It’s been cold this week, it certainly feels like winter.

It feels like I haven’t baked anything for you for ages!!

The truth is I have, I have baked sooo much that I can tell you I am nearly all baked out.

As much as I love baking, after tomorrow, I won’t want to look at my oven, icing, sprinkles, cake boxes or food colours on my hands all week.



you really should try these cupcakes

and these mini chocolate croissants that this lovely lady reminded me of from my recipes


I forgot how easy they were to make for a quick treat


and how quickly they disappear


birthday cake for a friend’s daughter


and there’s a few that I just didn’t manage to photograph


I also wanted to thank you for having the biggest heart EVER!

the amount of loving and the wonderful donation offers and emails I have been getting, hearing your personal stories, you girls are absolutely amazing!!

wow, I do love this blog community we call home and as much as I love my real life friends, the friends I have made through the blog world are just out of this world.

Don’t you think?


Keep on being fabulous, you girls rock!