Grateful for simple pleasures

for yummy, well dressed hot mugs of soy chai with honey

and a jar full of wonderfully coloured jellybeans

Hope you are having a grateful day, a grateful weekend, or even a grateful moment or two.


I am grateful for your wonderful sweet words, I am not ignoring you, I love that you pop by, I am just a little behind with replies and popping round.
Big squishy hugs to you ♥

  • That's a lovely cup cozy! Love the red colour. 😀

  • I'm grateful for seeing your lovely red cosy! I bet the chai tastes even better in a dressed mug like that!

  • i'm sure that cup cosies actually make your drink cosier (not for the drink but for the drinker !)
    complete convert to them !
    yummm jelly beasn.

    P.S. hard to keep up some days on the blog world – i'm sure we we all understand – its the wonderful thoughts in the sharing that keeps me coming back !
    (especially when you have over 500 people tuning in !)

  • Love your little tea cup warmer. I might just need one of those.

    It would make me and my tea very happy:)

  • mmm I love jelly beans – I would be grateful for those too 😛

  • love that mug jumper!!! what a fab idea – you always have the coolest pics on your blog 🙂
    have a great weekend

  • I'm a wee bit behind as well. Your lovely parcel arrived this week and was such a beautiful surprise. Thank you so much xxx

  • Vic

    Mmmmmmm…. chai…..

  • Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  • The tea cup cosy is gorgeous!

  • Perfect Cathie , just perfect.
    TOday I'm feeling grateful for my lovely friends, you just get me and think of me, that includes you. Thank you xo

  • Big squeeze back to you cathie, Thanks for your help this week, you are a generous woman !

  • Squishies right back at you, Cathie. Your little mug holder has made me smile as just this morning my hub was complaining that my 'fancy' new cups don't have a handle. Poor soul finds his cup too hot. Now I know the answer for him!! x

  • So heartwarming. Happy weekend!

  • i love those things too… : ) you make me want to go buy some jelly beans now. and knit up a cabled mug sleeve! did you make that? pattern?

  • just found the link… oops.

  • Hi Cathie, thanks so much for popping into visit and follow me. Loving your blog – I'm off to check out your photo tips 🙂

  • I am loving that little red mug cozie of yours….so so adorable.

    Wish you all the sweet joys the weekend has to offer. xoxoxxo

  • YUM jelly beans! Cool mug cozy too 🙂

  • oh a little mug warmer is just divine and so needed on some fresh mornings we are having here in Melbourne hey!!! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend so far and enjoy our day off tomorrow b xx

  • Wonderful images, dear Cathie!!
    Have a lovely week, dear!

  • I love your post, its pictures, it simplicity, its all round wonderfulness.
    My more wordy reasons for being grateful are at

  • Lovely pictures. Lovely grateful post! 🙂

  • It's very dangerous popping in here at lunchtime! But luckily this mug cosy came along and completely distracted me. Great photo, Cathie. x