Enjoy your Sunday





We were at an intimate wedding yesterday held at the Eureka building..which was AMAZING and then a lovely dinner at The Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder.

Hope you are having a great Sunday, I have some vegan muffins in the oven so I hope you can pop by again for some afternoon tea.

  • How delightful, love a small wedding!! We went to a beautiful one with only 20 people (plus twins in my belly, 8 months pregnant is difficult to dress for at the best of times) & it was more memorable than bigger ones. Doesn't your family look gorgeous??!! Love the bouquet too, wonderful splash of colour. Love Posie

  • wow looks cool! I'm loving her dress. beautiful!

  • Small weddings are so veery nice. More intimate.

  • Lovely pics and the flowers are so beautiful!

  • Small weddings are the best. Mine was small, and the wedding I most enjoy photographing are small weddings.

  • What a fantastic way to spend a weekend x

  • Weddings always bring a tear to my eye, but these photos made me smile. Gorgeous!

  • LOVE a good wedding. Especially those intimate ones with spectacular views!

  • What lovely qnd loving photos you are sharing!
    Thank you.

  • Beautiful, what a great view! Enjoy your Sunday.

  • hope you had a nice one too!

  • So sweet…wishing the bride and groom a wonderful long life together, filled with love and happiness.

    do enjoy the intimate seating.

    one love.

  • Sounds like a great way to start a life together! Hope you enjoyed the muffins. Lisa x

  • I love the dress and flowers!!!

  • Oh…Intimate to me means PERFECT!! you are one lucky duck!!! and the picture frame…..I cant wait to see what you do with that!!! xx

  • What beautiful photos as usual. I'm sure your newlywed friends will be very happy with this post. Great locations too! (I used to have cheese selections delivered to my door from the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder) just to try new things with some nice wine now and then. Where did those days before kids go…!