I wake up with a headache most days and even though I wish I could go for a run in the park sometimes I just walk around in a haze of fuzziness.
I live day by day not knowing if today will be a clear headed day or not. Sometimes I wish I knew what it would be like to have a clear head.
I definitely know there are worse things out there, I have lived it and I know I am not the only one suffering but it makes it hard to function.


For those that don’t know, they just don’t understand why I seem so vague at times, I call it being hung over, that’s what it feels like.

I have kids and sometimes they don’t understand why I need some quiet time.

Sorry I haven’t been around much, haven’t blogged about things I should have. Thank you for understanding.

For now I need a teeny bit of a break and just as a show of empathy, my third baby (ms canon) has decided not to turn on, she needs a service. 
It’s painful not to have her handy, but I know she needs a break as well.


I am still reading your news through google reader and will pop by when I can…♥

Wishing you a great end of October lovely friends ♥


  • Hang in there Cathie x

  • Put your feet up a while and soak up all that is positive in your life at the moment. Chill out, rest and you'll feel up to it all again before you know it. Change is as good as a holiday! Look forward to reading from a rested YOU again soon. xo

  • Oh Cathie, my heart aches to read your words.
    Bren and I were talking about this exact issue yesterday and how much more difficult it can be now we are grown up and have kids to look after. I would like to recommend pilates. It certainly has improved some things around here. Sending you so much love and clear head vibes. XX

  • Oh Honey! I wish I were there to watch your kids & draw the shades so you could take a nap! I didn't know you deal with this & it really is such a big deal! I know it must be hard to be mom & go through what you do often. SO sorry! & I will make sure I add you to my prayers. You just take it easy & don't worry about us…we are hooked & no matter how or when you feel like logging on…we will visit! Take care of yourself!


  • Cathie,
    So sorry to hear you are suffering. I empathise completely with you, as I am often thrown to the wall with migraines, and know when I wake up with one it's going to be a doosy of a day. I do hope you manage to get some sort of respite and are able to find a bit of quiet time to yourself somehow. Acknowledging that you can take a break from the not urgent things is a good start. I will miss you, but I wish you well.

  • Oh Cathie, that is so not fun! The beauty of blogging is that there is no pressure to be there or not. Your photos are so beautifully inspiring, you could post once a month and that would be enough.
    Hoping that tomorrow will be a clear headed day and that today gives room for a rest somewhere.

  • Cathie, I'm amazed at what you accomplish in spite of your pain. It was incredible to see the joy you brought to so many folks with your sweet packages at the market on Saturday. Blogland was reverberating with praises of your talent and kindness…

    Wishing you clearheaded days every day!

    Wendy xx

  • Your posts are always full of sunshine and beauty, and belies the pain you are suffering, but shows what a strong and couragous person you must be.
    You need to take all the time you need, doing what your body is telling you to…and not worry too much about optional 'obligations' such as blogging!
    Followers and readers will always be there, the most important thing is your health…and if your camera is on the 'blink', life is surely telling you something.
    Your kids will be fine, too, i know it.

  • Cathy – just wanted to stop past and say how wonderful it was to meet you at the market in Thornbury! your baked goodies were a hit as they were just divine. I'm so sad to hear that your not well, it's so tough with little kids that i get it when you say that just don't understand all the time. mothers have a tendency to put themselves last, but please, look after yourself. All my love and best wishes to you xxx

  • Love and hugs to you Cathie.
    Its so not fair. xxxxxxoooooo

  • Take care sweet Cathie and once again stunning pictures…hope you get your camera back asap. x

  • Cat

    Cathie, I do so love you though I've not ever met you and it pains me to hear of your pain. Look after yourself you very wonderful lady. xxxxxx

  • I am sending you a warm hug and a cup of herbal tea from across the miles. I'm so sorry that you live with such pain. That makes it all the more amazing that you accomplish all that you do, Cathie!

    Take good care of yourself. Love your photos as always, my friend. xo Gigi

  • Oh my goodness I feel your pain….my daughter suffers from migraines and i know what she goes through…nothing really helps her but sleep.

    I send you my prayers sweet one and hope that you are able to get some relief very soon.

    How do you manage to do all you do?

    Hugs xoxoxo

  • all my love and the biggest hugs to you special one.
    I hate knowing you are suffering.

  • Oh dear, I hope you find an answer to this soon, it doesn't sound fun. Have a restful break, and I hope your 3rd baby is up and running again soon too.

  • Hope you are ok Cathie, your post today was so beautiful despite how you are feeling. Thinking of you and sending lots of love xo

  • Jen

    Thinking of you and wishing you better soon. I think I may know a little bit how you feel. I have had two bouts of brain stem surgery and always have a sore head. Not always enough to stop me in my tracks, but enough to make it challenging to get through the day. Rest. Take the time you need. We'll still be here when you get back. xx

  • Hope you're ok Ms Cathie. I think we might need to have a morning tea very soon!

  • Oh, Cathie. I'm your newest follower. So sorry to hear that. My mind at the moment feels like sludge (owing no doubt to my 3 under 5 and severe PND) so I can empathise. I have so many things in my mental 'to do' list that I can't even remember them to write them on paper, let prioritise or even DO them! A fellow sufferer J x

  • hope you can find time to take it easy Cathie and let the world flow past for a while so you can just sit back and recover your equilibrium.

    it's a shame mum's don't get some more time on the sidelines, or a little "off season", or even annual leave – go go go is a pretty hard path to always be on.

    beautiful piccies as always – such lovely floating feeling coming from them.

    I'm with Kate – pilates – and if you can find a Bowen Therapist – ooooh they are gooood !

  • thinking of you xx

  • Sorry to hear. It must be so difficult to live with every day, and the not knowing if it will be gone or not – so challenging.
    Sending you love and hugs.
    Take it easy. Cat xox

  • Hey, we all need a break sometime! You can only "suck it up" for so long before something has to give. It's called being human. Rest, hug your kids, take your time. We'll all still be here when you get back.

    Just take care of yourself. xx

  • i do hope things are a little clearer soon!

  • Its okay Cathie, look after yourself, and don't worry about the blog! Hope the sunshine makes you feel a little better, and I'll see you in blogland whenever you feel you want to 🙂

  • I know exactly how you feel. Matter of fact, I just popped a couple of Nurofen *sigh*. Hope you are feeling improved soon, I think we all miss the little rays of sunshine that your blog posts provide. xx

  • Just in case this is repeating anyone as i haven't read the comments before blabbing on . . . i'm big on migraines, so i have some tips – non druggie ones too, how is that from a pharmacologist?? This also from someone with the joy of 4 children, stress of a husband at war & running small business, to say i have responsibilities is an understatement!!
    Light lavender candles before you go to bed (blow out before you fall asleep or you'll have bigger problems).
    Spray lavender mist on your pillows at night.
    Invest ($600 – should get $250 back with private health insurance) in a splint from your dentist, best thing EVER!! As a clencher & a grinder (yet i live in stress denial as i'm optomistic & happy) i have an eclusal splint which i wear every night, religiously & it stops me from clenching or grinding. My jaw muscles are extremely over developed (which my arms & thighs were as toned) & while i've cracked 5 so far, they are worth it.
    I'm just about to collect my 6th, in the mean time, as i was nearly in tears at the dentist saying "i can't wait for one to be made" i got a specially designed sports mouth splint. Better yet, as we live in Canberra & the Canberra Raiders' colour is bright lime green, my darling husband gets to see that in bed every night, most unsexy thing ever!! My headaches have reduced dramatically in the 8 years i've been wearing a splint, they are brilliant. They'll ask your happy healthy self why you are stressed or tense, you just lead with 'i'm a mother & run small business' . . . 'nuff said, they'll have you doing impressions in no time. Try it, so worth it, i actually panic if i forget mine. Yes, co dependent but way better than drugs & i'm a complete druggie by degree!! Love Posie

  • Take care Cathie. xx

  • Oh Cathie, poor love, poor you. I feel for you, I really do. Wish I could recommend some really good cure all? all I could suggest which you may have already tried is a check up by an oesteopath? make sure your all in alignment?
    I know you have tried tea and cake too. Poor love. Huuugs. xxx

  • Good morning sweet Cathie, sad to reading this, headaches are terrible. Acupuncture came to my mind, don't know if that is the right word. It's a kind of therapy with needles. A friend of mine was relieved of her headache after just one treatment. Thinking of you.
    Your pictures are ADORABLE! Amelies pettiskirt is the cutest, beautiful!
    You take your time, get the energy flowing in the right ways, we'll be waiting and are most definitely here when you return.
    Much love xxxxx

  • Gee haven't you been given a lot of good advice!! I'll just send you loads of love and hope you are feeling better soon! xxx

  • Cathie, love and a hug from me too. And empathy. I drove 3 hours today to see a dietician who has been seeing me and prescribing some stuff that makes me feel a little less wobbly! Please, have a guilt free break and I hope you are feeling loads better soon. It is so much harder when the littles are dependent. x Tan

  • O Cathie im so sorry to hear your not well, My little lad suffers from miagrains as well and there so very hard to deal with. Rest up and try and take it easy, and try not to be to hard on yourself, you can only do what you can do, and people will understand as they love you. Take lots of care… Dee x

  • Bec

    Oh Cathie, your posts always emit such happiness and love that I would never have thought you felt in such a haze a lot of the tie. I would love to be able to sit and have a cup of tea with you and maybe play with your kiddies so you could have a rest. Looks like there is some good advice here so I hope somthing works out for you.

  • Cathie, just wishing you all the best, and hoping you have more clear days around the corner. You are someone who always cares for others – please just ask if there's anything we can do to help xo

  • Cathie, my prayers go for you! Be fine, rest, sleep. Take your time, sweet. Love! Bela.

  • hi Cathie so sorry to hear of your suffering and hope you have a restful bloggy break. I know of the fuzzy head I call it foggy brain. I suffer from very badly from headache and migraine as part of my Lupus, but have had them all my adult life too. One of the first symptoms I had before really getting a diagnosis was a foggy head/headache usually in the mornings as well as chronic fatigue most days, the only thing that would help was panadiene forte it took away the pain but cleared the fog like nothing else could. If this sounds like you and you want to ask anything else PLEASE feel free to email me I am happy to "chat" xx

  • You poor girl! And to top it off your camera needing to be serviced.

    I'm so sorry about your headaches. I have allergies to products made with chemicals (ie: perfume, scented lotions, cleaning products, etc.) that puts me into a fog and gives me a horrible headache. Not fun!

    I wish for you health and happiness Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Oh Cathie I'm sorry that you are having constant headaches they are horrible and hard to cope with. Take care sweetie I hope that with rest and a break to care for yourself that the headaches will go away. xo

  • You and me… giggles tomorrow , o.k. ♥

  • OH I am sad to read about your pain Cathie.Look how much love and advices you received, this is to show how wonderful you are!Hang in there,A break is a good idea and look after yourself lovely Lady xox

  • Hi Cathie,
    Sending prayers that you get pain-free days very soon, a long nap and some good pampering. Wishing you lived next door so I could pop in to help with the kiddos and bring you some yummy treats and delicious tea.

    Take care, we will all still be here when you can pop in, you need to take some time for yourself right now!

  • Oh my dear…
    I do feel your pain. I get migraines or cluster headaches…Please know, you are in my prayers sweetie.
    ……love Rosie…….

  • TK

    you just rest, rest, rest….may the fuzzies leave you alone for a bit real soon, love & prayers sent on angel wings, TK xx

  • Thinking of you Cathie XO I have found chiropractics helps me SO much with headaches, neck issues & general health & well being. Worth looking into to see if it will help. Rest up & take care XO

  • Oh goodness. I have been offline a lot this week because of throttled speeds, and have only just read your post – and all the wonderful comments.
    Please don't think I expected anything after sending you the painting – honestly, it's been the last thing on my mind.
    And I really prefer seeing more of what YOU are up to, rather than ME! So rest up, only do what you really have to do, and let this blogging business sit for a bit.
    And I know you like the painting. And I love the fact that it's at your house. And that's more than enough for me.
    Cheers, dear blog-friend. And a hug from me for the hard times too.

  • Dear Cathie,
    I'm sending you a soothing hug as well as a massage. I know how you feel, I've had days like that. But you will see…This too will pass.

  • Wish I could cuddle you. Sending you love. Lisa x

  • Whoops, last comment was from me but Mr Button sends his love, too. Lisax

  • Migraines are just awful Cathie. I hate that haze – used to suffer a bit myself, but not on a daily level.

    How long have these been going on?

  • Oh Cathie, sorry to hear you're under the weather. Go off & do something stupid, kooky & totally un-you this weekend. Every now & then the 'force' makes me do something very un-Millie like & gosh I feel all the better for it! I find hitting a small white ball with a stick around the Mt. Lofty Golf Course sends the fuzzies into orbit for me. We'll have a round one day, promise.
    Millie ^_^

  • I missed your 'fuzzy' post 'cos I was having my moment of blarklessness. I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain and blurriness like this. I read your comment on my own 'uncomfortable' post and I have been looking out for your migraine post. It sux, Cathie. Just sux. x

  • That low level dull can nag away the joy in any day. I promise to yell any stumbled upon, possible future cure from the bloody rooftops. May there be much running and sunshine and clarity in your week C. x

  • Oh sweetie, I haven't been around on the blogs much of late either and am just catching up with yours. I'm so sorry to hear about the fuzziness and pain, unfortunately I know too well what you mean. For me the fuzziness or "spaceiness" as well call it in our house makes me feel quite socially awkward a lot of times.

    I hope that if they can't go away for you, you have far more clear and pain-free days than not. Lots of love and hugs to you and to your camera too xxx

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