Flowers and Easter Bonnets


There has been a lot of construction over here lately and there will be a lot of baking happening soon too.

Constructing a fondant flower to be used as a cake topper for a cake order


and manically constructing an Easter bonnet for Amelie for tomorrow’s Easter parade.  
Thanks for the encouraging words, I hope it looks good after all the cutting, pasting, stapling and sticking happening.

I was inspired by a lovely friends birdie I have hanging and recycled some lovely wrapping paper too.

Happy creating you lovely bunch of girls, two more days of school left..yay!!

  • your space is so lovely and spring-y today, with that gorgeous flower, and those birds and bunnies – I hope Amelie has lots of fun tomorrow xo

  • Oh that flower is breathtaking! All the best for the parade.

  • your blog makes me so hungry….might have to give that flourless orange n almond cake's recipe a go v soon! 😀 and a very pretty birds 🙂

  • Clever you Cathie.
    The fondant blossom is truly gorgeous and I can't wait to see the Easter bonnet in its full regalia!
    Last year was the final time that I had to make one and your post has made me a bit whimsical for the little beans and their delight in Easter parades.
    x Felicity

  • That flower is divine – and we must see the finished easter bonnet! Loving the paper birdies 🙂

  • I have nightmare memories of the St Lawrence Catholic school easter parade. There was only so much I could do with an empty bucket of neopolitan ice-cream. 🙂 If only I had someone like you for assistance, I would have been the envy of the classromm. Beautiful space as ever.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! You should share the Easter bonnet over at too!

  • Oh, I would love to see the finished Easter bonnet!

    Love Rach x

  • oh the Easter bonnet!!! wow – how amazing do all those little birds look! And cheeky you – I was wondering what you were up to, and glad you found the link!!!! Have a blissful day in this sunshine gorgeous girl xx

  • TK

    the Easter Bonnet is precious, truly precious…my card/s arrived today and really has brightened my week – thankyou, TK xx

  • That cake topper is to die for. And as I've already said, how can you doubt yourself when you are so creative! I just know it will come up a treat!


  • Wow, Great flower Cathie, I would love to see the finished cake! The easter bonnet looks gorgeous, love the birdies , x

  • cathie that cake topping photo is absolutely got my head spinning!!

  • What a great Mum! Amelie's Easter bonnet is going to be the hit of the parade!

  • The flower is so beautiful and the colour is just gorgeous. Enjoy the easter parade Amelie is going to have the cutest looking bonnet at the parade. xo

  • Well done you for getting the bonnet done, my two eldest came out of school yesterday and announced they will need a bonnet for monday, I thought I had got away with it this year, thinking they had out grown bonnet parades, and to top it off Dylan has invited his friend to tea tomorrow because "his mummy is not very good at hats " . What can I make 2 9yr old boys and an 11yr old girl ???? xx

  • Wow! the flower is amazing! and I love the little birds. What a great idea for easter. x

  • Both your flower and Eater bonnet look gorgeous!

  • Busy busy! What a glorious space you have today Cathie! That easter bonnet looks fabulous! XXJ

  • cathie i can not get over that fondant flower- you are amazing!
    the bonnet looks great, I'm sure Amelie loves it too xo

  • I so cant wait to see the finished hat its looking so lovely so far. I am now counting the days down just today and tomorrow to work and be at school and then 2 and half weeks off ;-)) Enjoy your day Cathie, dee x

  • Oohh..can't wait to see that bonnet. Makes me want to make something too. Although I may be all alone in my own little parade, walking to the shops….I may get some funny looks…..
    The fondant flower is soooo pretty and such a lovely spring colour…yum! x

  • are those birdies going on the bonnet? Where ever they are going, they are fantastic.

  • Gorgeous pictures, that flower is A-mazing!
    Love, Maaike

  • Well done…you've survived your first term of school AND an Easter Hat parade! Amelie's bonnet looks so sweet and "springtime-y"! I bet she looks gorgeous wearing it!

  • is that flower edible?? WOWeee!
    I can't wait to see the bonnet, I saw some kids walking home from school today with theirs on and wondered what i would do next year!!

  • Hope you have a lovely Easter Parade in the morning. I'm so so so sorry for forgetting your bags today. I'm blaming lack of oxygen to the brain. I'm seriously forgetful these days!

  • Loving your creations Cathie! Happy parade 😉

  • Our little Amelie is having her Easter bonnet parade tomorrow too! Thankfully, they have made their own in class. Can't wait to see it.

  • What a fab Mummy you are. I adore that little glimpse of bonnet with all it's little birdies aboard. She will certainly be the best hatted!
    The flower is stunning too. I had to look twice to see if it was real or not. My Mum is doing a cake decorating course at the moment and is spending every waking moment constructing fondant flowers! I will have to remind her of your blog.

  • Missed some nice post of you. Has been a bussy time over here and will stay like that till motherdays faire!!
    Looking forward to see your cakes! You birds are so cute!!