• Those cupcakes look good enough to eat! I love how the frosting looks all swirly.

    Okay now I'm really hungry!

    Would it be okay if I featured your stamps on my blog soon?



  • These are too cute…good enough to eat!

  • Well done. Looking very good. Please show us the next ones as well.

  • Ooh, gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it. Do you mind if I ask where you get your rubber from?? 🙂 xx

  • Delicieux!!!!

  • They look great. very funky, is it your illustration too, and was the rubber hard to carve, and can you make me a stamp…. very exciting!

  • Very sweet indeedy! I was able to have a go once and loved it but never quite got my act together on sourcing the rubber. Apparently it's necessary to go to the ends of the earth???!?!?!

  • How sweet and clever. I'm really addicted to making cupcakes right now… of the eating kind! I do like yours though. Thanks for popping over to say hi.

  • Kat

    Hi – I just found your blog via Curlypops and I am loving it. This stamp is so cute! I have always wanted to try making my own stamps. Was it hard?

  • I am loving exploring your blog. I so want to try these rubber stamps! Cheers, Cat.