Flea Market finds

(painted black)

Technically it’s a demolition yard find, but it still is a great find.

Old, weathered and very bland looking school locker has been given a new life with a clean up and paint and will now house my lovely magazines which I love to collect.

I am popping round to see what everyone else has this week while I wait for this paint to dry.

  • What do they say about watching paint dry?…I beg to differ … gallivanting in blogland can be quite satisfying…love, love, love the locker…great find!…Happy Sunday…love Rosie

  • What a great find and a great make over!!!

  • Looks amazing. I'm always too scared to take on projects quite that large! I'm happy to have found your beautiful blog. x

  • What a wonderful find! I am also a bit obsessed with old school lockers and we have a set rescued from our tip in our farm gate stall. I do love the idea of painting them though and will be looking at ours differently tomorrow.

  • Ha ha! Nothing like waiting for paint to dry. Love your locker. Bisous

  • They look fab! I have some downstairs and now I'm all inspired to pretty them up a little. Can you buy pale pink spray paint? I can hear Hubby grown…hee hee

  • Gorgeous find, gorgeous new color, gorgeous words, gorgeous Cathie 😉

    Have a happy time, while waiting for the paint to dry… xo

  • Very cool, I could use a few of those for my boys.

  • That is such a creative idea! It makes me want to go thrifting!

  • Loving this. Can't have too many storage places for magazines and books.

  • what a wonderful find and make over job! xo

  • Great idea Cathie, I a as well a great magazine collectors and no room to keep them 😉 X

  • totally gorgeous … i love a repurposed find.

    My Flea Market Find