I am not a complainer, I do get annoyed at certain things but mostly I am happy to be around to enjoy the little things, things that make me smile, things that I am grateful to have, people I am grateful to be around.
I haven’t always been like this, maybe it’s being around young, innocent, playful minds that inspires me to look at life with a smile.
Here’s a few of my grateful moments, 
I must, MUST start with tea


 happy drawings of me



 a specially made pic for his sister



  additions to the bed family






op shop magazines






 wonderful smiles
Hope you have a happy, smiley, sunshiney day full of grateful moments of your own.

Hugs ♥

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous grateful list Ms Cathie!
    I think the little people in our lives definitely remind us to enjoy and appreciate the small stuff. And I think someone in this house must make a softie soon to add to your collection. And Tues and thurs are best for us. How about you? X

  • So many things to be grateful for Cathie! And I must say… tea would be at the top of my list! 🙂

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  • Beautiful photos and precious things!!

  • oh cathie, i love your list!!! you seem to find beauty in everything, and your photos are just a testament to how you see the world – i love coming and spending time in your blog! have a magical weekend with your babes xx

  • Now they are very good reason to be greatful !
    A seriously dainty tea cup, no surprises that you would have a superb drawing of a most spectacular cake – very frame worthy.
    And all these other delights that will make you smile each time you see them.
    I agree, despite the growling noises our sprouts can prompt from us, they back it up with reasons to smile.

  • Lots of lovely happy things. Gorgeous photos as usual.
    Hope you have a great weekend.


  • You've inspired me to make a cuppa and sit down for a bit xx

  • Beautiful inspiring grateful.

    The page was a little slow loading but well worth the wait.

  • LIke Taryn, I think I might go and make myself a nice cuppa now. No probs with the lovely photos Cathie x

  • I always love all your gratefuls, Cathie. Perhaps it's the joy they contain matching your marvellous photography!?

    So true, that posie is a darling. x

  • Gasp! The teacup!! So wonderful!
    Love the children's art – that button picture is marvellous!

  • It's loading fine for me :o)
    I love that softie with the drawings on it! All your gratefuls have made me smile too 🙂

  • Oh my goodness I adore the new Bed softie!!
    big hugs

  • We looove the octopus cushion –
    the shoulder strap is brilliant!XX

  • All fab things to be grateful for. Can't wait for my boys to start being arty and crafty! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I wish I lived closer too, would love to have you as a baking mentor!
    Tamara xo

  • That teacup is exquisite! And I can't wait to try your breakfast bar recipe. I love your blog by the way & your photos are amazing! 🙂

  • Ahhh tea!! love it!! and of course gorgeous smiles are always the best! (oh and I love a big stack of op shop mags too…nothing says summer hols like a stack of 4 year old mags!!
    have a great weekend

    no probs loading the post btw 🙂

  • what a lovely post – i think each picture deserves a comment! i love that shower cap though and am sure i need one. the cake your daughter drew is a testament to what lovely creations you make in the kitchen! thanks for stopping by my blog – i forgot how much i like it here. i think i need to do a grateful post myself today… : ) anushka
    p.s. it took a few minutes to load on my computer, but mine is on island time.

  • So much Joy over here my sweet friend…I am soooo thinking of all the great and lovely moments in my week now.

    You inspire me! OOOOOdles of love for a great weekend. xoxoxo

  • What a beautiful list. Love that tea cup… tea would taste better in it I'm sure.

  • wow what a lot of things to be grateful for! 🙂 beautiful photos xx

  • Vic

    ECHINO!!!! I am half-way through making a bus bag right now! (You know about the sewing machine issues, otherwise I would be finished by now!)

    I adore that I "know" most of the peeps who contributed to that bed family, that is tres cool.

    Lovely photos of lovely things to be grateful for… Lovely. 😉

    xo <—- That is totes a virtual hug, but you know, if I ever meet you… well, I *might* make an exception… (…be afraid…)

  • an awful lot of fabulous in your grateful list 🙂

  • Lovely list Cathie and beautiful photos as per usual 🙂

  • What a beautiful grateful list complete with matching pictures!

  • awww what a lovely list Cathie. I didn't have any problems loading your photo's are lovely and made me feel lovely and warm, kids art is great ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  • It's wonderful to take a moment to be grateful for what we have in our lives. I'm sure the gorgeous people in your world are just as grateful for having you xx

  • That is a wonderful (and beautiful) list of things to be grateful for! And yumm, that tart looks delicious…

  • beautiful photos… cute kids..


  • Im most thankful for kids, my kids, the kids I work with, any kids that come into my life, the bring joy, innocence and fun.

  • I'm with Koralee on this one…what a Happy, Joyfilled place you have…blessings…Rosie

  • Hi Cathie, gorgeous words and thoughts. You do make me stop and think… I'm seriously adoring that octopus. That's insanely cool. How did you make it? Pruxxx

  • What a big beautiful list you have here. So much to be grateful for. And I know how kids can make the world so much brighter. The real reason for living, I say. xx

  • It really is the little things that can make your day. I love that op shop cup!! divine.

  • oh cathie. this post is so jam packed with beautiful things. love it. xo