Fuzzy head

Markets are over and the cleaning has commenced.

I wanted to thank you for your lovely comments, sorry if I haven’t replied back lately, I am still living with this fuzzy head that will hopefully be better soon.

It was a beautiful Melbourne day yesterday but I really wished I was at home sleeping, not a good feeling.

Overall, very enjoyable day and always lovely to put faces to names.


The little one and I have been op-shopping lately..maybe a bit too much, whilst the bigger one is at kinder, so we wanted to play along today with Sophie and show you our finds.

You know I love suitcases, well we found two, at our local tip shop (thanks for the suggestion) and some beautiful golden books as well.

Pop by for some more finds.


Hope you have a lovely hug filled Sunday friends

  • Luv the aqua beauty case!

  • agreed the aqua beauty case is lovely! I also really like how when the mouse moves across your page little + signs fall all over the place! your blog is lovely!

  • Hello,
    I love all of the photos on your blog. I will be sure to check in again. Great finds too. Hope your Sunday has been lovely.
    Melinda xo

  • Yup, that aqua cosmetic case is just gorgeous! Great finds!!!

  • Lovely to meet you yesterday, Cathy – I hope you're feeling better soon. Love your finds too! Nic

  • tip shop huh..well i neva! truly lovely cases btw.
    hope you're feeling much brighter on this gorgeous autumn Sunday 🙂 x

  • I adore your green case my friend…I got the most wonderful chair today…5$..I am doing a happy dance. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. xoxo

  • I love that aqua case aswell,
    it's so pretty!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Mmmm, gorgeous looking sweet treats, which I am trying desperately to stay away from! I imagine if I was at the market I would have indulged mightily, they all look so delicious. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better, feeling blah with responsibilities to fill is no fun.

  • Anonymous

    so wonderful and not to give away a secret however a particular stall that sells vintages things with a lovely lady, has the most beautiful suitcases available there, not all the time but quite a bit and they are sooooo lovely. I do love yours too!!!!
    Lovely to see you at the market, so nice to have a chat, I cannot wait for the next time.

  • Anonymous

    opps forgot there is at St Andrews Market!
    Deb again

  • SOrry your heads still fuzzy, I'm a bit the same way too.
    Sorry I didn't make it to the market, re fuzzy head.
    Your little suitcase is gorgeous too

  • If I had've been able to come I would have swept up your flour and tidied your kitchen and sold your wares for you while you lay down with a cup of camomile tea… The op-shopping sounds like a marvellous solution too!!

  • You have reminded me I am yet to blog my fantastic suitcase find from last week!! I thought of you when I found it 🙂

  • your photos are make me happy 🙂

  • Gorgeous finds! I buy those books for scrapbooking etc but often keep them to read with my children rather than cutting them up!

  • So lovely to see you yesterday. My tastebuds were happy too – the bread and frittata were fabulous. And the gingerbread man? Well, sadly that was never shared with me. But I hear it was very, very good!

    Love your pretty suitcases.

  • I love those suitcases!!

  • Love that green suitcase! Well done!

  • I know that fuzzy head feeling, hope you unfuzz asap. It's good to see you still can find time for treasures though, such as the lovely people you meet at markets & the goodies you find at the oppie/tip shop xo

  • Anonymous

    Hello, it's Red Nose here again….
    On the mend today – I hope you are too.
    p.s I wish we were neighbours..! Uni days
    were so much fun where we could have a Mocha
    together all most every day of the wk 🙂
    mb xxxx

  • Sam

    Hi Cathie, your page is sweeter and sweeter. Love your photos too, how do you do that? The look awesome. Hope your fuzzy ness is all gone, I hate when I have that. Come see me some time and say hello. P.S. I show up on Google Reader as not having posted for SEVEN MONTHS. This is a huge error which they've been unable to fix, so please ignore it and come back soon. Thanks Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  • I hope you get on top of things soon, markets can be really draining, hey???
    I love the suitcases, just gorgeous!!!

    Jodie 🙂

  • Oh, it doesn't get much better than old suitcases and Golden Books!

    Begone fuzzyheadedness!! (Picture me waving my magic wand)

    Thanks for stopping by my place tonight. I have been a little bit out of touch with my favorite blogs for the last week or two, busy with life nonsense, but now I get to come back a catch up–JOY!

    xoxo Gigi

  • I hope you're feeling better. I have just made a half batch of your Hot Cross Buns (I didn't have enough flour for a dozen plus there's only me to eat them and it might be hard to justify eating 12:)
    I love you blog and your pics are great.
    What kind of camera do you have?

  • Hope the fuzziness subsides. I'm getting a new splint for my mouth tomorrow – i'm a clencher & a grinder, yet appear to be the most relaxed person on earth??!! Let's just say, i tense up at night & this is my 4th splint (at $500 a pop) which i've smashed/ snapped/ chomped in half. Ooopppsss . . . i get headaches, bad ones, so this is a huge source of relief for me. You might not even know if that is an issue for you. All the best, love Posie

  • oooh what yummy looking food!!
    your blog is so cute 🙂


  • Hi Cathie! I hope you're doing okay! Do you have more photos of your stall? I want to see!!

  • Oh that aqua suitcase is just the most beautiful treasure! I think I'm in love! Just gorgeous! PS. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Sophie x

  • Oh WOW I adore cases too and am green now I know you have a tip shops nearby … lucky you 😉