Gingerbread House

Construction has finished and this little gingerbread house is off to kinder this evening to be included in a kinder raffle.

It’s not your usual gingerbread lolly house so I hope the raffle winner likes it.  
It’s covered in fondant so I am guessing it will be sweet enough..and yes, bunting obsession is back!

I used this recipe if you are joining in on the fun. 


I’d love to see your gingerbread house if you make one.

Happy day to you ♥

  • It's just darling!!! The colors are so magical they sing happy Christmas!

  • SO impressive x

  • I LOVE it… love the colours and those sweet butterflies, I want to make one too, youve totally inspired me!

  • This is an adorable gingerbread house Cathie! I think anyone who wins this cute little house from the raffle is going to love it!

    xo Catherine

  • i LOVE it all … the bunting is just to sweet. love that obsession! x

  • Cat

    Best gingerbread house I have EVER seen…bar none. So pretty. I made stars for the tree yesterday but am thinking a house may be in order now too. 🙂

  • Oh my… that is without a doubt the sweetest Gingerbread House I have ever seen.. Too sweet to eat 🙂

  • That's amazing. Absolutely adorable Cathie! Lou.

  • I know I'm just repeating what has already been said but, that is the most gorgeous gingerbread house ever! My girl saw your post and said she needed one just like it RIGHT NOW! I'd say it's a hit!

  • thats some amazing work there Cathie, I love the bunting, butterflys and the little house shape biscuit for the front door…who wouldn't love to win this. Well done.

  • You are so clever. All the details are perfect!XX

  • Gorgeous!!

  • now THAT is the sweetest little gingerbread house I ever did see!!!

  • That is amazing!!!

  • Busy just saw this over my shoulder and exclaimed "its a fairy house!" Indeed it is.

  • I kid you not I just printed that recipe off yesterday, thought I would start a fresh with a recipe as the old one might be jinxed!
    Looks great, I like the thinking outside the square for your colours at christmas. Bunting very clever, I'm stealing the door idea.

  • Amazing! One lucky kinder raffle winner there will be.

  • Your gingerbread house is just perfect, sweet Cathie!
    Enjoy your evening. xxx

  • That is so pretty and so very sweet, ahhh lovely. Dee 😉 x

  • Cathie Dear…your sweet "house of bunting" is just charming…enjoy this HAPPY season…stay healthy…hugs…Rosie

  • Magical xx

  • gorgeous and it looks delicious! V. impressive 🙂

  • It's absolutely gorgeous Cathie, lucky kindy mums 🙂 And by the way, I love the bunting and the butterflies. x

  • Oh my goodness that is spectacular!
    That's just the type of house that I'd love to live in.

  • cutest gingerbread house ever!
    soooo colourful!

  • That is the most beautiful gingerbread house I have ever seen

  • Cathie, Cathie, CATHIE!!!!!!!!! My little Aila is in love (and so am I) with this sweet wonderful colorful gingerbread house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She repeats all the time "quero pegar, quero pegar…" (translation: I want to touch it!!!) Oh Cathie, I wish I knew how to make one like that…what great and blessed hands you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love for you all!!! Bela

  • Awwwwwww….that's so cute. I just made my very first gingerbread house a few days ago. It was fun!
    Btw, i really like your idea for the door to the house. Very creative!

  • its just incredible Cathie! xo

  • I've never seen a gingerbread house as gorgeous as that one. That's one lucky Christmas table. You've inspired me to try to do one from scratch with the kids. Thanks.

  • Wow this is one sweet gingerbread home…I would love to move on in. I adore the colour…and details..charming!

    I will be making one….just need to find the time!

    Hugs and love for a wonderful Tuesday…which is probably your Weds…..xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  • This little sweet house is adorable, the colours are so pretty, full of happiness.

    Have a glorious Wednesday. xxx

  • OMG, this is way to gorgeous to be eaten! Such a happy gingerbread-house, like spring in winter (Here, it's dark and wet know – and cold!). You're such a talented baker!

  • beautiful! love the pink 😉

  • Well done on the house! i'd love to live there 🙂 hope your week has been nice,
    xx fabs

  • I Like IT!! This home is so cuuuute!! in fact i love your blog and everything you post on! kisses from paris! Alessia

  • Wow! I bought a kit for this year, but I don't fancy mine will end up looking that good!

  • WOW!!
    Cathie, that is amazing!

  • This is awesome Cathie!The recipient will be over the moon xx

  • Tas

    Well, I was all primed to decorate our ginger bread house with the kidlets but I am not sure I can stand the performance anxiety having seen yours. Just beautiful!

  • oh wow Cathie your gingerbread house is sooooo gorgeous so pretty and so happy looking it is THE best I EVER seen, they should all look this delightful and enchanted

  • Cathie!! all I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!! XO

  • Out of this world fantastic. Absolutely. Of course I knew it would be… and yet your ginger bread house still manages to exceed my great expectations.
    Fantastic Cathie!