I love when you give me sloppy kisses
I love your sweet innocence
I love your inquisitive mind
I love that you ask me if I am feeling ok
I love how you get so excited retelling a story
I love the handsome big boy you have become

I love that you ask if I need any help
I love that you still sneak into my bed at night just because
I love that we hang out
I love when you get deep in thought at times
I love that for you a cardboard box can be anything from a rocket ship to a radio
I love that to you try to make your bed sometimes and excitedly show your daddy
I love that you are just like a mini daddy at times
I love that you are sweet
I love that you sleep with monkey at night
I love it when I kiss you goodnight as you are sleeping
I love that you run up to me every morning and give me the biggest hug and say “goot morning mummy”
I love those words that you mispronounce, they make me smile
I love that you get so proud when you say a few words in greek {kalinikta (good night), meelo (apple), se agapo (I love you), efcharisto (thank you)}
I love your excitement to go to school next year with Amie
I love those big squishy hugs you give
I love your style
I love your sensitivity
I love that you are just the coolest little boy
I love your energy
I love your beautiful spirit
I love your thoughtfulness
I love that you are the sweetest boy I know
I just love YOU


  • Kat

    I love his hat! Very cool. And I love this post. It is just so sweet. Happy Birthday Aidan!

  • Oh sweetheart, I just bawled. So beautiful.
    Happy, happy birthday x

  • I hope your gorgeous boy had the best birthday!
    Hugest of hugs from us!XXX

  • happy birthday little guy! beautiful…. all of it. x

  • just perfection! xoxoxo

  • Oh Cathie – crying. Precious little boy. Mine is all big now and this makes me all think of him as my tiny man and all that he was. He's still lovely, just so very different.
    Enjoy every moment.

  • Beautiful photos, beautiful words, beautiful five. x

  • Dee

    Such a beautiful post to your lil man Cathie.

  • DEFINITELY a sweet one to return with. happy birthday mr. a!

  • so beautiful ! what a gorgeous little boy, and what a very special gift you just created for him x

  • Oh my…I love this post.
    Happy 5th Birthday gorgeous little man!
    My baby-girl will be 5 in January…sniff sniff. Which means both our kids are off to Prep next year !
    Your photos are stunning Cathie. What a lucky little boy he is, to have you as his Mumma.

  • This melts my heart, it's perfect..x

  • Oh Cathie, so good to see you blogging and what a post! pass me a kleenex!!! You have one gorgeous spirited son, and I see so much of you in him. Five is a wonderful age…I'm sure both you and him will love it! Happy Birthday Aiden!!!
    b xx

  • Happy Birthday to the Handsome one! Such lovely words from you Cathie.

  • Love you post. Happy birthday to your little man. Please don't grow up too quickly. I've got one going to school next year too.

  • Really???? Does your little one have his birthday in august 6th???? So do I!!!!
    Happy Birthday little Aidan!
    Such lovely words from his proud mom, accompanied by the most wonderful pictures. Beautiful post Cathie!

  • Beautiful words & images! He sure does have style! Xx

  • so gorgeous cathie! what a lucky boy to have a mummy that adores him so much! he wouldn't be who he is without you x

  • aahh and i loved this post so heart warming and full of love. Beautiful photo's to. Treasure them, dee x

  • The most beautiful post! Love it! Gorgeous photos of your cute boy!

  • such a gorgeous post! Happy Birthday Aidan! xo

  • Oh Cathie! What a delightful and moving post. You have a huge heart. J x