Guess who won

We were out for the day at the Melbourne Museum and just came home and I anxiously wanted to pick the winner of my cupcake papers giveaway straight away, so decided to just use as it would have taken me quite a while to write down the overwhelming 99 entries.

Thank you for the amazing response, the winner determined by is Selina Congratulations Selina, hope you enjoy your cupcake papers, happy baking.

And, as there was an overwhelming response I decided to draw another winner to send out a packet of cupcake papers, so the 2nd winner is Liss.
Congratulations Liss, choose a pattern of cupcake papers and I will send them to you.

Thank you to you all for visiting and entering my giveaway, it was great fun to read your comments and jokes and will definitely do it again.

Hope you will come back and visit for future giveaways and of course the never ending supply of recipes.
I will also do a post about photo tips during the week.

Hope you have a fabulous November and thanks again for stopping by ♥

  • Yay! Thank you so much Cathie! I'll email you my details now!

  • Pam

    Well done girls. Congrats to you both. :0)

  • Yay for Selina and Liss, be sure to make lots and lots of beautiful cupcakes girls 🙂

  • Congratulations to you both on your wonderful prize. After seeing your lovely cupcake papers I couldn't buy the crap ones in the supermarket anymore and just had to use baking paper squares for tomorrow's lunch muffins. Must get to a cake decorating shop soon.

  • Oooh, look forward to the photo tips.

    Hope you had a lovely day out.

  • I watched a story on the channel nine news tonight about the last day of childrens week at Melbourne Museum and there was a little girl who I thought looked just like Amelie…. and it probably was!

  • Oh how lovely!! I've made so many cupcakes of late, I've almost exhausted my once embarrassing supply! hehe so couldn't be timed better!

    Thanks so much for running such a cute competition, great idea, I'll have to steal it one day 😛 xxx

  • What a great blog, Cathie!

  • Oh my what a pretty cupcake photo! I really think you should make your cupcake photos into postcards!

    Congrats to Selina and thanks for dropping by my blog today. Your b-day greetings just made my day!

  • Hooray to the Happy winners and generous Cathie!!xx

  • I love the two photo's you put on this post, so inviting. You can almost smell the cupcake and run your hands through the greenery.
    and i love that my mouse sprinkles fairy dust when i wiggle it, and congrats to the two winners…your very generous.

  • congrats!

    that cupcake looks seriously perfect if you ask me 🙂

  • well done you 2 lucky winners!! love the new fun additions to your blog Cathie!