Grateful for enjoying the little things

It’s been a while since I posted, it wasn’t meant to be so long but life just got in the way.
We all got sick, school holidays came round and really, blogging wasn’t all that important.
Thank you for your sweet emails asking if I am ok…I am, thank you!

As I sit here and think about what I am grateful for a very dear friend has had some not so good health news and I just wanted to let her know how much I am thinking of her….

So as I close my eyes and I think about all the good things happening around me at the moment I’ll show you a peek at what we have been up to the last month and what I am grateful for


adopting some new chicks (fingers crossed they are girls)

toothless giggles



beautiful notes by my beautiful 5 year old



 receiving some tickets to go to the Show
thank you Neff Kitchen








haircuts from daddy


little nephew turning one already!!
being asked to make a special birthday cake topper 
having fun making a fire engine cake

yummy butter cake recipe I will share with you later


So that’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to.  What’s new with you?
Hope you are making a grateful list, I’d love to read it and so would Miss Maxabella

Happy weekend friends, I’ll definitely be around to say hello and have that virtual cuppa with you

Hugs ♥

  • Sorry to hear you've all been unwell, hope you're all better now. Beautiful photos, love the cow milking one x

  • Looks like you guys have had a good month…even though there was sickness! Hope you are all feeling much better xx

  • It's sure been the season for ill health hasn't it…but looks like it hasn't kept you from living an active and happy life, gorgeous pics.

  • Oh the show looks like it was so much fun!! Such gorgeous pic of your two beautifuls!!

    Would love your butter cake recipe please!XXMuch love,J.xx

  • Great photos from the show Miss Cathie x
    Was lovely to see you this week and again next week – I'm a lucky lady.
    Happy weekend, Dee xxx

  • I was wondering were you got too – so glad your back. I have missed your beautiful posts xo

  • Glad to hear that you are all on the mend and have had a great holiday period. Ww went back to school this past week and think that it rained every morning and wished for just one more week off:)
    Love the Fireman Sam cake and the butter cake looks yummy.
    We have had birthdays, visitors, haircuts and lots of talk on moving to Victoria here:)

  • lovely to have you back! missed you xx

  • Those cakes are amazing! But, I'm a little worried about Aidan's hair. I hope it's not all gone!

  • Nice to see you back Cathie. Life certainly does get busy at times – especially when you are not well and with school holidays. Your cakes are simply amazing by the way.

  • These pictures are happiness and show tons of precious moments sharing life and JOY.
    Happy hugs to you sweet friend xoxoxoxo

  • welcome back woman! always glad to perve on your beautiful life!

    xo em

  • Love your beautiful photos!!!

  • glad you are doing well, and your cakes are so, so, so clever! I love the notes from your girl – so precious! xx

  • So wonderful to hear from you again, Cathie. What classic photos you took at the Show – I love the milking one! And as for your creations, they are just stunning. Oh, and I'm hanging out for that butter cake recipe, just quietly…J x

  • Great to see you back! Looks like you all had a great time at the show 🙂

  • Goodmorning Cathie.Sorry to hear you guys were not feeling so good.But Im glad your back with these lovely photos.Your children are so adorable.I know I say this alot but its so true.I adore the photo of your daughter milking the cow,my her hair has grown.Have a lovely weekend Cathie!Blessings!

  • Love for a happy weekend Cathy – your children are so gorgeous, and i love your creative cakes!

  • I know, life gets in the way and there are better things to do! Happy reading your post though x.

  • Hello special lady so happy to see you here, oh I love your photos my favourite is your sweet little girl with the chickens (toothless giggles) Wow your cake toppings are amazing just beautiful you are so talented and creative. I had such a smile on my face when I saw your new post enjoy your weekend my friend xo

    Always Wendy

  • Oh Cathie, I thought it had been a while, but when you're sick on top of the already hectic nature of life, it is hard to squeeze the blogging in. I know exactly how you feel.
    Loving your snaps of the past month, just beautiful. Your children are so gorgeous. The Show looked like so much fun and all those delightful cakes, Mmmmmm! Lovely to have you back with such a jam packed post :o) xo

  • oh nice to see your lovely brood again cath! that bee keeper shot is a trip! love your cakes as usual and reading your sweet words.

  • Kat

    Your cakes are always so gorgeous! I love the fire engine. And that cake topper is amazing! I wish I had your cake skills.

  • Nice to see you back…what fun you have been up to… xx

  • Always so hert warming and gorgeous.

    Off to make your pear muffins this morning.

  • enjoying precious time, good for you..xx

  • Missed your posts too Cathie, but what a great way to spend some holidays 🙂 Love those little chickies with Amelie so cute!
    xx S

  • Oh your photos from the Show are just beautiful – your girls are gorgeous and it all looks like such fun! I love the rainbow drawing at the top too 🙂

  • Ah, it's lovely that you're back and even more so that you are here on the grateful list with your gorgeous photography, amazing cake skills and just general loveliness. So good, Cathie, so very good and comforting. x

  • sorry to hear about the not so great health news of your friend Cathie xxx. Looks like you've been having a fun and jam packed time over the school hols. Take care lovely x

  • Sam

    I noticed it had been a while and it's nice to have you back Cathie. The baby chicks are sweet and your very clever with cakes (I love playing around with fondant).xSam

  • How lovely to see my card pop up at the top of a blog post full of pics of your gorgeous children. Good to see you here, lovey!

  • Oh Sweetness that's a beautiful post in every way 🙂 No specifics for me, I'm totally grateful for every single thing in my wonderful life. Hope you have a magical week Darling xo.

  • Aside from being under the weather, it looks like you've had some pretty spectacular days together. We ventured to the Melbourne Show and had an absolute ball – especially a morning tea of scones at the CWA!

    PS: If you're interested, stop by and check out my Garnier makeup giveaway…

  • Hi Cathie:

    Always love looking at your beautiful photos and it looks like a fun day was had at the Show.

    Have a good rest of the week and hopefully catch you at the Made 'n' Thornbury Market this Saturday.

    Made by a Mzungu

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend. And also glad that you're back – pictures tell a lovely story… and the cakes are sheer perfection – and I bet they taste even better than they look (if that;s even possible!) x

  • Good to have you back again! Great pictures of great things you have been doing. The fire engine cake is great and I know my son would love to have a birthday cake like that! Too bad you life so far 🙂
    Take care

  • so much love in your photos

  • Oh wow, what a jam packed blog post, love it all. Um, when did Amelie grow up so fast?? I love her dedication to you, like a song, adorable. Love to you Cathie, love Posie

  • Delighted to hear all is well now in the magical world of m.e. Gosh Cathie you are a dab hand with those awesome cake toppers. Need to get you to make one for MOTH's next birthday cake. His 2 favourite things are a stubby of Coopers & his trusty chainsaw for cutting up our firewood. Now over to you to make something out of that!!
    Millie xx

  • I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well and that you are feeling better now. It's so lovely to have you back and see all the happy things you've been up to. xo

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