It’s been cold this week, it certainly feels like winter.

It feels like I haven’t baked anything for you for ages!!

The truth is I have, I have baked sooo much that I can tell you I am nearly all baked out.

As much as I love baking, after tomorrow, I won’t want to look at my oven, icing, sprinkles, cake boxes or food colours on my hands all week.



you really should try these cupcakes

and these mini chocolate croissants that this lovely lady reminded me of from my recipes


I forgot how easy they were to make for a quick treat


and how quickly they disappear


birthday cake for a friend’s daughter


and there’s a few that I just didn’t manage to photograph


I also wanted to thank you for having the biggest heart EVER!

the amount of loving and the wonderful donation offers and emails I have been getting, hearing your personal stories, you girls are absolutely amazing!!

wow, I do love this blog community we call home and as much as I love my real life friends, the friends I have made through the blog world are just out of this world.

Don’t you think?


Keep on being fabulous, you girls rock!

  • you rock! you take the small things, and make them into things you are grateful for, and in turn I am grateful for. That is awesome! Enjoy your sunday xx

  • You are the loveliest, Cathie. Thank you for being so sweet and genuine.
    Your gorgeous photos are making me hungry for chocolate croissants way too late at night. I am so trying that recipe soon, to use up the puff pastry I have in the freezer (can't take that to HK either, ha!)
    Cuggles, Cat xox

  • I love dropping by here. Right now, it just adds a little bit that I need, to distract me from my own world, which I'm not enjoying so much. xx CatJB

  • Anonymous

    Right back at you Cathie!! You're such a gem, from the oodles of love you have for your family to the warmth of your posts, to the baking deliciousness & stunning photography, it's always a beautiful trip to your blog. Have a beautiful Sunday & wowzies, that croissant looks amazing, i'm a baker not a cook, i should give it a whirl.
    Love Posie (sorry it's anonymous, Blogger is playing mental head games with me & i can barely leave a comment on any blogs as it won't let me sign in!!)

  • You are precious! I love those Granny Squares… did you make them? Can you please email me your address so I can post something off for the tea-party thingy. Thanks honey, my email is squigglyrainbow@hotmail.com

    Much love Rach xx

  • Hi Cathie, new follower, first time commenter! What a glorious space you have here. Full of things that make me smile widely. Loving those cupcakes, just beautiful. Gorgeous photos also. Have a lovely weekend and I hope you get the rest from baking that you are looking for :o)

  • A gorgeous soul attracts a lot of love, Cathie. It's as simple as that. x

  • I think I would weight 1000lbs if I lived with you Cathie! Yummy!
    xo Catherine

  • aw cathie, your goodies just keep getting better looking. i want to dip my fingers in that pink frothy heart…x
    ps. LOVE THE crochet!

  • Maxabella couldn't have said it better. Have a lovely Sunday!

  • Vic

    I thought you'd iced a granny square in that first photo! XD

  • You have been busy baking loads of gorgeous treats, I bet that lucky 6r old birhtday girl is very happy! You're right, this blogging community is truly incredible, enjoy your week..x

  • Your cup cakes are to DIE for and as for your ginger biscuits that were a god send on the train…. SENSATIONAL is all I can say! xx

  • Maxabella summed it up best ! I'm grateful for your blog and your lovely photos and love that oozes off the page.
    Stay warm and happy this week my friend, Dee x

  • i love your baking creations and your granny squares! those colors are so inviting to look at what will you make of them? have you seen the granny square slipper pattern on purlbee? i love it and have made a pair for all the women in my family. just finished up a pair for my dad too! he loves them as well…

  • These are all so amazing and what a lovely blog!!

  • Lou

    Sounds like you've been very busy baking. Everything looks beautiful as usual. I must try those cupcakes. Hope you had a good night friday night.

    Are those granny squares yours? Have you taught yourself how to crochet already? Do I need to book in for a lesson?

    Hope to see you again soon.


  • loving your loving too, lovely xx

  • Oh Cathie I should have visited you over the weekend to warm my fluey heart. Your blog is so heavenly, as are your photos. Here's to a lovely week ahead x

  • your baking is pure art! loving the cake. thanks for sharing the recipes in this post.

    one love.

  • Photos look gorgeous. Cupcake looks like it should be sitting next to me and loving that heart.

  • He he he… Cathie I am smiling here as I wave my mouse all over the computer screen… LOVE the stars. I think I might just stay here all afternoon if you don't mind! gxo

  • You are right Cathie so sweet community here!
    I LOVE those butterflies they could be added to my butterflies collection ? 🙂
    Keep warm this week and may it filled with lots of happy moments!
    Sandrine xx

  • You're such a fab baker! Wow, all looks so delicious. Have a break with some hot soup maybe? Monday hugs!

  • Hi Cathie, what a beautiful post! The words as well as the pictures are wonderful. I have to admit, the delicious swirl on the cupcake is my favorite…! Next to the crochet heart of course, haha.

    Love, Maaike

  • Incredibly homemade happiness! Wish I lived closer .. Have a lovely new week sweet Cathie o xx o xx o

  • TK

    honey its your heart…it is so big and just takes us all in…you make us feel special and loved…thankyou….TK xx

  • Cathie, you really are something else – a lovely gal with some serious talent. And these baked GOODS! Unfortunately, I always seem to visit your blog when I am hungry and my sweet tooth needs to chomp on something. Drooling on the keyboard 🙂

  • Yet another happy, sweet and inspiring post! Cathie your cupcake and croissant look heavenly. I must try making croissants one of these days 😉

  • Thanks for commenting over at my blog and leading me here. So inspiring – your photography is amazing! Seeing all these delicious baked goods is making me very hungry though!
    x claire

  • Miss you Cathie, you send the sweetest comments, love Posie

  • Hi Cathie – long time no 'see'! Looks like you have been very busy baking up a storm, and everything looks delicious as per usual 🙂

  • You & your amazing baking! That cake is REALLY cute Cathie! Your mind must be running all the time!!! I won't be baking for a long time too…or I'd eat it all up 🙂 Finally starting long over due diet & it makes me who doesn't even like baking…think of baking 😉

    But I might be able to sip a sweet drink like that-hey I'd work it off 🙂

  • You need baking as much as baking needs you sweet Cathie!
    Millie x

  • Hello, you. I haven't been around the blog block in ages what with the end of the school year craziness, tornadoes, and such. I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I've missed you and this inspiring place you have created here. It's good to be back. Now, of course, I am dying for a dessert. You're sweet that way.

  • I have just stumbled across your blog and not only are your recipes delicious, your photography skills are another truly breathtaking. Love you site.