I love when you give me sloppy kisses
I love your sweet innocence
I love your inquisitive mind
I love that you ask me if I am feeling ok
I love how you get so excited retelling a story
I love the handsome big boy you have become

I love that you ask if I need any help
I love that you still sneak into my bed at night just because
I love that we hang out
I love when you get deep in thought at times
I love that for you a cardboard box can be anything from a rocket ship to a radio
I love that to you try to make your bed sometimes and excitedly show your daddy
I love that you are just like a mini daddy at times
I love that you are sweet
I love that you sleep with monkey at night
I love it when I kiss you goodnight as you are sleeping
I love that you run up to me every morning and give me the biggest hug and say “goot morning mummy”
I love those words that you mispronounce, they make me smile
I love that you get so proud when you say a few words in greek {kalinikta (good night), meelo (apple), se agapo (I love you), efcharisto (thank you)}
I love your excitement to go to school next year with Amie
I love those big squishy hugs you give
I love your style
I love your sensitivity
I love that you are just the coolest little boy
I love your energy
I love your beautiful spirit
I love your thoughtfulness
I love that you are the sweetest boy I know
I just love YOU