I love it when you sneak into my bed for a cuggle at night

I love that you kiss my hand when we are walking along
I love that you help me unpack the cutlery from the dishwasher

I love that you say “bardon mummy” when you want me to repeat something


I love it when you spontaneously tell me that you love me
I love that you pick flowers for me on our walks

I love that you learnt to write your name weeks ago 
I love that you always want to help me do things

I love that you can jump as high as the sky on the trampoline
I love that you always draw pictures of mummy smiling

I love when you walk past the rosemary bush and touch it and then want me to smell your hands
I love that you love to bake with me

I love that daddy made you pizza for your special birthday dinner 
I love that you are now “vour!”

I love that you kiss Amelie goodbye on the hand when we drop her off at school

I love that you sit in the classroom and draw and colour in when mummy helps at Amelie’s school

I love that even though daddy got you a toolbox, gardening gloves and a hammer for your birthday you wanted to take Hansel with you when we went out

I love your squishy, squishy cuddles
I love it when “it’s cuddle time”
I love your sloppy kisses
I love that you are still my baby
and I especially love the way you make me feel

Happy birthday baby boy, I love you………♥

  • I love this post……..Happy Birthday Aidan. You are one lucky little man to have such a lovely mummy. Have a great birthday weekend, Dee x

  • Lou

    Beautiful Cathie! Happy Birthday Aidan!

  • Happy Birthday, sweet little boy.

  • How sweet! My Princess Pea recently turned four, too. It's all happening so fast, isn't it?

  • just beautiful! Happy birthday to your beautiful boy!
    And much love to you xoxo

  • Happy happy birthday to your little guy Cathie – gorgeous post. So much to love about siblings who kiss each other goodbye at drop off/pick up!

  • Happy happy birthday, gorgeous Aidan! What a beautiful post Cathie 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Aidan! What a gorgeous post Cathie, it makes me want to wake up my almost 4 year old boy and give him a big cuddle!

    P.S. Sorry about above comment, I forgot that I was logged in on Mum's blog account still!

  • Oh my. There is nothing about this post I don't absolutely adore. Beautiful words, tick. Gorgeous photographs, tick. Bright colours, tick. Adorable four year old, tick tick tick!

    Happy Birthday Aidan. May you continue to bring joy to all those around you. You little spunk!


  • oh what a sweet tribute to your sweet boy. he'll love reading this one day when he's older – so will you. i love the things he says (the way he says them) and all the love he gives to you. great pictures as always! what a love!

  • OMG, waht a supercute birthday boy! Wish i could shring mine, if i see these pix!

  • Kat

    I love his funky hat! He is super stylish. Happy Birthday buddy. I hope you had an awesome day!

  • Super special.

  • Awww Happy Bithday little Aidan. Hope you had a very special day!

  • Love love love this post Cathie!
    I hope Aidan had a wonderful day and a super yummy tea! Loving all the hugs with Hansel!
    What a super boy you have – and again – I love his hat!!!XXX

  • Tas

    Gorgeous post.

    Happy big 4, Aidan!

  • Happy birthday Aidan, such beautiful words Cathie xx

  • ..beautiful, this post makes me feel very happy.. Happy birthday to your big 4 year old boy, what a gorgeous little guy he is, enjoy your day together! xx

  • Gorgeous post, gorgeous words and super gorgeous boy!!

    Happy Birthday Big Mr Vour 🙂


  • Vour!!!! wow!!!Happy Birthday gorgeous Boy, I love your hat too and keep those mummy squishy squishy cuddles! Beautiful post as always Cathie!xx

  • Yay – I don't have to be anon anymore or get frustrated when I have to reload!

  • Aidan, I love your hair! Happy birthday to your little guy Cathie – I'm sure he's going to love being vour. Oh my, that photo with your baby and his Hansel and the balloons, looking off into the distance. It's almost a painting it's so beautiful.

    Enjoy some squishy cuddles and hand-kisses this weekend Cathie xx

  • Ah, so sweet!

  • YAY!!!! fixed!!!what I was trying to say is: he really is disadvantaged in life with those hideous looks!


  • happy birthday, gorgeous Aidan! this is a beautiful post, Cathie xo

  • Cat

    Happy #4 to you Aidan. I love these posts of yours which are an ode to your little people Cathie. He's a sweet boy but his Mama is a sweet lady so no surprises there. Snaps to you and your Mr for raising a wonderful little boy. xxxx

  • Gorgeous post! He sounds like the most adorable little man ever 🙂

  • Vic

    Ah what a post Gorgeous, and WHAT A BOY!

    That 3rd photo has MELTED my heart. Happy 4 Big Man. xx

  • Oh Cathie, I love that you wrote this post! It's beautiful and heartfelt and such a touching piece of writing that your gorgeous little boy is going to appreciate one day. Happy Birthday to your adorable "vour year old" xo

  • This made me melt! There is nothing like being a mumma to a boy…
    I love it with our two year old grabs my face in both hands and plants a big smooch on my lips. It makes me shine with happiness!
    Have a lovely weekend

  • Even though I never met your little guy…I ♥ AIDAN! (Can I put this on a t-shirt???)HAPPY BDAY!!!!

  • a very special day – happy birthday to your gorgeous boy!

  • Happy birthday young man! One of my girls turned 4 recently – what a magnificent age to be 🙂

  • Happy birthday young man! One of my girls turned 4 recently – what a magnificent age to be 🙂

  • Four is fabulous!
    What a beautiful post.

  • happy birthday aidan…. and mumma xx

  • Oh, he is splendid! This is such a beautiful post – gorgeous words and images. Happy Birthday indeed 🙂

  • what a wonderful post and lovely– i mean handsome– photos!

  • Happy Birthday beautiful boy!
    Wow, your baby is 4, can you believe it?
    xox Cat

  • Bek

    What a lovely post. Beautiful photos, words. Happy birthday little man!