It’s February, it’s come so fast, that’s not how I want the year to be.  
I want to enjoy each moment, the good, the bad or the oh well moments.
We have a busy weekend, three birthdays in a row, Friday, Saturday and Monday, Amelie’s, mother-in-law’s and mum’s.  
Apart from all that celebrating…there’s prep on Monday, my heart just sinks thinking about it, first day of school for my baby girl and kinder for Aidan on Tuesday.
While I compose myself…here’s a peek at some moments in our February so far.








Thank you so much for your sweet words regarding Amelie’s infection, thankfully she is soo much better now.

Happy February lovely friends hope your February has started well.  

  • Those pix look like you've made the most of your time and did enjoy every minute – but – oh yes, i know how it is – time flies! 😉

  • Aaah, your pictures always are a big fest for my eyes!!
    Have a lovely evening, dearest Cathie. A most wonderful Love month to YOU xxxx

  • Beautiful pictures, enjoy the celebrations 🙂

  • gorgeous as ever sweet lovely lady!! have a blissful weekend and wishing your girl a wonderful time at Kinder!!!

    ps – enjoy crafty minx – one of my fav crafty books xx

  • Oh i like the Crafty Minx, she's not very neat so your projects always look even better than her pictures!! Happy birthday & school days, how exciting!! We have a billion February birthdays too, then a 12 Aries – busy time of year in this big family!! Love Posie

  • What lovely ways to spend the time. Glad to hear your little gal is on the mend.

  • NOw what a start… it is only the first day and you have done all that!!Better pull myself up 🙂
    tomorrow is a friend, Sunday it is Miss Elsa and next week moi…but I am not sooo organised! Enjoy your read.I was lucky to meet Kelly Doust last year and she is such a gorgeous lady.
    Have fun x

  • Have a happy and sweet February Cathie!

  • Cathie, I've said it before….and I'm sure I'll say it again…. BUT, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! I love them!!!!! All of them :)))
    Your blog always makes me smile! This post tonight has completely lightened my mood!

  • Lots of prettiness – I'm so glad Amelie is getting better, poor little cherub!

  • Good luck for Monday – to you and Amelie! I love your pictures too – lots of inspiration there. I've been flicking through Crafty Minx for a little while now (Crafty Kid is great too!). Your project (with requisite heart!) looks lovely – is it a quilt? I recognise that stripey sheet from my own childhood!

    Happy February to you too Cathie!

  • see you tomorrow gorgeous gal♥

  • But look at how lovely your February is dearest Cathie!!! It looks so warm, pretty, and inviting!!!

    My February has started off cold, dreary and uninviting. I think I shall hibernate until spring arrives… in April… or May…

    Thank you for spreading your Sunshine friend!
    xo Catherine

  • Such wonderful images my sweet friend….may your February be filled with love every single day .. xoxoxo

  • Beautiful pictures, i hope the school days go smoothly for you. Happy february, dee 😉 x

  • Wow! You have been up to quite a lot already in this new month. And found time to take pictures, gorgeous and inspiring and colourful and… amazing pictures of it. Always so great to stop by here.
    Have a great day!

  • Great photos…I can't quit looking at the green grass in the background. I am sick of snow!

  • Kat

    I know how you feel with the birthdays. In July we have 6 birthdays within 4 days. Coreys brother then his brother in law then his little sisters boyfriend and my sisters boyfriend are on the same day. Then his little sister and our niece are on the same day. Plus his 2 older sisters are also in July. It's a birthday crazy month.

  • Hope birthday weekend goes okay and arrghh, first day of school on Monday. I will be thinking of you xx

  • Happy first day. Hope it all goes well.
    Love that teapot agave.

  • WOW, you certainly have fitted a lot into the start of february. Lots of lovely things. I hope school and kinder start very well. Thinking of you and the kiddies.
    Happy Birthday to Amelie for tomorrow.


  • I dropped Maddie off today for her first day at Prep, went so well…no tears! I drop Alfie at kinder next week….now that will be another story.

    Best of luck next week xx

  • I read the beginning of your post and started to think about all of my own things that are making me feel just a little overwhelmed – I'm not ready yet for it all to start …. then I looked at your beautiful photos and it just made me exhale and breathe normally again. They are like a breath of fresh air in the chaos. Thanks Cathie – all the best with having a first time school girl and first time kinder boy!!

  • The sunflower!! Stunning picture. It's hard to imagine that you are in summer while here it's so cold. Too cold for the South of France.
    Hope the first days at school went well.

  • Beautiful yum and then some…I wish time would slow down too, but it does look like you are getting so much out of the time.