Grateful…for sharing our problems

I love that we are just a group of girls chatting away, talking about our problems, sipping tea, reading about each other and feeling like we all belong to this group that no one outside it can understand.
I love that I was able to share my sadness and that you knew exactly what to say to make me feel better, that I wasn’t alone, I am not going crazy, you knew because you felt it at some time or another.



I love that you sent me personal emails as well with your stories and that you didn’t mind telling me what you are going through or have been through.
I love that you are there for me if I needed a chat.
I love that your arms opened up sooo wide to let me in.

So today I am especially grateful for your big open arms that made things a little better even if for a moment…thank you ♥

  • you are beautiful cathie! x

  • lovely post! x

  • Amen to that!

  • Oh, you're so sweet Cathie. You're feeling better then? Oh, I sure hope so. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't felt blue or sad at one time or another. Usually for something huge, or just feeling the blues because the world is a sad place. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. And love your posts, cooking and most of all your honesty. xx

  • Always here, Cathie and so glad we all have each other. Sometimes it's easier to be more open on our blogs than one on one… weird, but there it is! x

  • And thank you for sharing yourself with us.
    What a beautiful post and just the thing I needed to read right this moment.
    You have made my night a better one, thank you.

  • All my love – somehow I missed your post about being sad. I too feel like this sometimes – especially lately with all that is going on in the world… heartbreaking.


  • Thank you for your lovely words (and the gorgeous artwork!). Thank you for being such an open, warm, welcoming person – I am really glad to have met you xo

  • As my Mum always says "a problem shared is a problem halved". It's so good we can all help each other out. It's not easy at times. I can so relate to the way you feel sometimes too (I found your post). It's so great having a blogging friend who is so open and honest. Very refreshing. Pruxxx

  • Sharing really does help, and I love this supportive, non-judgemental blogging community too. Best wishes xx

  • Beautiful! Hugs xxx

  • Oh yes, here willing & able!! I got back into blogging when my husband moved interstate so he can see what we're up to – not to mention fill my long lonely nights (3 years of them) with girl talk, craft, family & fun, thank goodness for blogging!! Bit annoyed when people say you're showing off your talent, happy family or luck in life, why can't they just click away & choose not to bring you down!!?? Love Posie

  • Happy weekend Cathy! Yes, it's amazing how upliftng and supportive blogfriends are. ALthough we focuse on the positive, we all know sadness – so much of it in the world right now. Life's a miy of dark and bright, we can't have just the one! Sunshine & hugs!

  • It's true, I feel such a connection & support with all these wonderful women I've never met, we're so lucky to have this! Wishing you a fabulous week xx

  • A lovely post Cathie and I agree and am so thankful for fellow bloggers and their encouragement, words of wisdom or for simply being there to listen to me. Lately, I've been looking long and hard at the blogs I follow and I find myself drawn to the smaller ones where I've connected with bloggers and feel a part of a community rather than the bigger blogs.

  • Vic


    You're such a suck up. 😉

  • Beautifully said Cathie, and so true,
    Another lovely post from you xo

  • Oh, you gorgeous girl, Cathie. Sometimes this little bloggy caper can be just the tonic we need, can't it? J x

  • That's lovely Cathie….lots of hugs x

  • Aren't girlfriends great!!!! Wish we could all get together for a little visit too 🙂 That would be fun….You are loved!

  • Bec

    so true Cathie. I often think that in the face of women not having as much of a 'village' life as once may have been, with the lack of support and friendship that can come with lifes struggles, we have all managed to create our own village through blogging xx

  • so beatufiul and so true
    sending you love xo

  • I am grateful for your sweet words and gorgeous photos. I am so grateful you are my bloggy friend 🙂

  • hello lovely bloggy friend, lovely to hear your grateful thoughts and look at that awesome picture. xx

  • Cathie, I always feel I am in real world while visiting you here!!! I love your posts and your sincere words!!
    Have a wonderful week, dear!!
    Love, Bela

  • Such a sweet post from a lovely sweet lady, have a lovely week, hugs dee xx

  • Yes you are right Cathie, it is such a special place of support and connection.
    I hope you are planning a great week:)
    Sandrine x