Finally some sleep!

After a busy few days of baking another market has come and gone.
Was a good day, although a little quiet compared to the last one as many of the stallholders that did both markets mentioned. It was a cold Sunday in July though.

It’s always good to do a market like this because you get to meet lovely creative ladies and see beautiful ones you already know.

Didn’t manage to get any photos as I think my fingers froze in the doorway & my brain forgot to remind me.

Was good to see the lovely Ms Nikki again and the ever so gorgeous wee one.
Of course there was the beautiful Finki & Mr Finki as well and Flickettysplits and Polly Pratt.
Nice to meet Lara & the cute Clare and to see Jen again.
I didn’t manage to go shopping as I was alone just until the market end.

Apart from a few badges for the littlies, got a lovely Finki handmade which is both a brooch and a pendant!!

And of course there was face painting from the fairy and lollipops.

✗ Cathie ♥

  • Looks like it was a fun day, despite the cold 🙂

  • Such a lovely blog deserves a lovely award 🙂

  • Looks like a great day! And I'm pleased for you that it was inside, unlike that last one… 🙂

  • What sweet little biccies!! Love the necklace/brooch!! 🙂

  • I'm so glad you came, made my day all the better, and boy were the family happy with my offering of desserts. The pear tart was everyone's favorite. Yum (:

  • I'm glad you had such a good weekend. Tho the thought of two markets on the same weekend makes me feel a bit woozy. Those little bikkies look delicious. We're going to have to come and find you one weekend at a market while we are still on a Winter break from ours.
    Love Kate XX

  • How frustrating that the market was quiet. I hope that you weren't left with too much to bring home.

  • HI Cathie enjoy your rest now… Market are great places but hard work (specially in your climate)…;)

  • I gave you a lovely blog award – pop over to my blog to see!

  • Am experiencing winter vicariously through you!!!! It's HOT here in southeastern US! I love the bird necklace/brooch you got! Adorable! Would love to see pix of the market and what I'm sure is your scrumptious selection of baked goods!!!