It feels like I haven’t been around for such a long time and I really have missed you!
There has been a lot going on in our family but I am still camera challenged so for the first time in many years I feel unable to express myself.  
Unable to document moments in our family’s life that are firsts and some that just need to be filed away and remembered.
kinder friends and their Diwali henna tattoos
The kids went on their first ever camel ride the other day at the Whittlesea show and I couldn’t photograph it, I baked a cake and wanted to share it with you but I couldn’t.

So while I wait for my cameras return I have been using Amelie’s camera and funnily enough…I have absolutely no idea how the functions work so things may still be a little quiet around here.

As for today, I tried so hard to control the tears as another first came around, Amelie’s prep orientation.
After a little bit of hesitant start, she was happy and excited and I even got a drawing of me done.


how cute am I
So for those of you who are going through this now, pleeeease let me know how you feel, I’d love to hear your experiences and I wish you luck.
Thank you also to the new friends joining along and I hope you can pop in to say hello.

Until I am back again, many hugs to you ♥

  • your sweet words and yummy treats have been missed…take care x

  • I'm not sure about the different systems in Australia… but next year my boy will go to kindy at the "big" school where he could be until year 7. Over here it goes kindy, pre-primary, year 1?!?!? I think??? I went to school NSW so I have no idea how this system works and the school keeps sending me letters and I think… OMG … I can't even figure out what is going on so how will he? Yet I know he'll manage it all in his stride and show me how to too.

  • Stay strong & enjoy that she still wants to hold your hand & be close. My eldest is extremely head strong & was desperate to start primary school (after 2.5 years of preschool) & was horrified after her first day that she wasn't given text books or could read!! Yes, they seem to think they will learn how to read at a Harry Potter book level when they are 5 years old, on their first day of school.
    She's off to high school next year, so that's a new first day for me. A school with 200 girls in each year, new uniforms, new friends, new subjects, she's equally as excited as she was 6 years ago starting Kindergarten (yep, 6 years, she skipped year one) & it's huge HUGE!!
    She still kisses me each morning & afternoon at the school gate, the other mums think it's sweet, but i think it would be horrible to ever stop!! It's a lovely procession of my 4 beautiful children hugs, kisses & the dumped school bag at my feet. I'm glad she chooses to accept my overt love for her in public, over being embarrassed. Teenage years won't stop me trying either!!
    Have a beautiful day, Amelie may be ready, you'll find her teachers to be the most wonderful people on earth, reassuring both of you!! They have a true gift. It's a big step, embrace it, then spend all that delicious extra time with your little fella. It's a big deal for him too, mummy ALL on his own. Thinking of you & all the new schoolies, their back packs never get any smaller!! Love Posie
    PS school mummies are the greatest, like minded, on the same page as you kind of awesome – it's a whole new world for you too!!

  • I am thrilled to see that in Amelie's drawing you have an enormous smile. It looks like you have a twinkle in your eye too. Thank your big, almost preppie girl for letting us know you are smiling.
    Thinking of yu lovely Cathie. X

  • Oh – what a huge change for you guys. But very exciting too. It is scary sometimes, the fact that they are growing up. It really feels like the blink of an eye – and here we are at something we think we're not ready for. Its hard yet again with the second one – but for different reasons than the first time! And they are so different, in dealing with things.

    I am loving the eyelashes Amelie has given you!xxxx2u!

  • Ann

    Oh your images are gorgeous even if your using borrowed camera:)

    The drawing is so adorable…

  • Oh my goodness, she's going to be a big school girl already!
    What an exciting first.

  • Big changes ahead – feeling for you (including not having your camera around!). ((hugs))

  • Your images are lovely even without your normal camera!! Big hugs x

  • Very special. Lovely photos.

  • Wow, Amelia will be a big school girl next year.
    The picture she drew of you is fantastic – you are all smiles to her – such love.
    And I hope your camera is back soon – I would be lost without mine too (and not very good at using the other camera too)
    Hugs, Cat 🙂

  • Whoops, I know her name is Amelie, I should proof read my comments better.

  • Oh wow, that is a big milestone! It sure is tough watching them prepare for the big wide world of school. I love the picture of you & I hope she has a wonderful first year. I just can't believe that our little preppie's year is almost done, then he'll really be one of the big kids..sigh, sniff…xx

  • Of course you are beautiful with especially lovely long eyelashes 🙂 Petal started Prep this year but it was with a group of kindy friends at her brother's school, so it was all a walk in the park really. I'm sure Amelie will love it, so many fun things to do and see. x

  • Oh dear one, what beautiful snappies…those are truly precious babies 🙂
    It is late here…just wanted to stop by and wish you S*W*E*E*T D*R*E*A*M*S….

  • That drawing is priceless! I cna't wait until my little boy draws a picture of me 🙂

  • I hope the camera gets better for christmas, I want to see cakes and other goodness.

  • My boy has his orientation this week too. He is busting to go, having a big sister at the school he knows the place backwards.

    They just grow too fast, don't they.

    I love the drawing Amelie did of you, you look like a very happy mama.

  • WHat an adorbale blog you have,cute photos….so happy I found your link….new follower:)

  • Gorgeous pictures even without your camera – just goes to show it must truly be the eye of the photographer!!! My experiences differ with each child, the first couldn't wait to get out the door and onto the playground and I was just so happy for her new adventure that I forgot I was sad. I don't have any new starters now, but I see it from the perspective of working in a school office. I know that all the staff only want to make the day, days and weeks as easy and as wonderful a time as they can make it for the children. They all so careful with planning and making sure that the transition is easy and not daunting for the children. They really want all their little charges to love to learn. Hope that helps to make it a little easier for you.

  • Yeah, but I already knew you were cute! Big milestones are always guaranteed a sooky la la mama. I have no cure. Only big hugs work.

  • Oh, Cathie, it's great to see you back. Gee, you have a lovely eye for composition and colour. True talent.

    Joshua is starting Prep next year at a new school so we have all that ahead of us as well. Seeing him grow in confidence at Kinder this year has been such a delight. I wonder what lies ahead for him at school! J x

  • Jen

    welcome back, your camera or not 🙂

  • What a beautiful picture Amelia drew for you. I am going through similar emotions myself. Skye will start prep next year too.

    Sometimes I feel happy about it, how wonderful it will feel to finally have all that ME time. But most of the time, I feel sad. Like I am losing something precious, that I will never get back again.

  • I must say…give you any camera and you do an amazing job…as my husband always says it is not the camera it is the eye behind it.

    Hugs as you go through this time of new beginnings…it is so hard to let go.


  • I have 4 sons even though I love the with all my heart, I always missed the closeness of a daughter. Great pictures
    Hugs to you my dear,

  • It was sooo hard to go to all of Annie's open houses at school for first grade…I felt like crying everyday that week before school started! I totally understand! Take care of yourself & keep enjoying that family of yours!!!

  • I've been missing your beautiful photos – it was so nice to see a post from you today. And Amelie is a very lucky girl to have a Mum who will miss her so!

  • Love that smiley picture too :)Sorry with school and things my head still spins around :)So many diffrent systems ways numbers, countries, languages etc…But I remember the big hugs, bisous and wet hidden eyes and changes…I hope you all enjoy the changes xx

  • my baby is now in all day school {first time away from me and i held back the tears because he is so excited with his teacher and classmates}
    i still remember bringing him home 2 days old and now he is learning to read…. time goes by so fast,
    sending you extra hugs,

  • Oh Cathie- prep next year? It does go so fast. Love to you- I bawled as both mine went off but they are having a great school experience. It will be strange as you get used to not having her around. xx tan

  • Getting ready for 'big school' is so exciting and daunting at the same time. I hope it all goes well for you. You will cry, no doubt about that! I was teary for a good few weeks when Maxi went off and now we are doing Cappers' orientation just one year later. Time flies. x

  • Mel

    Ugh I so know how you feel on two fronts: my camera lens is broken and it may as well be my ARM that's broken! I'm so very lost without it. However only this morning I remembered we have a little point and shoot (blergh!) so it'll do for the time being! Secondly my eldest had her orientation for Kindergarten (first year of school in NSW) last Friday and already I'm picturing her in a uniform on the first day and gulping back tears! Where did those years go?! Hang in there sweets!

  • Gorgeous pics Darling no matter the camera. Oooo such a sad and happy time all at once coming up, beautiful memories for you to collect. Go tell that camera person to hurry up, don't they know how famous you are? Honestly it's OK, good pics are worth waiting for. ♥

  • Thanks for sharing. My four year old daughter has decided she doesn't want to grow up, she just wants to stay as she is and be a little girl – so cute! But also exciting to see what possibilities the future will hold for her.

  • PS your photos are fabulous!

  • Happy firsts Cathie, great to know your little lady is ready to embark on the next phase of her life… even if you're not. Perhaps we can cry on each others shoulders next time we meet for the little baby that has grown up on us 🙂

  • Cat

    Your picture is beautiful! I bet you feel at a loss without your camera Cathie. I can only imagine how sad it is (and maybe a little exciting?) to see your little girl growing up and taking those big strides towards independence. I think I'd cry buckets of tears.

  • Welcome back! Thanks for posting the self portrait, I just know I could spot you across a crowded room now…

    Hope Amelie has a great year next year starting school, such an exciting time for all (and yes, emotional too). xx

  • Goodmorning Cathie,
    Hope you feel a bit better, your little girl is growing up and yes, it can be hard on the mama, but having 13 and 3 year old girls, I know, after the tears you will be so proud of her. Enjoy all the little moments, they are flying so fast! And I love the newspaper hearts, too cute.
    Have a good weekend,

  • Ok, you are in dream land right now, so I will tiptoe here…
    Sending much love your way for a wonderful weekend, enjoy the little things and give your little peas some extra hugs. I will do so too.
    xoxoxoxo there is a strong wind blowing, almost like storm. Today we have been playing shuffle board and we will most probably be playing it all weekend long! xxxxx to you sweet friend

  • Hey Cathie, great to hear from you. Don't worry about Prep. Once Amelie settles in, you'll be loving all the amazing thing she comes home and tells you about. They are like sponges! I cried the first, second, perhaps even third day when I dropped my eldest off to prep. She starts grade 1 next year and I think I'll be just as nervous. School is such a big milestone and each year brings new and amazing challenges. Enjoy! But get ready – preps think 'bum crack' is the funniest word EVER!

  • hello dear one,
    Oh I LOVE these precious snappies. You, my dear, are leaving such a beautiful legacy for your babies, as you journal their young lives, through this blog…thank you for the many smiles…Rosie

  • i started having intense anxiety pains in my stomach and my husband was convinced it was because i didn't have a camera. i just got mine back…we'll see if he is right. hope yours is on it's way too.

  • have missed you!! I have been taking my little 5 year old to school orientation too. It breaks my heart. I am dreading the day she actually wears her uniform for the first time & walks away from me to go & start her days as a school girl. XO

  • Bec

    aw sweet little thing she is! I hope she settles in smoothly, such a big step for everyone 🙂

  • What a happy picture of you she drew. Childrens drawings are priceless, so innocent and beautiful. Sending your first little one to prep is not easy, I wish they could stay home always. I'll be thinking of you. xo

  • I absolutely LOVE the perspective and angle on that second image.

  • so glad you're back! yep we're going through orientation and when I'm there at school I'm more worried about keeping the twins under control but next year it's really going to hit me! be brave……