Framed Chalkboard

Remember that frame, well it has found a new life as a chalkboard that I will take with us to markets.

Perfect for all the daily specials and prices.

All we needed was some 3mm MDF & chalkboard paint and yay, new chalkboard to take to the market on Saturday.

Wouldn’t it look great in the kitchen or creative space as well.

Want to see another flea market frame, pop round to Sophie’s.

  • Oh I love this! It looks fabulous, now you are giving me ideas. Lovely suitcases too. I have a thing for frames at the moment and lots of empty walls. Thanks so much for playing along.
    Sophie x

  • Lyn

    It looks perfect! So lovely and practical 🙂

  • Oh that's perfect for the markets. What a fantastic transformation.

  • Lovely!! I tried to take a black board to market but found things would rub off in transport, so you probably know better to write on it when you get there. I did not, didn't take spare chalk & never used it again. Also it was very small & not grandioise or fabulous like yours. Happy baking, love it!! Love Posie

  • Vic

    Very nice! It WOULD look grand in the kitchen, I have plans that way myself – scored some free "pictures" from the oppy a couple of weeks ago, with the intent of using the frames & turfining the pictures, and I did nae notice until I got home that one of them was indeed a chalkboard! Marvellous!

    All I need to do is paint the frame, remodel the kitchen entirely, perhaps knocking down a wall, after saving up for goodness knows how long & working in a dismal space in the meantime… and voila! 😉

  • very nice! it will look great in my bedroom too 🙂
    need it for writing to do list or some inspiring quotes
    have a great week ahead

  • I've been dying to see what it would end up as! Brilliant work! Looks fabulous and so very practical too. We have painted our pantry door with blackboard paint so the littles can draw while I cook and I can write lists up the top out of their reach.

  • Fantastic! Love it! I loved it as a prop in the photos, but I love it's new incarnation as a chalkboard too. And of course the DIY too!

  • Fantastic idea Cathie. It looks great and it is so very you!

    Although I am worried that it may not make it to the market if your two little munchkins work out they can draw on it!

  • Looks gorgeous! Very smart. I don't seem to get your posts on my google reader thingie…I must rectify that situation! Hope you've had a lovely weekend xo

  • Thats a great idea. I should make one and screw it down in the shed for the Mr to work out important stuff on. An extra one for the small people would be good too!

  • I'm sure this lovely board will be used over & over and not just at your markets. Hope you have a great result next Saturday 🙂

  • Love it! I'm looking for an old frame at the moment to make into a pin board. I love black board paint, I painted it onto the front of some small wooden ikea drawers so I can change what goes into the drawers all the time!
    Also meant to say how much I loved your spoon plant markers – brilliant idea and so classy!

  • It looks great…I love your suitcases too:-) I am a new follower and I'm looking forward to more fun stuff. I will have to check out some of your older entries too.

  • oh wow! what a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done

  • Looks great and a perfect size too !

  • Oh My…I LOVE !… although i don't go to market…would love having that in my kitchen to doodle on/ assign household chores to my hubs : ) etc etc etc …although i wish i could… I doubt i can make it my self Cathie…you're so good at these…such a totally awesome creation !…I never for a second imagined it would turn out into a chalk board… 🙂

  • Love it!!! I have many of these around my home…so easy to make and fun to do. I want to try one using aqua or pink chalkboard paint!

  • So clever!

  • I LOVE IT….did you know to clean it with full strength COKE -a- Cola….yep all that sugar breaks down the calcium….I wonder what it does to peoples bones!!

  • how crafty. love it!


  • It looks great Cathie and will be a great addition for your market!
    Funny I went into Chalk board paint madness myself with a little project on the way too :)x
    Leonie's comment is great and my girls wardrobe are painted with chalk borads and never manage to get it completely clean 🙂

  • now mine looks really daggy….. It will really suit your market stall- from what I have seen of the pics.

  • As I scan the comments for this post, I keep seeing the words "love" and "lovely!" I can't argue, these pics are beautiful!

  • wonderful!!! & thanks for the advice on making sure my cake didn't stick to the pan – it was perfect – unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it but I am sure there will be many more occassions that call for a butterfly cake!!

  •'s perfect. I hope to get something to play along too!
    I'll see what I can do later..thanks for the ideal

  • oh it's your stack of suitcases too 🙂

  • One day I am going to make myself a blackboard like this. Well done.

  • Hi Cathie – just popped over from your comment on my site – I checked out your spoons – great idea!

  • Wow, what a transformation!You've changed it into something practical and useful.
    You can even paste a collage on the board and hang it.

  • Oh you're so clever. I've been wanting to make one of these for yonks…your's is perfect!

  • Looks fantastic – gorgeous work! x

  • looks fab Cathie 🙂

  • What a great idea … I have a thing for frames. I'm always looking for them and never thought about creating a blackboard from one.

  • Beautiful blug.
    I'll come back.
    See soon

  • Ah what a great transformation – clever and beautiful. Just like you!

    Liesl x

  • Oh my – love LOVE! The pictures with the little ones were so cute too

  • Love what you did with your frame. Is it for little notes in your kitchen or elsewhere?