Flea Market finds

Happy Monday friends!

I think I have an addiction, it can be good, but it can also be bad at times, especially when we only live in a 2 bedroom house and storage space is limited.

But how could I say no….I mean REALLY, I was so excited that I quickly handed over my $3 and smiled all the way home, looking at my 2.5-year-old as he kept saying
“that nice mummy!”

Isn’t it lovely?




Let me put the kettle on and see what everyone else has found this week.

  • What a find!

  • Really great find!

  • Poppies! Such a happy flower. And oh, you will most certainly get plenty of use out of that this winter x

  • Beautiful Cathie, the poppies have been in my mind lately how funny 😉
    Bonne semaine X

  • Kat

    that is really cool!

  • oh lovely!

  • Those colours are amazing!
    Brilliant find Cathie!!!

  • Oh what is the sweetest find Cathie! Love the design!
    Sophie x

  • I'm with him, that nice Cathie!

  • So cute! That would make anyone smile. Great find (and I love that your littly obviously has his Mummy's great taste too!)

  • Your son summed it up! well done – gorgeous as a great price – absolute bargin!

  • I say, embrace the addiction and don't worry, it won't take up too much room. If you need validation, I'm here for you…think of how handy this will be in winter sipping beautiful soups, or a hot cup of tea. It's all good and very harmless when you are shelling out such small change in the big scheme of things. Imagine if you'd gone proper shopping. Anytime I feel the urge to look for shoes or clothes, I head to an Op shop to distract myself. Works most of the time!

  • Yes it is lovely, and yes you simply had to have it. Gosh it brings back memories of childhood picnics in the park…

  • A fantastic find, Cathie, Enjoy your hot drinks!

    Wishing you a great week!


  • There is absolutely, no way in hell you could have left that small(ish) (ahem) piece of wonder behind. Besides, it would be a shame to store her away – display, I say!

  • I am thinking what ever refreshing beverage gets poured out of that lovely find will taste extra yummy!

    And there always seems to be a little more room to store our wonderful flea market finds when you get them at such a great price ~ don't you think? 🙂

    Have a most enjoyable day Cathie (or night!)
    xo Catherine

  • Happy Monday! Lovely pictures.

  • We used to have that very same one!!! And my mom would fill it with hot chocolate & we would take it along with us on chilly outings! Thanks for bringing back those memories! I am smiling now 🙂

  • It's gorgeous!!! The boy has taste!

  • Well, how can you NOT…that is crazy cute, with those "sunny posies" splattered all over, just think of the spontaneous entertaining that could…and should…and would take place with this treasure in your possession…"GROOVY" is all I can say {well, not ALL I can say…but I think I should call it a day!}… smile on Rosie

  • That is a great find! Don't feel guilt – imagine the power savings in winter when you fill it up and don't have to boil the kettle repeatedly all day and night!

  • Yep – that nice find!

  • That brings back memories of picnics! My mom used to have the exact same one! We carried it full of iced tea in the summer, and full of hot water for cocoa in the winter on cross country skiing trips! Hope you make many memories for your kids with it!

  • Cathie darling that is a treasure. Love the vivid colours. Enjoy it in good health. Wishing you a week full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  • $3!!! happy days! love it- great find!

  • Anonymous

    I adore the colours Cath m.b xxx

  • love
    love the green in the photos!