My sweet Amelie
I love the way you smile
I love your witty comments
I love that you ride your bike without training wheels
I love it when you tell me things
I love that you love your little brother so much


I love that you hold my hand when we go for walks
I love it when I come to kiss you goodnight and you say that you want me to stay here all night
I love that you know more than me about the garden
I love that you love watching Dirt girl
I love your beautiful long hair
I love your big brown eyes



I love your wonderful drawings
I love that you write mum on most of them
I love that you are still my little monkey
I love your shyness at times
I love your nervous smile
I love your attentive stare when you are somewhere new




I love your temperament
I love that you are so like me
I love that you still love me to the moon and back fifty seventy million times
I just love you


Happy 5th birthday my beautiful little girl ♥

* teepee inspiration from these wonderful girls

  • Oh Cathie … I'm lost for words … there's none that express the absolute total beauty of your Darlings. Head shaking! Imagine, me stumped, head still shaking … re-reading!
    Ahhhhhhhh got it … you say "I love that you are so like me" … that's the key Darling, that says it all, your absolute beauty brings more and more.
    Rambling, I should have stayed speechless .♥

  • Beautiful, wonderful!
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl, and to you!

  • What a truly beautiful post for the gorgeous Amelie's 5th birthday Cathie. Son #3 in Melbourne is 31 today, so we both have Feb. 4th babies, how awesome!
    Millie xx

  • What beautiful, beautiful words.

    By the way, I am eating a piece orange and almond cake that you posted the recipe for a while back. It is soooooo good! I will definately be making it a again:) Thanksfor sharing the recipe.

  • Happy Birthday Amelie! Beautiful words for her to cherish always.

  • Oh just lovely & a special happy 5 year anniversary of being a parent to you gorgeous people too. Love Posie

  • Kat

    What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday Amelie. Enjoy your amazing teepee!

  • Hi Cathie – I just discovered your beautiful blog via Planet Baby… I'm your newest follower! What a gorgeous collection of yumminess – I think I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

    Pop on over to my blogs for a peek when you get a chance,

    Wicker & Stitch
    Mama & The Monkey

  • What a lovely post! Make sure you keep a copy to give her when she's older!

  • Happy Birthday to your little princess. Five is such a wonderful, wonderful age!

  • Such a beautiful post. I am sure you had lots of fun going through 5 years of photos of your gorgeous girl.
    Happy Birthday sweet Amelie.

  • thanks for the tears Cathie… happy birthday gorgeous girl Amelie

  • oh how utterly sweet Cathie – those words, your sentiment and special message of adoration for such a special girl in your life!! It's a lovely stage developmentally hey?? My son is nearly 5 and I'm LOVING his grown up self – so entertaining, amazing and just pure lovely. Now, the tee-pee! simply gorgeous – those colours and the appliqued hearts are just stunning (I'm utterly honoured that i helped inspire you)!!! Happy Birthday to Amelie and happy 5 years of being a gorgeous mumma – that photo of you and her when she was little with the big eyes – oh my heart stopped a beat! xx

  • Yay, you made a teepee! Happy, happy Birthday Amelie!

  • Happy Birthday Amelie.

    You really do have the most divine big brown eyes.

    Beautiful post Cathie.

    (My what a spiffy brooch in photo 4!)

  • Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl and to you too Cathie!
    Five…wow!! I loved looking through the gorgeous pictures and watching her change and grow. I hope the celebration is fabulous and the whole year is just fantastic. XXXXX

  • This post is so incredibly sweet! What a great idea. Your daughter is beautiful!

  • Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!
    You could get lost in those gorgeous eyes –
    just stunning!
    Much love to you guys – XXXX

  • What a truly beautiful post! Happy birthday to your gorgeous Amelie who sounds like such a lovely little character x

  • Happy birthday to your beautiful old girl – she is adorable. And I love the (ta-da…) tee pee with the hearts and stripey sheet fabric! I really thought it was going to be a quilt. Clever job indeed Ms Cathie, and the perfect present for a garden girl!

  • Happy birthday to both of you.
    I love this blog, I'll be back…
    From Spain, Monty.

  • HAPPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you special Amelie!! Hope you had a wonderful day, and mum too.
    Lots of love

  • awwww thats brought tears to my eyes, theres nothing more true and pure than a mothers love. Happy birthday to you little ray of magic, dee x

  • oh cathie… what a beautiful post for your beautiful Amelie.

    Happy birthday sweet little lady.


  • Happy Birthday sweet girl 🙂
    May your day me filled with giggles, love & treats!

  • Happy Birthday Amelie ♥

  • Gorgeous girl. Gorgeous Mummy. Gorgeous post. Happy day to all of you!xxx

  • Beautiful words and Motherly love complimented with great images! I love the teepee

  • Happy birthday Amelie!

    She is such a gorgeous little girl 🙂

  • A very special post for a special little girl … gorgeous x

  • She's such a beautiful little girl – and you've written such a beautiful picture of her. From your words I can imagine how delightful she must be – and what a fine little person that you have let her become.

  • happy birthday to the sweet one.

  • Oh, Cathie, she's just divine. Joshie turned 5 in November. It's such a sweet age, don't you think? Now I want to make a teepee! J x

  • Birthday number 5….how magical….happy birthday sweet one. xoxox

  • Great teepee! love it!! Busy uses hers all the time! best thing I ever made!
    I am so glad i could help inspire you,
    Happy birthday!! xx

  • Happy Birthday little big girl, may your year be filled with love and adventure! xx

  • Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl. What a lovely post Cathie and thank you for the virtual cupcake. One day I'll have to come and try one for real… 🙂

  • Awwww she's such a little sweetie!
    Happy Birthday little Amelie. I hope you had a super fabulous happy day.

  • You have raised one very sweet little girl – Happy birthday Amelie.

  • Happy happy Birthday Amelie… and good luck on Monday. Go get 'em!

  • Happy 5 birthday for your beautiful little girl!

  • Oh I missed the day! I hope You all had a fab day.Such a gorgeous little bigger one.I love your mummy photos and heart 🙂

  • Bec

    She is so gorgeous Cathie, I love the special sweetness of a daughter too (I love a sons as well, but I love the differences if you know what I mean :)) She has the most beautiful big brown eyes!

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