for lazy weekend mornings at home with the kiddies, drawing, making play dough and spending time with my girl after a long and emotional week at school



for wonderful op shop finds (15 of them!!)

for kids making cupcakes


for nearly empty cookie jars (means the cookies were yummy)


for cheeky smiles (minus the tantrums)



and for inspiring mummy bloggers and friends that make me smile

Hope your weekend is filled with gratefulness(and some twine) 

  • Vic

    How cute are those monkey toes?!

    Love your oppy reels, nice work!

  • What lovely things to be grateful for.
    How has the big girl been getting on?
    Its a long and busy day at Kindy sometimes!xxx

  • Those cookies do look delish!! (ooo and the cupcakes!)
    Love those little booties too – too cute 🙂
    have a great weekend Cathie

  • You are so sweet! I just love that heart in cotton. Hope the rest of your weekend is blessed xo

  • The cotton reels are excellent! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Hi Cathie,
    I can't see your photos, as my download speed is so low, but sounds like the perfect Saturday.
    Hope it spills over to tomorrow.

  • oooh what blissful photos – they always make me smile! hoping things go ok with amelie at school and it gets easier soon. slowly slowly, deep breaths and lots of tea! those bickies do look divine too!
    Have a lovely weekend Cathie

  • As usual LOVELY pics!

    Make my mouth drool!

    Love the cottons – lucky find!


  • Hiya gorgeous Cathie,

    What is it about antique spools that makes them so pretty, I mean other than your utterly beautiful photography… maybe it's the time worn wood or the sweet stickers… Love them.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too. xx

  • Oh wow, what a brilliant find! I'm always on the lookout for wooden reels, gorgeous lucky you! Here's 'cheers' to all those cheeky smiles that definately outweigh all the tantrums! I hope your sweet girl is doing ok after her emotional week at school…x

  • i am enjoying a relaxing weekend at home, lots of baking and creativity going on. and laughter and giggles galore.

  • What a lovely post, fantastic photos. xx

  • I always love your posts, Cathie. There is something about you!!! I also enjoyed your charms over at Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love today. x

  • PS – CUTE gloves!! x

  • those monkey mitts are just too cute

  • Definitely yummy biccies!

  • Lovely!!! Have wonderful time with your beauties this weekend, dear Cathie!!
    Love, Bela

  • Oh twine is never far from my hands in the studio, gorgeousness here as always. School is so draining on their little bodies, love Posie

  • beautiful, sweet lady….. x

  • Oh i do hope your lovely girl has a better week next week. It's so nice to have lazy slow starts to the weekend, Saturday morning, with nothing in particular to do (except make play dough and draw with funky monkey socks on) that's to be savoured!

    I had to turn away when I saw the cupcake and the biscuits appear – I'm on a diet and I must not be tempted by your photos 😉

  • What beautiful photos and having a wonderful weekend too. What I'd do to get my hands on those threads! And those mittens come to think of it ! x

  • Your images are always the BEST!!!!! Hugs for all these wonderful things x100! xoxooxo

  • Hey Cathie! It is so amazing to have met inspiring moms here in blogland isn't it! I am grateful for that to!! Grateful for…YOU!

  • I discovered this blog with great pleasure the wonderful photos, colorful and original!
    I will come back to visit you if you want it!
    Nice Sunday!
    Nedj from France

  • Cathie, thanks for dropping by Mama Pea Pod. Your blog is beautiful, what lovely pictures!

  • Oh looove your list!!
    The spools look awesome and yep.. Totally agree with lazy weekends..

  • Ooh Cathie your photos… somehow manage to make spools of cotton thread look Delicious! I love it.

  • How beautiful are your thankfuls. I always find there's quite a lot to be thankful here. Glad you've been baking again. That must mean things are right in your world. Those biscuits look delicious (as are those spools of cotton). Adorable! xx

  • those monkey mittens are so cute!! cupcakes and cookies always make me feel better. i hope you're all well today and had more of what you had yesterday. xo

  • Love the socks, the cookies and the cupcakes 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Hopefully this coming week will be a week with less teers for the little girl!

  • Those photographs are so beautiful, they made me smile.
    It's always good reminding yourself what you are grateful for, there's always much more than we realise!
    have a great day

  • LOVING your grateful list – & you make me smile too!! XO

  • Tas

    Lovely photos. Those slippers are adorable. AS are, I agree, tantrum-free cheeky smiles!