Happy birthday baby girl ♥

My sweet Amelie,
I love your smile,
I love your cheeky wit,
I love your Eskimo kisses,
I love your cuddles,
I love that when you get nervous you squeeze my hand,
I love that you ask alot of questions,
I love that you love playschool,
I love your beautiful long hair,
I love that you try to help me hang the clothes even though you can’t reach,
I love that you try to smile when I take your photo,
I love that you give your brother squishy cuddles,
I love that you love me to the moon and back sixtyseventy times,
I love your sweetness,
I love your temperament,
I just love YOU!

Happy 4th Birthday beautiful girl ✗

love mum ✗

  • Happy Birthday to your sweet one. Your images are amazing. Have fun celebrating today! oxox

  • Happy Birthday to your girl! Such beautiful photos!

  • A beautiful love letter which I hope you print out and put in a special book for your sweet girl. Happy birthday to her — 4 is such a special age!! Love the photographs!

  • My gosh, how beautiful this is.

  • happy birthday sweety :)) your girl looks angel 🙂 sweet angel :))

  • What stunning images and beautiful prose. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  • just lovely.

    the frame photos are stunning.

  • She is so cute – happy birthday to your lovely girl. Pure prinsess dream with the skirt and all


  • Happy birthday Amelie! Gorgeous pics. x

  • What a beautiful little girl you have. Just wanted to pop in and let you know how much I love reading your blog. It's such a beautiful space – pretty pictures, yummy food, great crafty creations. It's like eye candy for this dieting woman. Love your sparkly mouse too! xx

  • Awww Happy 4th Birthday Amelie!

  • Happy Birthday Amelie! Hope you have a wonderful day! xx

  • The perfect words for such a gorgeous girl. Four is such a special age – enjoy your birthday Amelie x

  • What a lovely post to honor your beautiful daughter; those black and white pictures are Perfect! Love her name. Bonne Fête Amélie!

  • 4 big years, how time flies. It's great that mummy is so talented with a camera as Amelie has such a wonderful display of images capturing her growing up. Happy birthday little, big girl (:

  • Happy birthday Little One!

  • Happy birthday gorgeous girl! I hope you have the sweetest day and the funnest year to come! XX

  • Our babies grow up so quickly! Hope your family had a wonderful day!

    PS ~ that cupcake looks so yummy! 🙂

  • Oh Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! What a precious post!!
    sending many birthday wishes,

  • Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl, such pretty photos. I bet she gets a ripper of a cake!

  • Beautiful….happy birthday love…I bet mum is going to make you a magic cake!!! xx

  • happy birthday sweet girl!
    and cath, love the frame images, inspired idea!

  • Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! I hope she had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday.xo

  • She looks so lovely. Happy Birthday little Amelie.

  • Beautiful … happy birthday lovely girl. Nic xx

  • Lyn

    Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Amelie! What a beautiful name! Gorgeous pictures!
    Sophie x

  • A gorgeous post, dripping with a mother's love. Happy Birth-Day to You too, Cathie.

  • do her friends parents invite themselves over because they know you will be making her cake? cripes if i was in Melb i would just happen to drop in – with a present for little Amelie of course… we play the game with Busy "I love you more than…" the other night she said " mummy i love you more than all the curtains in the world. "

    and welcome to pony world! its a sparkely happy place!!!

  • Happy birthday! xx

  • Gorgeous post, how lovely & lucky girl to have a family like yours. Love Posie

  • Cathie…. thats all so beautiful, both the poetry and the gorgeous pics of your little precious one. You are such an inspiration to other mom's cathie…and a real artist in your work.
    PS : My older daughter will be 4 this august and her name is Emillie :)… Quite similar names our girls have :)… and our baby Emma is gonna be one at the end of this month too :)…


  • Happy bithday to the beautiful little girl!

  • Happy birthday to your Amelie (sorry it is belated). What you have written is beautiuful Cathie. I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating together and that you didn't spend too much time wondering how fast time is skipping by.

    Oh, and happy 4th anniversary to you as a Mumma. Also worthy of celebrating!

  • Wishing a happy birthday to your little beautiful Amelie.Your post is also beautiful Cathie.It is birthday time here too funnily but I am kissing bye bye to the "baby girl" today :)xx

  • Happy birthday big girl (and bigger girl!). x

  • Happy Birthday !!! I love those photos, they are so beautiful.

  • So sweet! And your family is just gorgeous! I love your photography, very inspiring…just found you today & I am excited that I did! Yeah!

  • Sweet, sweet, sweet! Beautiful pictures

  • Happy Birthday Amelie!
    She's absolutely gorgeous.
    What a joy.

  • Anonymous

    I love this post Cath.

    I have read it at least three times…I've been re-reading it my visits this week. Beautiful words and photography.

    I hope your Mum had a lovely birthday and the day was filled with smiles.


  • A beautiful post and gorgeous images!

    Happy birthday little girl, you really are loved.