet tutorial. And, I'll be coming back for your 100th post which means you've just gone over the 100th follower mark. Yay! x

  • Those photos are the best! How very bizarre, in my head you were a blonde!

  • Lovely photos regardless, adorable indeed. Darling, have a lovely weekend.

    Love, Hugs & Tea
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  • the photos looks funny 🙂 your looks pretty and cuteeee 🙂

  • heheehe that's hilarious. I tried so hard to get a nice pic for fathers day….just wasn't gunna happen…nooo.

  • Oh I hear you! I'd love just one decent photo of myself with my two boys. There's plenty of the boys and their Dad, but not with me.
    Such a shame you lost your heart. Cam makes such nice things.

  • Those pics are so cute!

    I don't have kids but I have the same problem with Mr.P. He just has to pull a face or do something silly in every photo. His mum has been trying to get a good one for 28 years!

  • Sooooo funny!! I tried to do a family shot last week too and every one is a disaster!!

  • They are great photos though. Full of personality.