• Your posts always make me smile, happy weekend to you darling ♥

    umm those honey pancakes look so good!

  • Vic

    Everybody should always be eternally grateful for cups of tea!

    Beautiful, Beautiful. 😉

  • gorgeous pics Cathie!!! nothing beats handwritten mail & children's drawings XO

  • I would very much like to wrap all of these things up and bring them home. What a gorgeous sampling of gratitude!

  • Cathie I am so glad you're back and blogging. You are the kind of beautiful blogger I aspire to be. And I wish I had fairy dust falling from my mouse all the time, not just when I visit you x

  • TK

    my little M's incessant drawings of ninjas, star wars figures and generally all things holding guns (erm really not happy about that!!) do make me smile….constantly…..as do your lovely word and beautiful pics…thankyou as always Cathie. I love love love this teacup & saucer, its me down to a TEA!!, TK xx

  • That is a really beautiful cup. 🙂

  • Another wonderful yet powerful post. Lovely photo's, childrens art work is so special. have a lovely weekend, dee x

  • I love those sweet delicate teacups. Unfortunately I can't have them anywhere near my husband as he says rude words when he tries to fit his finger through the handle – makes me giggle watching him try!

  • fantatsic

    love the pretty teacups….and the honey pancakes are making my mouth water!

    Gill xo

  • Just gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Cath. Those honey pancakes look scrumptious!

  • oh tidy creative spaces…what bliss…wish I was there 🙂

  • I love the photo journal of your gratefuls! Such beautiful photos (looks like your children have your artistic talents!) I wish I owned that tea cup – it is divine. Thanks for linking up with Maxabella's Grateful For linky x

  • Your pancakes will be delicious!!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend! Warm regards, Ingrid

  • beautiful as always!!!

    x love the way amelie draws you hair!! creative girl

  • Gorgeous Photos! I love the little drawings too! Seems we both have received some lovely notes in the post this week xx

  • Such lovely pictures – i really love your style in photography – it is special, just like you! Happy weekend!

  • Ok, now you've got me craving pancakes :))
    Have a great weekend Cathie!

  • oh just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as always!! i love best that picture of you, that hair is just divine – you have one talented artist on your hards!! And I can vouch for the yummi-ness of those Honey Pancakes. Tried, tested and definitely approved in our household – but all your recipes are my dear friend just delightful


  • I love the way Amelie has drawn your hair, and that she gave you a little heart – bless her!

    Just followed the link to the punky awards – so well deserved and what a perfect description of you Cathie!

    Have a beautiful Sunday xx

  • This makes me want to go and make pancakes . I love your hair in the drawing! Have a lovely weekend x

  • Mmm…Lovely cuppa tea, don't mind if I do! Such beautiful drawings too. Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady. x

  • Smiling happy faces and sweet drawings are wonderful things to be grateful for. Happy weekend to you sweet. xo

  • So much to love. I love the smiling picture of you!!

  • Happy weekend to you Ms Cathie.
    I hope the sun is shinning so brightly on you guys this lovely Sunday.

  • Love the teacup – so pretty! I'm glad someone's drawing pictures of you smiling. Thanks for your always nice and warm and fuzzy comments, I think you deserve Vic's accolades 🙂
    Happy weekend!

  • Aren't beautiful teacups just lovely. I must admit that I do have a few that when I think I need a little comfort they come off the shelf and into my hand. Kiddy drawings also make me smile. I love your rainbow hair 🙂

  • They're lovely things to be grateful for.
    That teacup is gorgeous, and kids drawings are always a bit magical I think.

  • Awwwww what a sweet post 😉
    those drawings are too cute!

  • Seriously, there is nothing better than a cup of tea. Nothing!

  • gorgeous pictures, I love the drawing of you & those lockers in the background, wow, love them! Wishing you a wonderful week xx

  • being grateful for tea, and tea in such a divine cup is lovely. There is something about drinking tea with the whole experience of holding a real tea cup, and having a pot with enough for at least one more cup. I do hope you had a beautiful weekend x

  • awwww such treasures that warm your heart and fill your life with love,
    happy weekend and thank you for sharing it with us,

  • Ah, but you do the very best cups of tea. Keep on keeping the pot warm…